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    haviet1 got a reaction from Amputechture in Mason Mount   
    Got to love Mount's energy.
    He might struggle to create assists and goals sometimes, but his passion, work rate, and energy is undeniable. Always love to have a guy like this on a team.
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    haviet1 reacted to Shweaves in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Players often train with the youth squad before returning to training with the team. It eases them back into football, helps to prevent further injury. 
    I remember JT had a lengthy spell with the youth and development squads (also playing games for them) when returning from injury. Nothing to worry about.
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    haviet1 reacted to Slojo in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    That's absolute rubbish, the market right now has doubled in value than what it was 5 years ago, Ziyech is worth almost double the price we paid for him, that's probably why he wasn't snatched up in the summer. If you fully expect us to make a lot of signings like this you're going to be sorely disappointed. 
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    haviet1 got a reaction from Amputechture in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Very excited to see Ziyech coming, but until he produces; let's hold off on any comparison. He could be the best bargain ever, or a huge flop.
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    haviet1 reacted to Slojo in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    I think he has a point here though, I've always felt the Premier League has been massively overrated for years. 
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    haviet1 reacted to Droopy in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    Some of you guys really live in a parallel universe. Adaptation to Premier league, pace issues, physicality issues, language barrier... I am starting to think some of you had spent last few years in a cave. Premier League is not unique, it's not more difficult or something special in terms of the above nonsense the media like Sky or BBC are trying to sell us. Players like Aguero, Costa, Mata, Silva, KDB, Salah, Suarez, Yaya Toure, etc etc - they come and they immediately start the domination. If you can put some names here really turned out to be failures - that's not "Premier league" thing, that's the particular player's fault. There is only one British type of  player to have some influence on the League since Rooney - Kane. And he's won jack, so its still questionable his so-called influence. So please stop it...
    Players from Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal - they have absolutely, positively  no problems to come and dominate. Premier League hasn't been Premier League for more than 10 years. It's 2020 and it's unbelievable most of you guys are still buying this sh*t.  It sounds cute, but it's a bona fide pile of poop.
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    haviet1 reacted to Munkworth in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    It could have something to with the mid season break? Either the first team weren’t there or their mini pre-season was too intensive for his rehabilitation.
    Why does everything have to be a f**king conspiracy when it comes to this guy?
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    haviet1 reacted to Slojo in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    A bit harsh, statistically he's been one of our best players this season, and if we're going to compare players with Ziyech for transfer fees we may aswell start calling half the current bought players in the world flops, Ziyech was an absolute bargain and one you'll rarely see these days. 
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    haviet1 reacted to Amputechture in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Currently training with the u23s.
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    haviet1 reacted to ducavis in We've got a new Kepa   
    Still think we would have been a more solid outfit with a DM sitting infront of the back four. 
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    haviet1 reacted to Luca Vialli in We've got a new Kepa   
    Aren't we a bit quick to throw him out with the bath water?
    In his debut season he kept sixteen clean sheets, Only Ederson and Alisson had more. It feels like Frank hasn't played the same back four in two consequtive games which doesn't help.
    I can't find any decent info about save percentage in 2018/19 does anyone have it?
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    haviet1 reacted to abramovich in Super Frank Lampard   
    I've noticed Frank often complains about our inability to kill off games and being not clinical enough with goalscoring chances. While there's a lot of truth to it, I think our problems at the back have just as much influence on our performances and results this season.
    Take last match vs Leicester. Even if we scored a couple of goals early on, how confident are you that we'd have been able to control the game and not concede, given how few clean sheets we've managed so far? Once they settled into the game, Leicester looked much more organized and dangerous and we were extremely lucky to earn a point there.
    I was never a big fan of Mourinho's tactics but one thing he did right in my opinion is he always builds his team from the back, defence first. As long as you keep it safe at the back there's always a chance you can get a result. I think it's obvious that Frank wants to play a more open and attacking football, but currently he doesn't have enough indiidual quality upfront to turn these ideas into goals while his inability to organize the team defensively makes us very vulnerable especially when our own attack breaks down. One example is Martinelly's goal vs Arsenal that started with our own corner, the kind of goal that any decent manager would be absolutely livid about, that's schollboy defending, and we have mastered that under Frank. 
    I don't know who in his staff is in charge of the defensive part of training, but something's clearly not working. It's one thing to blame players for individual mistakes, like Kante's slip which was unfortunate, but I'm talking about more than that. Players are supposed to work together as a group, each should know their task and yet more often than not we're all over the place when defending, especially against counter attacks.
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    haviet1 reacted to Gol15 in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    More people saying he might be ready for Man United, lets gooo
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    haviet1 reacted to Munkworth in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Just seen that Lampard said after the Hull game he’ll be back training midweek. Might be available for Leicester if true!
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    haviet1 reacted to Skinnedy in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    last update was that he's expected back after the winter break
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    haviet1 reacted to Munkworth in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Has there been any updates in his injury? Seems to be the forgotten man at the moment. 
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    haviet1 reacted to Davey Baby in Super Frank Lampard   
    They're vital for him but he's been a hell of a lot more vital for them. That's the bottom line. The manager.
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    haviet1 reacted to axman2526 in Super Frank Lampard   
    Meaning either the players are not good enough or the coaching is not good enough. Or both. Klopp turned an average 3 in to the most feared attack in Europe.
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    haviet1 got a reaction from Davey Baby in Mason Mount   
    Agreed. Mount does have some nice wicked deliveries.
    Part of being a manager, a boss, is making the most difficult decisions that others can't or don't want to.
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    haviet1 reacted to Davey Baby in Mason Mount   
    Mount should be taking all our corners. It's criminal that CHO and Willian are taking corners when Mount is on the pitch. You can tell a lot about a manager by these things. You have to have the mettle to tell your players who's taking corners, whether that risks upsetting them or not. Every time CHO or Willian step up to take a corner when Mount's on the pitch, a little bit of faith in Lampard in me dies.
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    haviet1 reacted to Slojo in Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea   
    How can you not love Michy? I think he's an amazing personality, great to have at the club. 
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    haviet1 got a reaction from STATS in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Glad to see him back on the pitch today.
    Wished he had stayed on for another 10 minutes or so, Chelsea was having really good momentum in the attack when he was subbed.
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    haviet1 reacted to Ernie_blue in Super Frank Lampard   
    World class gets branded around too easy, Jorginho and Kovacic are not world class. KDB is world class, Messi is world class, Van Dijk is world class, world class is the elite players.
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    haviet1 got a reaction from Strider6003 in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Glad to see him back on the pitch today.
    Wished he had stayed on for another 10 minutes or so, Chelsea was having really good momentum in the attack when he was subbed.
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    haviet1 reacted to Wearyourblue in Super Frank Lampard   
    "I don't follow football outside the EPL and would be interested tt know how Sarri is faring at the Old Lady, are they taking to his methods?" It's funny he plays more of a 4-3-1-2 there - Their best line up is Ronaldo paired with Higuain and Dybala playing under them.

