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  1. Yep, problem with going on another forum?
  2. What’s the point of a forum if everyone is forced to have the same opinion, sounds more like a cult to me
  3. Silly childish name calling as usual from people who can’t refute my points but I’m the troll? Still not as funny as the people claiming Cesc wasn’t athletic enough and didn’t “control” games only to heap praise on a player leagues below him
  4. I’ve dismissed literally every notable counter argument and ignored the rest, no one has legitimately addressed his horrific lack of athleticism and how easily/often he gets outsmuscled making him woefully out of his depth as a PL base midfielder, as well as his lack of creativity on the ball not making up for it (stolen assists videos are embarrassing when he has 2 in 40+ games)
  5. Cesc was a world class passer of the ball, his deficiencies were worth covering because he had a true creative output with his ability to progress the ball and his expansive range, not the same for players who can’t contribute at that level
  6. Disagreeing is one thing but labelling someone a troll because you’re too f**king stupid to come up with a genuine counter argument is pathetic tbh, having a weird emotional attachment to an average player only makes you right in your own little bubble. Says a lot that barely any rival fans rate him at all (because he does nothing of note to be rated so highly)
  7. Fernandinho was one of the best DMs in the world last season who had to make fouls due to playing in an extremely aggressive system which relied on “tactical” fouling, Jorginho also plays in an aggressive system but has to foul or else he won’t get near quicker/stronger players on the counter, which makes it weird when people say he’s improved because this system makes him look even worse than last season
  8. *Most of his bookings were due to his lack of athleticism to stop counterattacks, 4 bookings in 8 games isn’t normal
  9. The same fans that were slaughtering him under Sarri are praising him under Lampard despite playing the same position with the same dogsh*t performances and virtually no improvement or difference Let’s not forget his (lack of) presence in midfield has directly led to goals like the Norwich game but people chose to scapegoat the CBs constantly left exposed by him, he’s still highly unathletic/weak and very unsuited to the Prem but please continue to ignore his weaknesses
  10. He's being a troll so ignore him I guess every pundit in England is a troll too for not rating a poor midfielder with minimal effect on the games (when you actually watch them properly so not half this forum)
  11. Honestly can’t see why he’s getting so much praise when he seems just as poor as last season with his defensive shortcomings, 4 bookings already because players bypass him so easily and he can’t screen a defence to save his life
  12. At fault for yet another goal? Hmmm
  13. Don’t understand why people think he’s massively improved, he’s seems just as bad with a horrific lack of athleticism for the PL and unable to protect the back line
  14. Hudson Odoi the big difference maker 2 games in a row including a UCL match, have you still “not seen evidence” that he’ll be a top player? Clown
  15. 100%, think some people were intentionally undermining how good his performances thinking that he might possibly leave the club, if he does fulfil his potential here those same fans will look a bit foolish

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