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  1. The sports system in America forces the coaches, managers, directors, etc. to earned their salaries. They can't get away with poor performances. Their incompetents will be exposed. An average/mediocre coach in Europe is still able to win trophies easily if they manage a PSG, Bayern, or Madrid. An average sporting director/manager can still buy incredible players if they have $500M checkbook every year to spend. Who needs to do any scouting or recruiting? Juve won the league titles the past 9 or 10 years, PSG and Bayern are similar? Can you honestly say the competition in those leagues are good? Hardly, you already know the league winner before a ball is kick.
  2. Sell him to Juve for 80M
  3. Kepa reminds me of Karius. Liverpool did everything well and had the trophy in hand, but was let down big time by silly mistakes from their keeper. The right keeper can help bring you trophies, the wrong one can help take it away.
  4. The only change I would make here is Mount for Kova. You know Lampard loves Mount in his 11, and for good reasons.
  5. Good observations. He's still 21, we could see a much improved and better Pulisic when he's 23/24. Can you even imagine that? A better version of today's Pulisic? Scrary!
  6. What's even crazier is you could have this as your attack next season. ------------------------------Werner------------------------------- Pulisic -----------------------Havertz-----------------------Ziyech
  7. That's why we're all sitting behind our keyboards and type away our opinions, instead of being out there scouting and signing professional footballers. 😂
  8. "We got the guy" lol. That should be the new slogan for the US National team.
  9. It could happen. Cut the price in half, and send a Chelsea player over to Germany.
  10. Actually, I got some good laughs out of this. I like this guy, he's funny.
  11. Be careful. The American billionaires are coming for the EPL Stan Kroenke - Arsenal Wesley Eden - Aston Villa Joshua Harris & David Blitzer - Crystal Palace John Henry (FSG) - Liverpool Glazer Family - ManU Albert Smith - West Ham And you got half a dozen or so US owners in the Championship as well. The list of American billionaires owners will only continue to grow as soccer/football popularity is growing at massive rate in the US; and especially with guy like Pulisic being a star in the EPL; this growth will explode.
  12. Now that you've said it, I am afraid Madrid will come in 3 years....not 5.
  13. Mount brings athleticism. I am sure there's room in the midfield for someone like Jorgie who brings calmness and accuracy to the middle of the pitch. Slow things down a bit when it is needed. Didn't Mount, Jorgie, and Kovacic had a great run of games in midfield before the break?
  14. That's quite a bit of injuries in a single season. Very similar to Pulisic's injuries situation during his last season for Dortmund. He was unavailable for about 1/3 of the season due to injuries.
  15. Agreed. There's no doubts about his raw talents, however what is his ultimate goals/desires? Is he inspired to win Balon d'or? Is he inspired to win EPL/CL trophies? With Pulisic's emergence, and the arrivals of Werner and Ziyech; playing times will be very hard to come by. And if the club decides to give Willian a 2/3 year contract, and he keeps performing the ways he had been this season; then CHO got lots of work to do to get in the starting line up.
  16. The boss seems happy with his performance today. That's all that matters. https://twitter.com/usmntonly/status/1280587952511426567 https://twitter.com/usmntonly/status/1280587952511426567?s=20 https://twitter.com/usmntonly/status/1280587952511426567
  17. Really don't understand the denials in here, Jorgie is a fine midfielder. Very interested to hear from Frank what he believes is lacking from Jorgie.
  18. Is Kepa a top 3 keeper? top 5? top 10? Probably somewhere in the bottom 10. Chelsea need better keeper next season.
  19. Did Zouma got MOTM today? He deserves it. Curious why's he been on the bench for so long.
  20. Jorgie did very well when he was called upon today. Kudos to him.
  21. As an American, I wouldn't listen to those guys at ESPN.
  22. For whatever reasons, he just can't seem to get any assists. His assist numbers should easily be doubled, had his mates able to convert the chances Pulisic created. This has been going on since his days with Dortmund.
  23. Pulisic could easily got an assist if Willian finished one of the sveral chances Pulisic created for him.

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