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  1. I gave TT a lot of credit on Thursday for beating the Victims, I am now retracting that credit as it appears anyone can beat them, even that mob from Putney 😂😂 (this is a joke before some posters leap up & down)
  2. Offside isn’t included in the clear & obvious part, it is always checked. However, the rule now needs to be changed, if the attacker & defender are level at the waist then IMO that should be deemed onside. The current situation is farcical.
  3. It wasn’t just the win last night, it was the style of the win! We imposed ourselves on the opposition, that’s the first time we’ve done that in a few months. If this continues all power to the man.
  4. I think the saying is one swallow doesn’t make a spring! Great performance last night, let’s not get carried away, I’m hopeful this was the start of much better performances, but let’s see. I’m not being negative, but every dog has its day, I mean James ‘Buster’ Douglas beat Mike Tyson 😂
  5. I would still say they attack with real purpose though, a real structure to it. Ultimately we took advantage of their weaknesses, so fair play to TT & the boys.
  6. This, if he learns from tonight that we have to move quickly from back to front, and not let teams get organised, he will win me over.
  7. Christiansen was outstanding, but Mount for me made the difference!
  8. Fantastic display from the boys, TT take note, this is how to play in the PL! Evidence that possession for the sake of it means absolutely nothing.
  9. I love hearing the disappointment in Martin Tyler’s voice! Just retire you miserable old bastard!
  10. This performance is all about how quickly we’re playing in transition, in recent weeks we’ve been so slow getting forward!
  11. We need these quick balls forward in every game, we look 10 times more dangerous.
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