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  1. That's true if Sarri had a 15 to 20 goal striker to work with along side Hazard top 4 would of probably already been a given. He brought in Higuain in January it failed, but at least he realises where our problems are. Personally I wouldn't mind if he stayed another year,he'd get a full pre-season this time and if the transfer ban gets suspended he can bring in the players we need.
  2. He's off to West Ham in the summer if rumours are to be believed.
  3. That's strange didn't Ronaldo say recently he finds it harder to score in Italy than he did in Spain or England.Tactically one of the best leagues he has played in I remember him saying.
  4. Everyone loves a good bandwagon
  5. Heard he got the sack after been caught multiple times smoking in the toilets that's how he perfected the art of chewing on the butts now instead.
  6. It's a results business playing nice football doesn't win games. Not that I'm on the Sarri out bandwagon if he gets another year to prove himself so be it, but I think someone like Allegri would command a lot more respect and would be better tactically in the big games. It would be foolish to just overlook him because of his style of football.
  7. And take Higuain with him
  8. Their to busy printing the T-shirts in support of the scouse c**t that throw it no doubt.
  9. That's true but he obviously didn't have much fate in Giroud or Higuain which the latter has already proven to be a flop and Giroud is just Giroud. If we had a decent striker in the first place that could score on a consistent bases Hazard would never of played in that false 9 position.
  10. See that's why I've changed my opinion about wanting Sarri gone if you look at the squad at his disposal apart from hazard and Kante the rest are either up and coming players or are past their best.We was never gonna win the league. Really hope this transfer ban gets suspended so we can sign in the summer or next season will be the same or worse.
  11. One of many reasons why I don't want them to win the league.
  12. Rumours have it that this will go to the CAS and the appeal will go past July 1st so we should be good to sign players in the summer if true.Although it was Gabriele Marcotti reporting that so who knows.

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