    "Who else is there though? What else can Lampard do, first half team is the strongest team we have."
    4-3-3 ; Pulisic - Abraham - Mount/Willian, Kovacic - Jorginho - Kante.

    "I dont think Frank is being stubborn about Willian, atm Willian is our most consistent and best attacking player."
    Willian has 4 goals in 15 premier league starts, 1 of which was taking a penalty (Jorginho is fine there), Pulisic has 5 in 11 starts.

    "Hazard saved Sarri multiple times last season. I struggle to see how you have come to the conclusion that we would be better with Sarri when he doesn't have Hazard to rely on." Hazard had the best season of his career under Sarri last year, give Sarri credit for opening up the field for Eden, which is what need s to be done more for Pulisic and Abraham. He also had Morata leading the line, and Abraham has shown true quality.

    "Last 4 matches we have collected 7 points, scored 5 goals and conceded 4 goals. Won away at Tottenham and Arsenal and lost to Southampton and drew Brighton." That's because Frank is turning us by personal into a team frontal attack is best suited for counter attacking, Mount and Willian don't function in tight games.

    "After the first 2 games of the season, I bet 95% of us would take a 4th spot comes 1/1/2020. Mistakes have been made, lessons have learnt, but progress is there and Lampard has met the expectation ." It's easy to say sure we'll take the 4th spot.... but. We're basically what ManU was under Mourinho last year. 6. Manchester United 20, +9, 35. We aren't 4th because we've done well, we're 4th because the point total required to be 4th this year is really low. We were +22 in GD at this time right now we are shockingly only +7.
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