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  1. Do we reckon Martin Tyler does any research before opening his mouth? Talking about transfers & says Arsenal don’t shop at the same place as us, even though they have a higher net spend over the last 5 years! It’s not our fault they buy crap all the time 😂
  2. Read all of Jose’s quotes on the signing, he congratulates Roma on the signing. Jose doesn’t have the sway he once had, his career is on the downhill slope!
  3. No Roma signed him, as with all big clubs now the Manager is just the head coach
  4. I can’t see this working out for him, he’s just not a ‘Jose’ type of player. I wish him all the best though.
  5. What’s this senile old drunk Martin Tyler going on about? Time to shuffle off to the retirement home.
  6. Good to see Jorginho having his usual positive effect on the game! Total dog sh*t player!
  7. Don’t delude yourself, we played a very out of sorts Athletico, Porto who everyone wanted to draw, and the worst Real team in years! If you don’t think that’s an easy path to the final, then you’re a very confused person.
  8. Kanye, had to do the job of 2, done very well
  9. We reached the CL final cos we had an easy route, if you think differently, it’s time you took up another hobby.
  10. He’s doing the same here as he was in Napoli, and therein lies the problem. we all know you love him, but face it, you’re in a very small minority. In answer to your question, Rice would bring twice as much to the pitch than Jorginho, but that’s not asking much.
  11. If that’s your opinion of decent, I’m dusting my boots off! That is a minimum requirement! Busquets also broke up play and moved with the ball and shock horror passed it forwards further than 5 yards. He’s probably a nice person, but he’s not cut out for British football and all the time he’s in the team, opposition will have opportunities.
  12. But what did he do for those 75 minutes? How did he impact the game?
  13. What did he do that made you think he was decent?
  14. Another sh*t show from mr pointy (pointless) offers nothing that much better players could do only difference is those better players can do so much more!
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