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  1. Thought I'd prepared and readied myself over the past few months for him leaving... Yesterday was great but bitter sweet, pretty much hit it home that he's gonna be off. Thanks for everything Eden, and as much as it hurts to say it, good luck at Real.
  2. Probably not helped by all of the fag butts he finds on the floor and picks up to chew on, too "Oooh.... Piece of candy fag butt..."
  3. Dixons is probably on the Arsenal forums making a post about how Liverpool, United, Leeds, Newcastle would have sold out, and they're in poorer parts of England too, as we speak
  4. Clearly it's not moronic to say the final is in a bad location, because it is. But you're saying Roman wouldn't want to build a new stadium for the club when only 2000 chelsea tickets have been sold... It's not the Chelsea fans fault that the location is terrible, and I'd like to think that our owner agrees and is smart enough to not let it have any affect on his decision when/if to build a new stadium. And you can't say "I bet this I bet that." On what grounds have you come up with that assumption? You said it yourself, clubs from poorer parts of the country... But they're not and have not ever been in a midweek final in a place like Baku before. So your claim holds no water. Precisely. Smh.
  5. The fact that you've also said you can't go, and suddenly seem to realise all the semantics about the location of the final makes me think you realise your previous statement almost blaming the matchgoers (or not in this case) is completely moronic? This has nothing to do with the fans not wanting to be at the final, it has to do with location, cost, the fact it's a midweek game, and the fact it's absolutely horrendous trying to get there. Not to mention season ticket renewals.
  6. That photo was photoshopped... Here's the original. Much more believable
  7. You'd think that but then the main reason he's in the running is because what he's done at Derby this season... Say for e.g. he turns it down and stays at Derby for an extra year and totally bombs.. Do you think he'd still be getting the offer for the Chelsea job? As you say, if he's smart enough and loves Chelsea as much as we all think he does, maybe he himself will believe that it's too early for him at this current point in his managerial career and choose to stay for another year where he is and then see... However, these offers dont come around too often, and it's currently situational that he's even being considered right now... Does he go with his head or his heart? Tough choice.
  8. Yep, Hazard Moyes everyone
  9. Is this even a thing? Has anyone else reported this? Surely must make him question the move, but whether it'll stop him or not- I doubt it.
  10. You still dont discredit that and totally ignore the fact we have won x,y,z and don't have some level of expectation going into a final. Let's be clear here so another troll doesn't appear from under his bridge.... I'm not saying that I dont care for the fact that yes we beat spuds and liverpool, and got to the final, but if you were to say that you weren't disappointed we didn't win the final I'd have to call you a liar. I fear we're getting slightly off topic and the original sentiment here though. Totally agree that what he was saying about not caring about getting to the final and losing to city is a silly outlook to have.
  11. Removing petulant response. Apologies, upon re-reading I get what you're saying now. lol smh.
  12. Who said anything about not caring? Jumping to assumptions there pal.
  13. Having high standards and ambition is not the same as being plastic. Do you think city would have been happy with losing and being runner up? And yes I think we are a little spoilt because of the silverware we've accumulated since Roman has come... But you don't just put that aside and start with a fresh slate every season and forget about the accolades we've won in recent history.

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