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  1. Spot on. This season's a bit of a lottery. Some strange results and a huge amount of goals. Away to Burnley next Saturday. If our attack are up for it we should win. But.........
  2. I think that's why United are so hated by other fans. They get all the headlines whether they're playing well or not
  3. Not a bad result given this bizarre season so far but I do think the lack of fans plays some part. Sometimes I'm sure players would play with more urgency or care if the fans were on thier case.
  4. VAR needs a complete overhaul. It's spoiling every game. Don't usually feel any sympathy for the Scousers but how they managed to rule his goal out for offside against the toffee is a mystery. Creating more controversy if anything
  5. Which Bein channel you on? I've got Portuguese commentary
  6. Sorry if I jinx this but so far Eddy seems like a good confident safe pair of hands.
  7. Yeeeeesssss. Watching Chelsea is a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately
  8. NFL seems to be more family friendly. Over here football fans are seen as an open wallet from the prices of tickets (in the Prem) to the price of a burger
  9. Cos the Premier League are greedy. It is and always has been a money making venture. They have to keep telling us it's the "best league in the world" to keep the prices up.
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