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  1. Great pic. Here's the front of the programme
  2. BBC 5 Live reporter to Sarri "Will Hazard be here next season?" "I don't know. I'm the coach not the manager" Any ideas?
  3. Yep agree with that. We all know Chelsea are better than this but we've finished 3rd and we need to get behind the boys for the Europa Final. Keep the Blue Flag Flying ☺
  4. At Old Trafford as well. And that's just in the dugout.😆
  5. Man Citys title. 3-1. Just a thought on Higuain. We're Chelsea. This would be like dragging in Shevchenko and Eto'o. Said before Higuans too old now and he doesn't do what he's supposed to which is score regularly enough, and neither does the ever popular Giroud. Keeping Higuain would smack of desperation. We don't need any more old blokes playing for us. Rather see the youngsters having a go. Or maybe Pele's still available.
  6. That's right except Rottenham will be the only team that has to go out to buy a cabinet for it
  7. Yeeesss. Well done boys but don't rest on your laurels. This team, manager and players, seriously needs to man up and show some heart for that final or we're gonna be embarrassed
  8. Someone's gonna be either Anelka in 2008 or Drogba 2012
  9. That was two hours we won't get back. So who's gonna take the first. Caballero?
  10. Sideshow and Zappa have kept us in this. Have we not got any more aging, past their best strikers to bring
  11. I reckon that's part of the problem. They're all so keen to get the ball to Hazard they don't know what to do after. He's is now too good for this team. It'd be like Thierry Henry playing for Sc**thorpe

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