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  1. Agree with that. Seems to make some spectacular saves but is a bit dodgy on the "bread and butter" ones. A bit too cocky for my liking.
  2. That seems to be a rule that's gone by the wayside already!!
  3. Cheers Biter. Good link too. This is another great pic. I see now in the bottom left what some of the posters on here call "the benches"
  4. Good call on the Everton away kit Ersk. And a great picture here.That is some stand!! Health and Safety would have a field day. Looks like a strong wind would blow it over. What was the stand called and how long did it remain at the Bridge?
  5. Early 70's yellow and blue/black kit. Oxford Utd maybe? Looking at the size of the crowd it could be Arsenal in their away kit.
  6. That's a great photo. Never got to go to the old Bridge but I think I might have given that stand on the right a miss!! Looks a bit rickety to me!
  7. Come on folks we're all Chelsea here. yes it's gonna be a difficult season because, with a few exceptions, we've got the same squad as last year. We were awful to watch last season under Sarri, and many on here were berating the same players that we saw today. (Williams corners are still p*ss poor) Somehow we managed to scrape 3rd, win the EL and make the CL, which tbh is gonna be too early for this team I think. We also had a certain Mr Hazard who more or less got us that success in his own. We need to get behind Frank and give him time or come mid season Roman will be scouting the Dutch 22nd division for another here today, gone tomorrow gaffer.KTBFFH.
  8. FFS. Awful defending. JT must be crying into his big cap!!
  9. This is a great watch so far. Playing with lot of confidence. C'mon Chelsea
  10. BBC 5 Live reporter to Sarri "Will Hazard be here next season?" "I don't know. I'm the coach not the manager" Any ideas?

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