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  1. There is. I think it may be less likely Sarri plays him now. If he does, he'll look like he is caving to the pressure to play him more, that we were right and his theory that he should wait because he's only 18 years old will not be taken seriously. It's so clearly obvious how good he is and if Sarri still thinks CHO is 3rd choice behind Willian & Pedro, then he's not the smart coach he is reported to be.
  2. Every player we have hits that shot into the seats...…...
  3. Been several times. Really enjoy it there. In fact, in the article below, that is the back of my head in the bottom right corner. My son (to the left) is wearing the Costa jersey. https://www.boston.com/sports/untagged/2015/08/19/this-boston-bar-is-a-chelsea-bar-and-a-manchester-city-bar-on-sunday-it-was-both
  4. How young do people expect? Doesn't it take a few years to acquire billions of pounds?
  5. It's not a sh*t squad. A win vs Wolves & Everton and we'd be third. Stubborn tactics, substitutions, and an inability to find a system that works both for his style and the players he currently has is what has kept is from being better this season. We all acknowledge (well, most of us anyway) that Sarri does not have enough of the players he wants to play his style of football. Should the Transfer Ban not get postponed or overturned, that isn't going to change until the summer of 2020. Is he going to spend the next 16 months still trying to get these players to play a style that doesn't seem to suit them? Is he going to be more willing to play Hudson-Odoi next season simply because he's 19 years old instead of 18? Is Ampadu going to get any sort of chance to play? Is he going to be willing to use returning loan players such as James, Tomori, Abraham, Batshuyi, or Mount? Have we seen enough in Sarri to believe that he is the man to get an extension beyond his current deal to help change and mold the squad, to be the guy we buy players to fit his style for? I'm not someone who watches Napoli on a regular basis, but they don't seem to have missed Sarri this season, so is totally revolutionizing our squad for him a task worth the effort?
  6. Don't think he has any say after he provides a list of players he may want. The board is going to buy the players they want to buy.
  7. Not sure Conte is a promoter of youth, but I do think that if he felt a youth player gave him a better chance to win, he'd play him. And I think that is a major complaint we have about Sarri.
  8. As if we weren't going to have a difficult enough time finding someone to replace Sarri (if/when he gets the sack), now potential replacements will have to wonder if they'll have to fight for their their contractually obligated pay of they too get sacked. Yet we pay Drinkwater thousands each week just to dribble around training cones. Pence wise. Pound foolish.
  9. There are only four stats I care about: 1) Wins 2) Goals Scored 3) Goals Conceded 4) League Position The rest of them make for a fun discussion, but do they really, truly matter?
  10. Not sure what the particulars are so I mentioned both.
  11. I actually read an interesting take on a Jovic transfer. The speculation was that we would have an advantage over others in that we could buy him now, but as we couldn't register him until the bans were over, we would loan him back so where he could still play for Benfica or Eintracht or elsewhere. The point being that because of that, a Chelsea bid might seem more attractive to Eintracht. The article also said that Jovic "liked" Chelsea. Not 100% sure we could do that under a ban though. Far fetched stuff to be sure.
  12. I absolutely agree with that. And if there's a new owner, that he has a plan and a vision for the club, and institutes a management structure that allows the plan to come to fruition.
  13. Fair point, but I don't think comparing our ownership to ManUtd is relevant here. The Glazers are clearly in it for the finances. Their decisions are made to increase the value in the shares of the club. Our owner is in it for the passion. Yes, he wants it to make money and be self sustainable, but he's not making decisions based on how it affects the club's stock market shares. Roman is making decisions on style of play and winning trophies. The other major difference is that Utd were coming off a long serving manager who was a legend. While unfortunate that they appointed three successive managers who bombed in Moyes, Van Gaal, and Mourinho, it was always going to be difficult to follow Ferguson. I'm not sure it was Roman who thought Sarri was the way to go. I've read it was Marina who advocated for him. And yes, the Visa situation he is caught up in has not helped, but he can summon people to his yacht for meetings as he's done in the past, or attend games that take place outside the U.K. After all, he still owns the club, and went to the trouble of becoming an Israeli citizen as a way around the UK Visa denial. He can place phone calls or send e-mails with instructions and wishes. So even though he can't work physically in the UK, he can still manage and direct from afar. And all of this doesn't mean I want him to sell. But there's been a clear change in behavior in that he's stepped away from this thing that he loves, that he bought because of passion. Marina doesn't have passion for Chelsea, she is trying to execute what she believes are Roman's instructions. Roman has taken his eye off the ball, and I think we have suffered as a club because of it.
  14. I just read where Giroud has basically said that he has been told by Sarri that he will only play in Europa League games. That the plan is for Higuaín to play league games. Why would Sarri say this? I can see where Sarri wants to set the expectation, but doesn't the manager want to create an atmosphere of competition, where there are two or more players vying for the starting role? Doesn't that force the players to be sharp in training, and make sure they are doing what he wants in matches?

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