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  1. Last year, the pressure was on Sarri to play him. Now, the pressure is on CHO to perform. I hope he doesn't play trying to justify his contract, and works on developing himself and improving, being open to the coaching he's being given. He doesn't need to be Hazard. He just needs to be Hudson-Odoi. I suspect the staff now will give him a bit more freedom than Sarri gave him, and I think this staff will provide the environment for him to grow and improve. And I hope the supporters will be patient with him. He's going to make mistakes.
  2. If it took an offer of £180k a week to get him to sign, it sounds like an offer too good to refuse. It sounds like we had to overpay to get his signature. Wonder what (if any) release clause is in.
  3. Those Sky Sources are at it again...…….
  4. Being reported in several places now. Good news. Now Bayern can tap up someone else's player...…..
  5. Reports of an agreed extension with Chelsea now surfacing by the Daily Mail.
  6. Wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm much more worried about Kante's knee than I am about Willian wearing the #10. While there's a certain section of supporters who are anti-Willian and will criticize anything he does, I would not have given it to him based on the classless post of the trophy over his coach. I get that he didn't like Conte, but that lack of class and using a trophy picture to demonstrate that displeasure did make him seem an ideal squad member.
  7. Nagelsmann said he would look to play him in midfield. And there apparently is a possibility we could get Liepzig in our CL group.
  8. And gets to kick Bayern players a couple of times a year. Bonus.
  9. Smart public comments if we are to sell him. Talking him up will keep potential bids high and prevents any interested club from thinking they can submit a low offer.
  10. No backtracking here. If he signs, I'll be relieved. I've not thought he seemed all that passionate about Chelsea, but if he signs, I'm happy to hold my hand up and say I was wrong. I think him leaving would have done our club more harm than good because of the message it would send to young players - those in our Academy and those we could look to sign when the ban is lifted. If CHO, Mount, and RLC are all extended, that tells everyone that things have changed at Chelsea, and good young players see their futures here.
  11. And Willian knows everyone whilst Pulisic needs to get to know his new team mates and manager, how to use an oyster card, find his way around on the night buses, learn the lyrics to Baggy Trousers and get fit to chase Bakayoko's first touch. He may need that Oyster Card to get to Bakayoko's ball...…...
  12. I agree with that. And I'd prefer to see him against as similar a competitive league schedule as he'd have a Chelsea. Will help determine when he's ready.
  13. Maybe it's not in his nature, but there just aren't a lot of comments, posts, or actions that show any passion for Chelsea, a club he has grown up at. He didn't even mention Chelsea in his Player's Tribune piece. And even if there were pressure on him, would it be any more than the pressure of making your England debut? Or trying to get a place in the starting XI over Pedro or Willian? Or actually submitting a transfer request and having to stay after it was rejected?
  14. Every day that he doesn't sign is a day closer to a Bayern move. I've never gotten the feeling that he has any great affection or loyalty to Chelsea. And I don't know that he even cares about being a Chelsea legend, or becoming the new Hazard. He could sign and end the speculation which has become a distraction for him and for the club. The blatant tapping up from Bayern is disrespectful, and I think it is being fueled by BHO who clearly has a relationship with them. Frank said he wanted players who were committed to Chelsea. Every day CHO doesn't sign is a lack of that commitment. If it's about playing time, he'll get more of it at Chelsea under the ban and Frank than at Bayern. So we don't know what the real issue is, except that it's probably about money. When pro athletes say it's not about the money, when they say it's about respect or play time, it's almost always about the money.

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