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  1. I don't think Costa, Drogba, Aguero, RvP, or Henry were more or less accomplished in their first full seasons with their parent clubs at their ages than Tammy is. Let's give him time to actually develop before we kill him for not meeting unrealistic expectations. Nobody wants to drink a wine that was just bottled.
  2. I agree with this. I think he likes the diving Hollywood highlight save. He's not particularly good coming for crosses, or commanding his box. He's not physically imposing, and has shown that he is error prone with the ball at his feet, as well as his hands. And it hasn't appeared that he has been working on these deficiencies in training as he hasn't improved them since he's been here. In fact, you could argue he's gotten worse.
  3. He's not going anywhere unless Frank is convinced he's not the GK he wants, we can find a suitable available replacement, and if we can find a club willing to give us some small percentage of what we paid for him. We're not City......we can't afford to just dump a player like that after we realize he's not what we want. I know we were forced into finding a TBO replacement quickly, but this certainly makes the argument that our scouting needs improvement so that we are ready to move when needed
  4. Kepa was dropped for one game, but in terms of time, it will well over a week for him to reflect on being dropped. I wonder if Frank planned to have him have this extra time to think as a test.....We will see how he reacts......that will tell us what we need to know in terms of his mental makeup.
  5. Everyone knows Kepa is not coming for crosses and will generally stand on (or near) his line. That makes teams pump balls into the box knowing it has a high probability of bouncing in or finding a teammate. Our defensive issues are due to a few reasons: Defensive rotation where our CB pairings (especially) are not a settled unit. This affects how the GK and defenders communicate and work together as a unit to organize A keeper who is not a commanding presence and seems to be more interested in making a diving, highlight reel save over fundamental GK positioning and play A keeper who does not seem to be improving in any of these areas where he is weak. I don't know what he's like in training, and what he's doing for extra work on the training ground with his coaches, but there does not seem to be growth or improvement in his game. I wonder what Cech thinks of his play and training habits. Having Kante being more advanced (and hurt at times) removes a layer of protection that our defenders previously had Clearly Kepa is in poor form. Only the team/club knows whether he's working hard enough in training to get through it. Given Frank's comments about picking the players that are deserving based on training, maybe Frank feels Kepa isn't doing enough to get through this poor patch and dropping him is a wake up call.
  6. As mentioned, we can't keep everyone. He looks quick and exciting, but I'm not a fan of his size, and I don't know enough about his defensive play. But how ironic for us that now a youth player wants to leave because another youth player is blocking his progress...….
  7. That could describe our style of play at times this season.
  8. This. His injury was painful, he was out for months, and the rehab really sucks. Not surprised he'd be hesitant. He looks a shell of his former self. He is putting zero fear into defenders right now. Today, he either just gave the ball away, or got knocked off the ball way too easily. Looks short on confidence. He is missing that swagger where he knew a big club wanted him desperately. I will say that the leap to head the ball later in the 2nd half where he flipped over backward and hit his head/neck on the way down was a good sign. Well timed, good leap, desire to get the ball.
  9. I questioned one of these "insiders" on Twitter earlier today. His post said his sources inside the club said no decision has been received from CAS and we shouldn't believe anything we read. I pointed out how ironic it was that we should believe a tweet from him when he's pointing out that we shouldn't believe everything we read.
  10. I could have sworn I saw a SkySports tweet this morning with breaking news that said CAS had upheld the ban. Now there is no tweet from them at all regarding the ban from today. Now there are all kinds of unsubstantiated stories claiming that the ban will be reduced. Proving, everyone wants to be first with the news, but no one really knows what is going on.
  11. If 20 November is when they hear the appeal, when might we expect a decision?
  12. We have a long history of this. The media is still waiting for Freddy Adu to make it big...….
  13. He needs to be chained to a lounge chair on a beach somewhere for a month to rest and heal.
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