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  1. Absolutely immense tonight, probably his best performance in a Chelsea shirt. I had my doubts if he could come back considering how terrible he was last season, but he has been excellent this season even in the few appearances he got under Lampard.
  2. I thought he had a fairly good game yesterday . Won possession back well and I don’t recall him being overly sloppy or negative with his passing. Only real negative for me was playing a poor pass across goal rather than shooting when he was basically clean through.
  3. He’s Underrated IMO. His clean sheet record is brilliant and he does all the fundamentals well I think. He’s had a few dodgy moments like in the first couple minutes against atletico where he miscontrolled, but I think his mistake earlier in the year against Everton where he gave away a penalty is the only clanger he’s dropped that had lead to a goal. Overall I’m happy with him though and I think there’s only a couple better than him in the PL at least.
  4. Alonso is the clear number 1 choice at Lwb at this stage. Chillwell has had a good few chances now and the best you could say is that he was Ok against Liverpool and Everton. He looks awful in an attacking sense, pretty much every time the ball goes out to him he turns backwards, or fires in a poor/blocked cross. Not sure how he’s regressed so much , he looked very good going forward for the first few months at Chelsea and I was always under the impression that he was more of an attacking full back while at Leicester.
  5. Sloppy and one paced performance. Ziyech and Pulisic shouldn’t be getting starts anymore. Chillwell is a pretty big downgrade on alonso as a wingback aswell IMO. Frustrating that our momentum has been stalled with poor draws against Southampton and Leeds. Back in a position again now where we need to win 3 or 4 on the spin again.
  6. Not really clicking in an attacking sense yet , lots of half/nearly chances. I wouldn’t make any changes yet I’d like to see the players out there get 10-15 mins to try get it right.
  7. This season is unlike any others though. A game every 3/4 days for the entire season is incredibly taxing and I believe this will start to become more evident as we enter the business end of the season. Kante and mount in particular put in huge shifts against Liverpool, and I’d imagine Tuchel is basing his decisions off stats from the medics and sports scientists.
  8. Very strange, it’s either effectively a plain blue t shirt with a Nike tick and sponsor or something ridiculous like last season or this leak. This one isn’t great but at least it’s better than 2019.
  9. I actually love beating them so much, I’m a big fan of the doggedness we are seeing in the side now, reminds me of the Terry/Lampard/Drogba days.
  10. Can’t see Leicester making top 4, injuries are killing them and their collapse last season will be playing on their minds too.
  11. I’d imagine he’d be worth at least 40 million , when you consider the price Watkins went to villa for and Joelinton to Newcastle. He’s significantly more proven than both of them when they went for big fees.
  12. Overall with everyone fit and on form they are, but not at the moment with many key players injured and a lot of the rest of them in patchy form. It’s a proper 50/50 at the moment and our best chance to win at Anfield in a number of years.
  13. Tight game could of gone either way really. Ziyech and Giroud will be disappointed to have not scored their chances. Slightly disappointed with a draw but if we can beat Liverpool it’ll be a good return from these two matches.
  14. Assume he’s gone for Kante and Chillwell as they offer more pace.
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