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  1. I’ve been quite impressed with him so far. He always seem to produce a steady 7/10 performance. I’d still have him down as #5 centre back with everyone fit but he’s shown himself as a more than capable back up so far.
  2. It struck me as a strange loan at the time , but I still wouldn’t call him back until January. It’ll do him no harm facing a bit of adversity and having to force his way into the team. I remember Mount saying he faced a similar issue at Vitesse and that it helped to make him.
  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to write him off. Not many thought RLC/Barkley would be featuring this season, but they’ve been doing quite well in their limited appearances. He’s only been here about 6 weeks and there’s a long way to go yet in the season with injuries/suspensions/loss of form.
  4. Strange one alright , especially with Werner left on the bench. I wonder was Tuchel trying to emphasise a point that he’s been left with too much dead wood.
  5. That’s a fair point, however I still think the vast majority of the Chelsea squad is better suited to the 5 at the back, and I’ve yet to see anything near enough from Havertz which warrants a complete overhaul to a system which may or may not bring the best out of him.
  6. Not sure about that. Was a 4-2-3-1 / 4-3-3 not the preferred formation under Lampard ? If anything I thought he looked worse playing in that system. Werner and Mount also looked lost on the wings under Frank and have looked infinitely better in this formation under Tuchel, so I don’t think changing the formation is the solution.
  7. He shouldn’t be starting at the moment, I’m not really sure how he managed to stay on the pitch for the full 90 mins last night either. He had an excellent CL final and a handful of other good performances but in the main I’m nearly always underwhelmed watching him play.
  8. He looked tired last night and against City. I think a large part of the bluntness going forward in the last few games is due to the wing backs not really doing their thing. I didn’t think Chillwell was much of an improvement last night but he’s probably due a game at the weekend due to Alonso’s form.
  9. Not getting anything going forward from the wing backs the last few games which is an issue. I’d consider a change there at half time. Defence has been solid enough but kovacic and Jorginho have had a few ropey moments putting them under pressure. Havertz has had a woeful half wouldn’t be surprised to see him subbed.
  10. Entertaining game in the 2nd half. A lot of decent performances with Loftus Cheek probably the best. Good to see Kepa looking assured and playing with confidence as well. I feel as if CHO is quickly running out of chances however. I could see him being sent out on loan in January unless there’s a big turnaround in form.
  11. I’m still not convinced Havertz should be a guaranteed starter. He floats in and out of games a bit too much for my liking. He’s probably deservedly starting at the moment but I don’t think it’s cut and dry that he starts ahead of Werner/Pulisic/Ziyech every game.
  12. This is always a match I look forward to and one I’m desperate for Chelsea not to lose. I think Werner should come in for Havertz, as I remember his pace causing them a lot of problems last season. A win would probably make us favourites for the title, but I’d be relatively happy with a draw here.
  13. Should win this but Arsenal have become a bit of a bogey side in recent times. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a response from Arsenal after Friday night and for Chelsea to drop points here.
  14. Any word on when he’s out of quarantine ? Having watched arsenals centre halves tonight, I think he’d get a lot of joy out of them.
  15. Chalobah by a distance for me. Kante and Alonso both had mostly good games but had some poor moments aswell. Ziyech was excellent but got injured too early to be consider for motm.
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