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  1. Higuaín is already a Juve player...…..we've got him on loan from there.
  2. What none of us know for certain is what the board/owner set as the minimum expectation for Sarri this season. We speculate that it was to get us into Top 4. It may have been Top 4 and a trophy. Or Top 4 and a final. But we don't really know. On one hand, finishing third was the best we could hope for given how clear City and Liverpool went. On the other hand, Sarri did very little to affect a match, proved to be inflexible with tactics and substitutions, the playing style was plodding at times, the team's mentality was weak, and he could not come up with a counter plan once teams had worked out how to play us. Supporters turned negative and created an nasty atmosphere at Stamford Bridge and at away matches. That won't get better next season, and it may get worse as the supporters will turn on him again the second we are having a poor result. If the club run through the possible scenarios, is it better to cut Sarri loose now while you have time to find a replacement and give him a pre season, or do you risk being forced to sack him during next season and have to find and install an interim manager? Tough calls to be made here.
  3. Similar report of Sarri contact by Juve by Alfredo Padulla. Also says they are looking at MoPo
  4. Yes, but Juve wasn't confirmed available until today. I think the attraction there is a game changer.
  5. Tancredi Palmieri has tweeted that there is now contact between Sarri and Juve. Interesting in that Sarri at least challenged Juve for Serie A. But can Sarri get Ronaldo and the rest of them to play Sarriball? And if Sarri ends up going to Roma or Juve, or anywhere else, would he want to take Jorginho with him?
  6. I'm reading that we are not having any discussions about Higuaín returning to us. I thinks it's painfully clear to all that he is well off the pace of the Premier League. I think Kovacic could return if Sarri stays so he'd have his Jorginho back up. But for how long? If we go with the youth/Frank/Jody scenario, there's no reason to have him.
  7. And the price would go way up on any player we would want to buy on a frozen ban because selling teams would know how desperate we would be to get that player in before any ban would be imposed. The Hazard issue is simple. If Real meet our price, we let him have his dream move.
  8. He said he wants to stay at Athletico for the rest of his career. Or until the supporters boo him. Whichever comes first.
  9. CAS have never overturned a FIFA or UEFA decision. So while our ban may get frozen, it likely would still be imposed at some point. So maybe the club's thinking is to use next season as a rebuild. You accept the ban this summer and next winter, you let Sarri go, you bring in Frank & Jody, you to commit to bringing in and playing your best youth (Academy & returning loanees). You let Frank & Jody develop the youth players, they get another year of managerial experience with little pressure of expectation, and we are ready to go full tilt in the summer of 2020.
  10. Bielsa is the guy who taught Pep (and through Pep, Sarri) to only work with a small squad of 14 players. Which is why you'll see his teams always run out of gas at the end of a season. If you're frustrated with Sarri's (lack of) rotation/rigid substitutions, you'll not likely be happy with Bielsa as the coach.
  11. I still marvel at your lack of comprehension. 1) Rather that just typing in some random misunderstandings of what is going on, try doing some research. Go back to when this match was first reported. It was first reported that that match would take place. It was also reported that there was some acknowledged difficulty in scheduling based on possible commitments for both teams. The actual date was not chosen or announced until later. 2) I highlighted a particular part of your statement above because, at the time the game and date were announced, we didn't know we would be in the EL final. We knew it was a possibility. It was scheduled and the arrangements were all in place before we knew we'd be in the final. Are you suggesting that all those plans should have just been cancelled when we beat Frankfurt on PK's? 3) I'm not sure what your work situation is , but when the owner of your company who happens to be an extremely wealthy, highly successful and ruthless business person says to an employee "We're doing this event, it's very important to me, make it happen", you do not respond with "that's a bad idea, we may have a game to play 13 days later". You keep acting as if Roman would not have known we'd possibly have a final. He knew, and still felt it important enough to get scheduled. 4) Stop backtracking on your blatant insult of Marina. One does not type the words "Stupid Russian woman" instead of Marina by accident, and then try to claim it wasn't personal. You are in control of your own fingers. I just re-scrolled back through the entire thread, and I still see you haven't provided any information that supports your initial assertion that Marina had anything to do with coming up with this idea, or the planning of it. In fact, it's quite interesting that you first blamed her for conceiving and scheduling this event, and now you want to blame her for not questioning the guy who initiated it. Do you think before you type this stuff, or do you just let your fingers blast away on the keyboard completely disconnected from your brain?
  12. The pitch was atrocious. An embarrassment. I noticed the seams in the sod immediately. The Revs normally play on an artificial surface, so the grass was laid over the plastic pitch. I was surprised that Pedro and Jorghino, played the whole match. Strong first team and start subbing at halftime made sense. Again, the competition wasn't fierce by any means, and the Revs seemed more interested in giving their entire squad a chance to play against us.
  13. $4 million was raised for the organizations that were identified to benefit. That's a rather hefty haul for what was essentially a 3 day tour and glorified run out. The Revs weren't tough, aggressive competition. I'm happy to be supporting a club with a conscience - one that looks to do good things for people. I realize everyone's upset. It's disappointing. But a hundred posts in this thread saying "I told you so" don't help. Short of wrapping each player in bubble wrap for the 2 weeks between last league match and EL final, there was always a risk of injury.
  14. This sucks for Ruben most of all, for the club, and for us. It sucks, but injuries happen. You can't play a sport at this level and never suffer an injury. It's easy to look back in hindsight now and say we shouldn't have played this game. If there were not narrow minded people filled with hate an intolerance, then there would not have been any need for this. But it was important to Roman. So much so that he was in attendance. Roman has earned the right with everything he's done for this club to be indulged a friendly match to support a cause that he believes in.

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