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  1. But if CAS can freeze the ban after we make the appeal until the decision we're A1
  2. No surprise Fifa upheld their decision question is now can an appeal to CAS freeze the ban until January.
  3. Cech Azpilicueta Carvalho Terry(C) Cole Robben Lampard Essien Hazard Drogba Hasselbaink Bench:De Goey,Le Saux,Desailly,J.Cole,Makelele,Duff,Costa
  4. Barcelona were bollocks tonight though only Vidal looked like he was trying and then he was subbed. Come on Ajax get past the spuds then do this lot in?
  5. Heard Gabriele Marcotti reporting something similar about a month ago on ESPN I'm almost convinced it will be pushed back.
  6. There'll be scousers crying into their pints come Sunday I can't wait
  7. Still not sure about the 70 million price tag but that save yesterday was worth about 40 million?
  8. He should get another year there's no point changing the system now anyway.I think this year was a learning curve for Sarri in England a bit like Guardiola in his first year with the Mancs.He got the minimum requirement out of a squad that is lacking in key areas especially up front. He has made two youth team products first team regulars,got us to a league cup final(Unlucky to lose),there's a great chance of finishing 3rd and two games away from winning the Europa league. All we need now is fifa to f**k off with the transfer ban and Sarri can sign the players we need in the summer and hopefully next year we will be challenging for the league and Champions League again.
  9. Think Frankfurt are gonna f**k us over question is is by how many goals until we get them back to the bridge. Just not confident in that team at all there's to many question marks when we play decent sides.
  10. More of an observation/opinion from a fans perspective.Unfortunately I don't have any connections to the on goings of medical staff within the club.But then again I doubt you do either. But thanks for the speech?
  11. Beginning to think our medical staff are slightly incompetent they walked CHO off the pitch after his injury instead of getting him a stretcher making the injury worse. Now they gave the all clear to a player that obviously needed more time to recover.
  12. That still doesn't take away from his scoring record.Sarri wanted him because he knew his system previously at Napoli and probably hoped it would work at Chelsea too. It hasn't he's only on loan so we can still get rid.

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