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  1. Yes, I do expect the same. His goals tally will increase. What I like to see more from him are shots outside the 6 yard box, like against Burnley.
  2. Pulisic is a player that excel when he touches the ball more, a lot more. Put the ball in his feet, let him run against the defense, get yourself in an open space and he'll find you. You need to keep feeding him and he'll come alive. If you don't, he goes cold.
  3. It was Azi and he shot wide. We were screaming for Pulisic to shoot. Shooting and scoring goal is not his primary focus, he's a creator first. He likes to set up his mates. Anyone who have followed Pulisic since his days at BvB wishes he would have taken more shots. I think it's great to be unselfish and play for the team, but sometimes you just got to shoot - it might be the better the decision.
  4. If Tammy not available, I want these front 3. Mount - Pulisic - CHO
  5. What's the chance of seeing Pulisic playing forward tomorrow? Any updates on Tammy's injury?
  6. He's a certainly a very talented young kid, but frankly; I haven't seen enough from CHO to say he deserve minutes ahead of either Pulisic and Willian. And I am not a big fan of Willian either. I hope this kid puts his head down and works hard and get back on form; just like Pulisic did when he was benched for a month and did not see any minutes.
  7. i actually like having both Mount and Pulisic in the game at the same time. though they do have the tendency to occupy and run into the same space. i would prefer to see Mount stay a bit more centrally underneath and shredding passes to the attacking front 3.
  8. Obviously it isn't. Everyone wants Chelsea to win and the team to play well. Pulisic isn't Hazard, nor DeBRuyne, nor Salah, etc. But he's been doing quite well for Chelsea, relative to everyone else on the team. Give the kid some credits. Hopefully, he can do more for Chelsea in the future than what we've already seen so far.
  9. how many? i see exactly one clear chance that he should put away.
  10. Did really well in the first half, probably most dangerous Chelsea player. Slowed down quite a bit in the 2nd half. You can tell he's tired after 8th straight starts. He's still adjusting to the speed and physicality of the EPL. A rest will do him and Chelsea well.
  11. You know there are 11 players on the field right?
  12. You're a very demanding lad. He scored 6 goals in 7 games. Has a combined 12 goals/assists as a winger/midfidler, only 2nd to Tammy. And you're still not satisfied?
  13. Were you watching the full 45 min? He has been clearly the best player out there.
  14. Agreed. That was a very difficult ball (great reaction from him to put a foot on it), he probably anticipated Giroudl putting a header on it first.
  15. Really like James. His crosses had been great. A bit disappointed with MOunt's dead ball delivery. CP has been threatening. Always find himself where the final ball is. Keep working it and he'll score soon.
  16. No doubts. Frank has to shore up this defense. I thought it was getting better, but this game exposed it again.
  17. Honestly, Willian isn't that good. He has great lungs, and a very good work rate when he puts in the efforts. He adds nothing of value to the attack besides the occasional goal/assist. For a top 4 team with aspiration for the title, he does not belong.
  18. That second/fluke goal was on him. He made a terrible judgement/decision, he jump, put his hands up, then took them down thinking it was going to sail over or out of bounds. A better keeper would follow the ball and put a hand up to push it out/over the net. He was lazy. He did not follow all the way through on that cross. And it was a cross.
  19. I hear this YANK named Zack Steffen is doing pretty well in the Bundi (on loan from Citeh). https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/who-is-the-best-goalkeeper-in-germany-manuel-neuer-zack-steffen-sommer-nubel-8208
  20. I feel Willian was the worse player today. His dead ball delivery was garbage His shots were terrible His passes missed the targets too often, especially the final balls He holds onto the ball too long instead of releasing to another attacker in motion; which killed several good attacking chances With Pedro most likely gone, and Willian very inconsistent; Lamp might want to look for another winger also. CHO still need a few years to further develop his raw skills.
  21. Work hard today to get the goal. Nice dribble to set up Kova for almost his 2nd goal. Did manage to get a few dangerous balls into the box for Bats, but sadly Bats couldn't do anything with them Wasn't his best game today but were still dangerous and threatening. Feels like his legs were very tired. Maybe he should have a rest this weekend.
  22. It seems like the last 10 minutes of every Chelsea game is a struggle to survive.

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