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  1. Come on folks we're all Chelsea here. yes it's gonna be a difficult season because, with a few exceptions, we've got the same squad as last year. We were awful to watch last season under Sarri, and many on here were berating the same players that we saw today. (Williams corners are still p*ss poor) Somehow we managed to scrape 3rd, win the EL and make the CL, which tbh is gonna be too early for this team I think. We also had a certain Mr Hazard who more or less got us that success in his own. We need to get behind Frank and give him time or come mid season Roman will be scouting the Dutch 22nd division for another here today, gone tomorrow gaffer.KTBFFH.
  2. FFS. Awful defending. JT must be crying into his big cap!!
  3. This is a great watch so far. Playing with lot of confidence. C'mon Chelsea
  4. Great pic. Here's the front of the programme
  5. BBC 5 Live reporter to Sarri "Will Hazard be here next season?" "I don't know. I'm the coach not the manager" Any ideas?
  6. Yep agree with that. We all know Chelsea are better than this but we've finished 3rd and we need to get behind the boys for the Europa Final. Keep the Blue Flag Flying ☺
  7. At Old Trafford as well. And that's just in the dugout.?
  8. Man Citys title. 3-1. Just a thought on Higuain. We're Chelsea. This would be like dragging in Shevchenko and Eto'o. Said before Higuans too old now and he doesn't do what he's supposed to which is score regularly enough, and neither does the ever popular Giroud. Keeping Higuain would smack of desperation. We don't need any more old blokes playing for us. Rather see the youngsters having a go. Or maybe Pele's still available.

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