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  1. Thought I'd prepared and readied myself over the past few months for him leaving... Yesterday was great but bitter sweet, pretty much hit it home that he's gonna be off. Thanks for everything Eden, and as much as it hurts to say it, good luck at Real.
  2. Dixons is probably on the Arsenal forums making a post about how Liverpool, United, Leeds, Newcastle would have sold out, and they're in poorer parts of England too, as we speak
  3. Clearly it's not moronic to say the final is in a bad location, because it is. But you're saying Roman wouldn't want to build a new stadium for the club when only 2000 chelsea tickets have been sold... It's not the Chelsea fans fault that the location is terrible, and I'd like to think that our owner agrees and is smart enough to not let it have any affect on his decision when/if to build a new stadium. And you can't say "I bet this I bet that." On what grounds have you come up with that assumption? You said it yourself, clubs from poorer parts of the country... But they're not and have not ever been in a midweek final in a place like Baku before. So your claim holds no water. Precisely. Smh.
  4. The fact that you've also said you can't go, and suddenly seem to realise all the semantics about the location of the final makes me think you realise your previous statement almost blaming the matchgoers (or not in this case) is completely moronic? This has nothing to do with the fans not wanting to be at the final, it has to do with location, cost, the fact it's a midweek game, and the fact it's absolutely horrendous trying to get there. Not to mention season ticket renewals.
  5. Is this even a thing? Has anyone else reported this? Surely must make him question the move, but whether it'll stop him or not- I doubt it.
  6. Risky business sticking your house on it when it comes to chels ?. Never bet on Chelsea xD haha
  7. I mean we don't have a right to know any of that information really.
  8. Also possible, so like i said, we also don't know all of the details ?
  9. We also don't know all of the details like the lawyers and the rest of the club do. I'd be very surprised if they had everything in order and they expected to be able to get it reduced and haven't already submitted the appeal.. But then weirder things have happened. Not sure what the hold up can be if all we were waiting for to submit this appeal was the official ruling from FIFA, which we've had for a few weeks now.
  10. Yeah, probably discussing whether it's just better to bite the bullet and suck it up for the next season. Would avoid any knee jerk buys that'd likely just turn out to be useless. Question then is what do they do with hazard if they decide to let the ban stand and get those 2 windows out the way? Do we make him unhappy and force him to stay and let him go for a free next season? Considering the CHO / RLC situation and not being able to get anyone else in, think we'd have to be mad to allow him to leave.
  11. I was going to say that the club aren't stupid.. but thinking about it I'm not so sure. But I'd like to hope that at least legally they know what they're doing in this situation. If they haven't submitted the appeal yet they've done it for a reason... Let's remind ourselves of the thoughts of many on this forum (granted no one here so far as we know makes any of the decision LOL), get the feeling based on history that if we did get it stayed we'd be probably make some ridiculous panic buys in reaction. No point getting the ban stayed (i can't see us getting it completely thrown out) if we'd just end up buying more garbage for the next season.
  12. And get bullied into pushing him out the door for a low ball offer? If they say that we say "Okay, have him next season then ?" Obviously depends on what happens with CAS appeal.
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