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  1. I have to agreed. Even if Pulisic comes back healthy and stay healthy, he has to earn his ways back into the 11. Team is winning games, and players are playing well. Pulisic will have to wait for his chances.
  2. Top of the table with +12 GD, now this is starting to look like a title winning team. What's more impressive than the clean sheet today are these stats. Newcastle: 28% possession 1 shot on target Frank and team had been doing pretty damn well so far.
  3. Not surprised. We never expected him to play in these meaningless games.
  4. Frank is very smart rotating Jorgie and Kovacic in the midfield. I won't be surprise to see Giroud get a run of games soon. It's a very very long and busy season, players will need some rest.
  5. Another convincing win.....Job well done for Sir Frank. It's getting interesting.
  6. Yes, it's very unfortunate. The longer he sits on the sideline, the more difficult it's going to be trying to get back into the lineup.
  7. I hope so too. He should be available for a sub appearance this Saturday.
  8. We US supporters don't even want him to show up to the National team for these meaningless friendlies. We rather he stay with Chelsea and recover properly.
  9. No doubt Silva must be rested, he can't go 3 games in 8 days.
  10. I did not see much of Robben in his early years, but he seems to have quite a decent career with Bayern.
  11. Every competitive athlete wants to be out there and play, no one is happy when being told he can't play.
  12. It doesn't look like he's blaming anyone for his injuries, but himself.
  13. Completely agree, I don't think it has anything to do with luck. Something is definitely wrong with his physio. But I disagree that working with specialists won't change things. If he knows exactly what bothers him, he can work to target those areas specifically. Will he ever run crazy all day long like Mount and Willian, probably not, but with targeted and careful attention to his healthy and body; he might be able to cut down the number of injuries or days he spent injured.
  14. We hope this is the case. His injuries began when he started to play full time for our National team at a very young age of 17 during last WC qualifying cycle. All the minutes he had accumulated between club and and internal games did a toll on his young body. If he can be managed well for another year or two, perhaps things can change.
  15. He picked up a few knocks during his last two seasons with BvB, but never out for an extended period of time like he is now with Chelsea. If he can't stay healthy for long duration, EPL might not be the league for him sadly; even though it is his dream to play in the EPL. His longest injuries with Chelsea, he was out for 75 and 63 days. Before that, his longest injury length with BvB was 20 days. https://www.transfermarkt.us/christian-pulisic/verletzungen/spieler/315779
  16. Probably fair to say no one is more frustrated with his injury status than the man himself. Those pissing on his health, go ahead and feel proud of yourself. sh*t on him when he's on the pitch and doing poorly, it's not like the dude is out there trying to pull a hamstring on purpose.
  17. Fantastic midfielder, keep him there.
  18. When you do your job well, everything just seem to look easy. Now, let's put Kepa back in there and see if things are as easy as they look.
  19. Liverpool can't stop leaking goals Man City can't score enough goals This will be an interesting season. Frank got a real chance at trophy here if these clean sheets keep coming.
  20. I seriously believe Pulisic needs to get a personal trainer. Dude just can't stay healthy.
  21. clean sheet convincing win never felt threatened back to top 4 great day
  22. Timo is a finisher..... Just put the ball in front of him, and let him run and finish!
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