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  1. 100%, think some people were intentionally undermining how good his performances thinking that he might possibly leave the club, if he does fulfil his potential here those same fans will look a bit foolish
  2. The stats I posted were just a summary of what he’s done so far which has been very good, I never once implied he would score every game in the PL. Maybe people in this forum are a bit upset (wrongly) for him handing in a tranfer request, but the reality is he’s a Chelsea fan who could have left for a better Bayern side to be a long term starter, where the #10 shirt was promised, but he’s decided to commit. If you believe he’s going to hand in a transfer request after becoming established, then maybe you should look at last season’s stats before January to see why he made the decision, and it worked because his game time increased. Ultimately he’s a top prospect whether you personally or others see it or not, and I could imagine lots of Chelsea fans changing their attitude towards him in 6-12 months like they did shamelessly with RLC
  3. Except that he’s signed it as soon as he’s set to return from injury? Perfect PR timing tbh
  4. Luckily those demanding won’t be anywhere near as talented as one of our best players
  5. You really think that’s more important than PR purposes?
  6. Not bad data, accurate data based on CHO’s (brilliant) performances
  7. It’s done he’s signed, hopefully the people in this forum stop talking nonsense about his attitude/commitment to the club
  8. Jorginho is not a great player, playing passes within a 5 yard range does not make you “vital” to any team especially considering his defensive horror shows, and he does not have the long passing range or dribbling ability to dictate any game in the PL. Again I’m willing to bet he’s not a starting player by the end of the season
  9. One of Ruben’s best attributes is driving with the ball, using his combined dribbling technique and physical presence. If he starts higher up the pitch he’s less able to do that and could have less impact, he’s brilliant at progressing the ball from deeper areas and maybe the best midfield dribbler in our squad
  10. Jorginho is nowhere near a guarantee like Kante, there’s nothing which suggests that other than him playing when our other options are injured. As for Ruben, it was Lampard himself who suggested he could play in a deeper role, again putting Jorginho’s role in the team under question
  11. No, he didn’t start on the left mainly because we had one of the best left wingers in the world last year, you surely couldn’t expect him to start there every game? It’s also not bad data as you can only judge him when he’s played, and if you don’t think he’s an upgrade on Pulisic and Pedro then I highly suggest rewatching Chelsea games
  12. When everyone’s fit I think our starting XI could look like this: Kepa James Rudiger Zouma Emerson Kante RLC Willian Mount CHO Tammy Not exactly my preferred lineup, but still think it’s a good team, with Pulisic, Kovacic, Pedro, Christensen and Giroud/Batshuayi being the main backups
  13. For comparison, he has 5G 5A from 24 apps on the RW
  14. And also considering that he prefers the left wing but couldn’t play there as much last season due to Hazard, as his LW stats are even more impressive: 8 apps (4 starts) - 3G 3A I know it’s a small sample size but he averages a goal or assist every 67 minutes from the left, truly brilliant
  15. We play 4231 and Ruben/Jorgi/Kova would play in one of the 2 deeper roles, with Kante being a guaranteed starter in the other role If we switch to 433 it’s possible that RLC and Mount/Kova play together with Kante deeper, again leaving Jorginho on the bench

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