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  1. Even our performance where we got battered 4-0 by united at the beginning of the season wasnt as bad as this
  2. for calling him a c**t for making a c**t move and giving away a penalty? Hes been utter sh*te all game, cant even string a simple pass together
  3. Alonso is a braindead murdering c**t. Get him out my club man he is so sh*t. We've been dominating this dire game and hes just been piss poor
  4. Needs to work on his finishing
  5. Jorginho and Kovacic in midfield should dominate theirs. We're playing quite a few youth players, but Utd look like they're going for the win. If we can come through this game with a win that would be huge
  6. Rest some of our players who have played a lot already this season and play some of the under-used players. Still think we should have a Jorg-Kova midfield, but might have to rest Jorg for someone else like Gilmour maybe? CHO should start and so should Reece James. Not sure who else is fit to play atm, will need to wait until the evening to find out more
  7. Didn't really think about it until now, but its pretty amazing how we have almost 2 full teams that are both looking great on paper! I dont think many teams can actually do that in the league. Even Liverpool would struggle to put out a alternative XI as good as ours. Only obvious team is City, but they don't even count really.
  8. we don't even need to replace him, we are so stacked in midfield where we can sell him and we'll still have too many players to fill the positions, especially when RLC comes back
  9. Looking back at the comments from earlier this year before Tammy and just wow.. 75m for Wilson 🤣 Game really has gone mad, English player tax needs to be abolished because its turning ridiculous at this point. You think any club outside of England would even think about spending that much money on a player like Wilson? Not a chance.
  10. Just our luck seeing utd claw back some form and get their players back from injury just in time for us.. I still expect us to win, but it certainly won't be easy. Our defence needs to be on point and can't afford any silly mistakes
  11. Needs to work on his wrist, because his hands seem very flappy. Seen far too many goals go in that he actually makes contact on, but cant actually keep the ball out from the net. That and needing to be a bit more commanding and he'll be top class
  12. The issue is, where would he play?

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