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  1. And only about 5 who are/were good enough to ever break into the Chelsea first team and have a big future
  2. Unheard of to armchair fans like you who collect benefits and only watch prem games. He's unheard of to the majority of people, I've heard of him and seen him play a couple times in euro qualifiers and wasn't impressed at all. There's a reason why nobody was even talking about him up until recently, its because hes a nobody.
  3. I heard that we are asking for higher prices to get revenge on Conte for how he left us... Grain of salt though
  4. I've heard of him idiot, I just know he just isn't at the level we require. He's a bench fringe player at best
  5. Agree with this. Personally would sell Willian and try bring in another world class winger like Ousmane Dembele perhaps. He has potential to be incredible, but is somewhat injury prone. If we could get this sorted as our attacking/striker options and sort out the defence, then we have a great side
  6. Im sure hes a decent enough player, but for a top club like Chelsea? No thanks. Reeks of similar signings of strikers we've made in the past
  7. Yeah fair enough, but if there were suggestions that he wanted to leave Chelsea, no doubt we would get plenty of teams queuing up to try and sign him
  8. Madrid and PSG were pretty heavily linked with Kante all summer, can't remember the exact fee that was touted but it was pretty high.
  9. Actually, I watched quite a lot of Eden whilst he was at Lille, especially towards the end. He was brilliant, and he even won the Ligue 1 player of the year award as a teenager. Unfortunately, CHO is not near the level Hazard was at that age, not to mention that Hazard got to pretty insane levels in his very early 20's, and at the moment (based on the recent form of CHO) I can't see that happening. I hope im proved completely wrong, as I do think he has big potential, but ever since signing the contract and his injury he hasn't been anywhere near as good as he was at the end of last seaso
  10. Send Giroud the other way on a swap deal + money and we have a good player on our hands.
  11. An unheard of bum from the russian league? No thanks, would much rather go for Moussa Dembele or Timo Werner who are actually proven in the big 5 leagues
  12. Couldn't have put it any better! It was unfortunate the squad he received, but to judge him based on this current squad and bringing in youth is unfair. Like you said, give him another year with a couple windows to see who he brings in and gets rid of, and then judge him based on how he performs with the players he wants. In my eyes, based on what im hearing, hes already looking to make better signings and already disposed of a lot of deadwood in the summer, and I think the trend will carry on this month and the coming summer as well
  13. Do I think hes a good prospect and has good potential? Yes Do I think he was a bit overhyped come the end of last season? Definitely People were talking as if he was the natural heir to Hazard.. Unfortunately that is not the case imo. Hazard is a generational talent, and I dont think CHO would come as good as Eden did. The way hes been playing since his injury hasn't been great either and doesn't warrant him a starting position, he has to improve. Good thing that hes still very young and has plenty of time to improve, even by the end of this season
  14. Been poor since his return from injury. Our best period this season was when Jorginho and Kovacic were in midfield together, and I think we need to go back to that. Kante needs to go back to the bench and earn his spot. Either that or just sell him off to Real Madrid/PSG for 100m and cash in while we can
  15. Have to agree here, I think the main issue was Mount was just rushed into the team and him playing pretty much every game despite bad performances for a while now doesnt help.
  16. Seems inevitable after the Haaland signing. Definitely need him, regardless of the price. The money we will spend on him we've made just from selling Hazard and Morata... In fact we have a bit left over from that. Not to mention the money we have to spend usually, on top of the other sales money.
  17. Looks like a potential swap deal with Giroud might be happening. A good option to have with Tammy I think. Not sure if its him or Werner we should go for though
  18. Decent backup option but shouldnt be in title challenging starting team. Bring in Skrinier and get rid of both Zouma and Christensen
  19. Excellent yesterday despite not being on the scoresheet, just like Drogba was. Menace to the defence all game and caused constant issues
  20. Looks like hes set for Bayern, but if there's any chance we can get him I would go all out for him.
  21. Would definitely take him right now. Winger options of Sancho, Isco, Pulisic and Odoi is a great 4 to have. Especially as Pulisic and Isco can both play down the centre as well
  22. Had a stinker against City (especially Mahrez) and the english tax is too high. Telles is a better shout. Personally think hes the better LB and hes cheaper as well
  23. Its literally Hazard + Morata money. Losing Hazard was a bummer, but the amount we recouped from Morata, makes up the money for Sancho. Winger options of Sancho, Pulisic and CHO, 3 players who are young and have great potential. Maybe throw in 1 more experienced winger (not willian or pedro) and we're sorted on that front for several years to come.
  24. We don't have a single left footed player in the team!!
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