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  1. Was about to say why would we need donnarumma when mendy is class.Then you made that point and I changed my mind.
  2. Why would he go back to Germany? Apart from mount he's been one of our better attacking players.Ya he's not putting the ball into the back of the net as much as he should,but his overall contribution up front has been pretty good.He's obviously a massive part of tommy's plans that's why he keeps getting games.TT is no fool. Also think people should forget about haaland he'll end up at Man City either the end of this season or the end of next.
  3. Hopefully he does start and keeps that momentum from the Everton game going,he played wel looked confident on the ball got a glimpse at what he can do at last. This Leeds game could be Werner's opportunity to stick a couple of goals in too as long as that leeds defence keeps giving it up.
  4. Love a 12:30 Saturday kick off the quicker the game comes the better I think
  5. Given how organised defensively we are now that's probably not likely.If it goes wrong well still get at least a draw.
  6. If by a level above us you mean Real Madrid or Barcelona both of those clubs are on the verge of bankruptcy.Would be very surprised if either could afford to fork out the apparent 150million asking price for haaland. Other than that it's Man City or Bayern Munich or possibly Man Utd if they actually dicided to spent something.Chelsea are in a very good position financially compared to other clubs that some people seem to think are a level above us. There's also been a number of players mentioned on this page that are an upgrade on what we already have up front.And just a reminder that the levels of football being played in Scotland are no where near the premier league level so to think a player like edouard could come to England and start banging in goals in the premier league just because he's doing it in Scotland is laughable.
  7. The most underrated striker in Europe.Personally think he'd be a great signing and still only 27 the same age drogba was when he first signed for us.
  8. He did better last season than he has this season in terms of goals scored.That's the point I was making. There's a list of young players that have been on the books at Chelsea in one way or another in the past that have gone on to be very successful at other clubs.That's the only concern I have if we let go of Tammy. Either way I suspect he will leave sooner or later if the rumours of Haaland coming are true.
  9. That's exactly what's gonna happen he'll go back to villa or West Ham and start banging in goals and fulfilling his potential. Funny how he was scoring last season under lampard in a more attacking system all be it with less expectation also which is frustrating.
  10. Haven't scored 3 goals in league game since end of December but like the optimism
  11. Hope city put 3 or 4 past them West Ham fans are getting light headed being that high up the table.
  12. Don't think he'll ever sell the club in fact when ever he does step away for whatever reason I think he's son will take over the reigns.
  13. Every game so fare tuchel has started with a back three so it's probably not wrong to assume that he'll stick with a back three into the future. We've proven already that we're solid with the three central defenders with or without silva. We could have prim JT in that defense and still wouldn't hit a barn door.We need a clinical striker if we're gonna get anywhere near city next season.
  14. Yes because it's the defense is where all our problems are🙄
  15. I hope Tuchel and the club keep him where he is would hate if he turned into another Salah gets sold and comes back to bit us. He's clearly a very talented footballer and preformed well last season.This season has been a bit more tricky for him with injuries,but give him time I think he'll come good even with Tuchel's system.
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