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  1. That s more like it. I'm liking Pulisic more every time I see him. The new Hazard?
  2. Here we go then. Ordinarily this should be 3 points in the bag but after witnessing the West Ham performance we could be in for a rough ride. Strap yerselves in everyone. C'mon Chelsea
  3. That s just poor. What a strange team we are. Gutted and appalled. Europa League anyone?
  4. Th Great Wall of China would struggle to fix this defence!!!
  5. Come then Chelsea. Prove you're worthy of the Champions League spot
  6. Our players don't seem to be able to anticipate where the ball might drop. They'll just stand and gawp at it. We've had classy strikers in the past that would bury these chances
  7. That s shocking. Beginning to think our 4th spot is a bit of an over achievement.
  8. Tammy needs to bulk up a bit. He needs to be our new Drogba.
  9. Deffo the Magpies. They appear to have Lemmy at No. 7

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