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  1. Crikey - that clip didn't do him any favors. Comes across as a very clumsy player to me, at times making Bakayoko look composed. Has goals in him and a good squad player, but he is not a top four striker. Just seems to make himself too busy flapping around - could do with spending some time with Silva on body positioning!
  2. It has all been said above, but he simply does not look out of place. Quite the contrary actually - looks like one of our best players and one that you start to be slightly concerned when he isn't playing.
  3. Is it 2 or 3 times? Can't be both. Would encourage you to closely watch his positional play and movement - that is timing that few in our squad have, and at the top level, can often be the difference. We benefit from this and he deserves time to show that. To be fair, the start of the season (fitness), new country and league, plus covid, only make the situation all the more promising to me. I do agree with you that it is hard to drop Kovacic, and personally I rate Mount very high. But they can rotate - I would sit Mount for a game and give Kai a chance. One thing we do lack is g
  4. In the grand scheme of things, it is not a bad point. But disappointing as we had the chances to win the game. Do not miss the negative football at all, but the table doesn't lie and credit to Jose for getting the result they set out to achieve. Ultimately would like us to influence the game more in big games. We're growing into that still and will take time, but we're half a level off top caliber sides (I'm not suggesting Spurs are that; thinking Bayern, Liverpool, PSG etc). Today we were a little slow with the ball, but hard to find any space against an 8 to 10 man defense. Bei
  5. He struggles though against tight defenses. When it’s a game of margins he is half a step off (and normally on the floor).
  6. Sub Tammy off. He’s flapping around today and completely ineffective. Top games highlight when he is out of his depth.
  7. It’s early days. Top four or what other teams are doing doesn’t really matter. We need only focus on our own results, and the rest will take care of itself.
  8. Get at them. Get right at them from the kickoff. Let the class show through and win this one. Their defense isn't all that, and in midfield they'll make some cynical fouls as always. Kane and Son are very strong and bang in form, but we have enough in the engine room to win this one. Come on Chelsea - London is BLUE!!!!!
  9. Haha, Klopp certainly turns sour when it isn't going all their way. I thought he was all smiles!
  10. Great presence. I get the feeling he doesn’t put up with any s@%*.
  11. Zouma could be a mainstay for years if he keeps this level up. He looks better than Upamecano, who while younger, people rave about. I wonder how the young lad from Barcelona will turn out also. Interesting prospect to replace AC.
  12. Completely agree. Greta to have Kova to add depth for either Havertz or Mount. It’s now how do we get the best out of Jorginho and Gilmour in this system as we’ll need all 6. Hopefully first 3 can stay fit and play majority of PL games. wrong thread but I’d still look to move Jorginho on and buy someone more mobile and physical to back up Kante.
  13. They can’t get out their own way. Be good if they also show how much the club does to combat racism.
  14. Isn’t he still 25 or 26. This could be a defining season for him taking his game up a level. Tremendous contributions so far. Keep it up.
  15. He’s a presence back there. Very good player for us.
  16. Works well. Reality is this is a good problem. When Pulisic returns we’ll have options, and be able to rest others, which we’ll need. I’m still not convinced Tammy makes our best 11 though. keep scoring Tammy - we need some against Spuds.
  17. Another solid performance. He needs a rest, and maybe midweek we should look to do so. Just a consistent and important part to this Chelsea side.
  18. Definitely agree he needs to be more clinical. His determination and personality are assets to this team though - others would have gone into hiding.
  19. Definite step up this season - mainstay in the team now. Much improved defensive positioning and awareness. Strength and forward quality has never been in doubt.
  20. He is just so damn effective in this role. Interested to see how he handles Spurs. Reminds me of Conte's title winning season now. @Scott Harris beyond Jorginho getting back in the team, it actually leads me to think the physicality and ability to break up play in this role is all the more important and attributes that Jorginho lacks. He'll still have a role to play, but we need to find Kante 2.0, or Makalele 3.0 and move past Jorginho after this season.
  21. Many positives from what was set up to be a very tricky game. - No Havertz, Pulisic, or Silva - Lack of preparation time, fagitue and players returning from Intl duty - Lost 5 of last 7 away to Newcastle What we saw was a professional, focused and disciplined performance. The early goal certainly made a difference. Wasteful with chances and always feel old Chelsea would be punished for this. Full credit to Frank and team on preparation and execution. 4-3-3 is a much improved balance, especially with Mount deeper. Kante, Mount, Zouma and James - all excellent and leaders today.
  22. You mean his name is Kante, not Kanye. All this time! Damn ipad autocorrect - you should see the ones I catch!
  23. Kanye, Mount and Zouma been standouts for me. To keep a clean sheet with Silva is good for confidence.
  24. Damn what a shot. The standard opposition wonder goal didn’t go in for once. We’ve got this!
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