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  1. I hope Tuchel and the club keep him where he is would hate if he turned into another Salah gets sold and comes back to bit us. He's clearly a very talented footballer and preformed well last season.This season has been a bit more tricky for him with injuries,but give him time I think he'll come good even with Tuchel's system.
  2. Think you're giving United to much respect for what they deserve.Defensively they've been found wanting at times this season and their record against the top sides isn't the best. Think any team outside of Man City are there for the taking and we easily have the quality to beat united if we can just pull it all together in the final third.
  3. But if CAS can freeze the ban after we make the appeal until the decision we're A1
  4. No surprise Fifa upheld their decision question is now can an appeal to CAS freeze the ban until January.
  5. Heard Gabriele Marcotti reporting something similar about a month ago on ESPN I'm almost convinced it will be pushed back.
  6. Still not sure about the 70 million price tag but that save yesterday was worth about 40 million?
  7. More of an observation/opinion from a fans perspective.Unfortunately I don't have any connections to the on goings of medical staff within the club.But then again I doubt you do either. But thanks for the speech?
  8. Beginning to think our medical staff are slightly incompetent they walked CHO off the pitch after his injury instead of getting him a stretcher making the injury worse. Now they gave the all clear to a player that obviously needed more time to recover.
  9. A few were at fault for that goal ,but Alonso could of blocked that shot if he got his body in the way.
  10. At least none of our kits have ever looked as bad as that sh*te.
  11. Think a lot of that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt find it hard to believe a club like Madrid don't have the funds available to spend big.Especially after how successful they've been over the years. Even if it is true that leaves us in a difficult position with hazard because if he doesn't sign a new contract and we can't find a buyer he walks for free.
  12. And if any manager at any football club did that they would probably lose the dressing room and their job not long after.
  13. It's not fleetwood town he was playing for in all that time.He's been part of two Premier League winning sides amongst other trophies in those 7 years. If sticking with us is all he was doing he was very successful.
  14. Think he's been one of our better players this season poor defending has left him exposed at times not entirely all his fault.
  15. A lot of talk about Jovic knocking around would take Timmo Werner if available myself personally. Lukaku never
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