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  1. Good win. Forwards need to start performing and I think the lack of a decent consistent striker or two will cost us that coveted top 4 place in the end. That being said it's another bizarre season and we could just go on a nice little run of wins toward the end. Onward to Rottenham. Up the Blues
  2. Azpi ans Alonso doing what our misfiring forwards should be doing. Pace and strength
  3. It would but with Chelsea lately Dick Turpin is never far away!
  4. Ha inside every man there's an Elvis trying to get out
  5. Haha. They needn't worry about their cows arse being hit with a banjo either.
  6. I'd rather he scored in the Prem than the cup competitions. If we're happy for him to score against lower league teams then we're in serious trouble
  7. According to the commentator Tammy has "goals in his locker" . Maybe he could bring them out occasionally!!!
  8. Just logged in. Been unable to watch many games lately but I'm getting the impression it's not going well so far!!
  9. Spot on. This season's a bit of a lottery. Some strange results and a huge amount of goals. Away to Burnley next Saturday. If our attack are up for it we should win. But.........
  10. I think that's why United are so hated by other fans. They get all the headlines whether they're playing well or not
  11. Not a bad result given this bizarre season so far but I do think the lack of fans plays some part. Sometimes I'm sure players would play with more urgency or care if the fans were on thier case.
  12. VAR needs a complete overhaul. It's spoiling every game. Don't usually feel any sympathy for the Scousers but how they managed to rule his goal out for offside against the toffee is a mystery. Creating more controversy if anything
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