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  1. PSG and Liverpool aside, not sure why any team should be rated much higher than us. But we're still be a team pretty level with Spurs in the game.
  2. Superb victory. Reality is we could have won 5-0 if not for some woeful finishing and front play. But hard to criticize a 3-0 away win in London derby. Effectively shut down Kane and Son, and similar to Villa game, once we rebalanced midfield, there was only one outcome. After the first goal we were like a snake squeezing its prey. Just dismantled Spurs.
  3. Chilwell will get his chances - the season is 60 games long. Alonso is in a right purple patch. Technically he has always been superb - always excited when he shoots or volleys something.
  4. Imagine he going when 26-28? His influence his huge, when playing, and pretty sure when not and generally just in training. What a game.
  5. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. That's some romantic proverb, but not out of place with Frank and TT. Top man, and an absolute football genius.
  6. Has to improve, but wasn't the only one struggling up top today. His pace looks very good, but needs more conviction in passing and finishing. Sometimes makes the hard stuff seem easy, but the easy stuff appear very complicated. @Zeta - agree, I'm not sure what his best role is either.
  7. Not sure what to make of Timo. He has to do better on his chances - two great ones today. One stuck under his feet, the other barely a toe poke. That said, there is no better player at getting in these positions. His off the ball movement is world class; just need more on the ball. Superb assist. I'd like to see him given a run in the team over Mount.
  8. World class player. Still needs to improve the final pass, but he is one of those players I never worry when he is on the ball, and out of possession one of the first I look for to form the press. He was player of the season a couple of years back for a reason, and we are seeing similar form this year.
  9. Is TT trying a new 45 mins per game thing for Kante? It just might work. What a player; can perform so many roles. In the modern era I always look to Frank, Essien, Ballack and Maka, but I'm not sure there are any better than our N'Golo.
  10. He just gets better and better. Silva must have leant him his book as Andreas reads the game much better. Winning so many heads also, which is not easy against Kane. Beyond that, he is much more confident on the ball, stepping out and turning attackers. Hope he resigns and is a mainstay for me in a back 3.
  11. Ok, clearly spent too much time with the England team. Get some rest and play his game again. Trying to hard and everything is just off. He needs to be a lot more clinical for my liking, but long season ahead and I have every confidence he will be in our top performers come May.
  12. If this guy wasn't made of glass he could really hold down that LW. Tried to hard last time he played, but if he just plays his natural game he could have a field day playing off Rom.
  13. Very sad news. What a goal scorer he was. Candidly was before my time. Learned of him through stories from my dad, and the countless times I watched the Chelsea VHS from the days of Willy Faulkes, Doherty's diamonds thru Kerry Dixon. Greavsie highlights are still memorable. From there, I always enjoyed Saints and Greavsie on a Saturday. Thank you Jimmy. RIP
  14. @ducavis made a great point that the system has made the player seem more important than he might actually be. I don't disagree, and only have to look how Christensen has benefitted, how well Dave covers RCB, and how seamless it was for Chalobah to slot in. That said, Rudiger is immense right now. A slightly quieter came for him overshadowed by Silva and Christensen. Well, he was having none of that with a well taken goal. I hope we resign him.
  15. Well done Kepa. He probably won't want all the praise, but was exactly what we needed today - Brave when coming out against Son - Commanding when winning the aerial ball (followed by the minor injury/stretch) - Assured when handling the one long range shot from Kane - ball died in his clutchess
  16. How good where we. Immense. Different level. Shut down their threat and really should have scored 5.
  17. I just don’t know how we don’t score more goals
  18. Why can’t Chelsea players ever get the ball out their feet and just shoot. Lukaku won’t pass it again. Goodness me
  19. Was going in the other side anyway!!! Haha I hate Spurs. I f’ing love Chelsea
  20. Come on Chelsea. I want to see the most professional and focused 40+ mins ever now
  21. Kante on! He can get up and down the pitch more
  22. 2-3 min stoppage, plus others. They add two mins and ref blows early when we’re in their end.
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