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  1. Kepa has made some saves that have preserved leads and games. I believe he should better command his area, come for balls into the box, etc, but that is for another thread. I don't know of a player like him that is available, but Van Dijk has made a pretty significant difference for Liverpool. JT made a pretty significant difference for us. Look at City without Kompany. Warrior like commanding CB leaders make a huge difference.
  2. I didn't misread your post. The first part of my post included this statement regarding the previous (at the time) league games: "...…...we've given up goals in the last three league games to Burnley, Southampton, and Watford, all bottom half teams." I'm sorry, but I don't believe we are defensively solid. We may be a little better than earlier in the season, but we have been bailed out by Kepa on several occasions, and opposing teams have not taken their chances as clinically as they could have. I'm not confident we can hold a one or two goal lead against any league team at this particular time without severely anxious defensive periods. Maybe it gets a lot better when Kante is back. It will definitely get better if Alonso is kept off the field so he stops committing stupid fouls in areas of the field that allow teams to launch dangerous free kicks into our box.
  3. The league table...…...
  4. Defensive nightmare tonight......
  5. That's not entirely true...…...we've given up goals in the last three league games to Burnley, Southampton, and Watford, all bottom half teams. Our GA is the worst in the top half. Granted, Rudiger has not been part of things, and he may help shore things up. But clearly depth is an issue. You can't always insert an unproven youth player in either...…...and we don't know how the young players will perform over a long season. Remember when Christensem hit the wall and Conte? I don't think he's reached the form or confidence he had in that first half of the season.
  6. I'm not sure......He said there was no reason to discuss an extension when asked last year. SO I don't know how long term he is. Christensen has not developed into a dominant CB. I'm less convinced now that he ever will be that. And that's what we need. Yes, Guehi looks full of potential, but I see him benefitting from a loan where he can play consistently. And who knows what will happen with Ampadu…... Azpi has not been the lock down defensive player he has been, and his crossing has not been up to par this year. OK Reece James may be the answer here, but he's started how many games? We have all these players, yet we are still very dodgy defensively.
  7. I would like us to look at squad depth, specifically in defensive areas. Not sure Christensen is a long term answer, Rudiger has been hurt and I'm not sure how much longer he'll be at Chelsea, and Alonso has to be replaced. It's time to start thinking about Azpi's replacement. We need to shore things up defensively. Might want to start looking at replacements for Pedro and Willian as well.
  8. If 20 November is when they hear the appeal, when might we expect a decision?
  9. What a perfect weapon to have to help open up spaces in and around the box for our intricate little passes.
  10. We have a long history of this. The media is still waiting for Freddy Adu to make it big...….
  11. He needs to be chained to a lounge chair on a beach somewhere for a month to rest and heal.
  12. Nor should he be expected to be, given the enormous differences in managerial experience.
  13. I wasn't criticizing him. You've missed the point......
  14. Nice to see such criticism in this forum. What happened to all of you that said you wanted to see our Academy players? What happened to all of you that wanted Frank & Jody back? What happened to all of you who were saying we need to be patient as we give youth players and an inexperienced coaching staff time to develop? We're young, we're naïve, and we need to learn how to play in this competition. We are in the CL because of Sarri and the players from last year. This is a totally different team. Some of you need to readjust your expectations. Again.
  15. That's a bit of an unfair comparison for a 20 year old kid who is 3 months into a new team/new country/new culture.

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