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  1. I doubt he's the kind of guy that would be satisfy by sitting around collecting a paycheck.
  2. With Frank as the manager? Could happen. There's no secrets that Frank does admire Pulisic's talents.
  3. Remember Manchester City 10 years ago?
  4. Can't argue with that. Being healthy and available is part of the job requirements.
  5. Kai had been given numerous chances and opportunities to show his worth and grow with this team, under both managers. The "other guy" wasn't, if what I heard here was accurate.
  6. Exactly. CHO is the lowest rated Chelsea player today. As an attacker/winger, he never threatened the opposition. Hard to see him get much minutes in the attacking front when all attackers/wingers are healthy and available.
  7. Now this is interesting. Why would you drop record money to buy a player that does not fit into your system?
  8. Wasn't around at that time...Pulisic wasn't there yet 🤣
  9. Simply put, EPL and CL managers aren't exactly idiots. They will figure TT out, sooner or later. TT might have surprised them 6 months ago, but not any more. He needs to be flexible, adapt, and evolve. Otherwise, results like these will be more common than you would think. Chelsea has a lot of offensive talents, use that to your advantage.
  10. I am also a USA and Pulisic supporter, but I have to disagree here. If Christian was fit and ready, I am sure TT would be delighted to have him as an option off the bench. Especially against City a few days ago when you're chasing the game.
  11. It would definitely be interesting to see Christian and Rom get a few games together. With Rom occupying the center and drawing in the CBs, it gives players like Christian a bit more room to work on the outside.
  12. They were pretty decent together at Dortmund.
  13. Pep outclassed TT today. Could have been 0-3 if not for Mendy and Silva. Onto the next.
  14. Alonso...WTF Pull him already, save this man from further embarrassing himself today.
  15. Yeah 1 shot, 0 on target...TT has been terrible today.
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