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  1. I hear you......it took me 48 hours to get comfortable with the 48 hour jokes.
  2. And should feature with CHO in the upcoming U23 match
  3. The club announced an extension for a highly regarded youth player today: Billy Gilmour. I guess Hudson-Odoi will be announced in 48 hours then.
  4. That approach was not used for Ruben Loftus-Cheek's extension.
  5. Fair enough, but if they spend a significant amount of time angling for a move away, or acting like they have no passion or allegiance to the club, are they truly giving their all?
  6. It will be about 48 hours away, after three more 48 hour periods.
  7. There have been more than plenty PR opportunities given our start to the season. I think we can rebuff the PR theory at this point...…...
  8. Perhaps. But there's no good reason not to announce it if it's been signed. In fact, one benefit of announcing is that Frank will no longer be asked about it every time he's in front a microphone.
  9. With all the money out there, the blatant public tapping up of players, and all the members of their entourage telling them how much they could be getting elsewhere, payers heads are spinning as if they were in The Exorcist. Reasons he hasn't signed are nothing more than straw grasping. PR Reasons? No. Release of the 3rd kit? No. Waiting for him to come back? He's close enough where it could be announced. Hope I'm wrong, but it's more likely than ever that his brother/agent will steer him to Bayern once BM see that he has totally rehabbed. This will all kick up again as we get closer (and into) the January window.
  10. Forget football, the man has some demons that need to be confronted. He needs help and I hope he gets it.
  11. Well, Sarri kept saying publicly he hoped Hazard would stay, so I don't think Frank's comments is any sort or barometer. Nor would I assume it's true because media outlets reported it. If he's signed, there's no good reason to delay the announcement. All the speculated reasons for a delay aren't valid: Waiting for right time/PR reasons: It hasn't been a great start to the season, so that could have been done anytime in the last month Timing the announcement with the release of the 3rd kit: that has come and gone Waiting for him to return from injury: Ruben signed his extension with an announcement after suffering the same injury.
  12. Exactly. If he's going to cut his teeth, ideal to do it here, with the young players and an assistant coach who knows them well. When the expectations (loss of Hazard & transfer ban) are as low as they have ever been under Roman's ownership,. One full year of experience together, learning and developing. Yes, maybe one step back in order to go two steps forward.
  13. The longer we go without an official announcement, the more likely it is he'll leave. If he doesn't want to be here now, with the focus on young players, with the money he's been offered, then I'm more than happy to see him go. And we'll know that it really wasn't about the playing time.
  14. Ah. Didn't realize it was the infinitely recurring 48 hours...….

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