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  1. Just now, loz said:

    There aren't many centre halves who look good under Pep!

    When Christensen was playing regularly for us in 2017/18 he looked like he had a really good career ahead of him playing at a high level and playing consistently. He us definitely gone backward since then and currently looks like a rabbit in the headlights. You could easily see Lampard targeting three defenders this January but we will get stung in terms of price to quality ratio.

    He turned Laporte into one of the best CB's in the world and I think he has a fairly similar style (or at least did at one point) to AC.

    I agree with the 2017/18 season, but I think literally ever since the Barca game where he had a shocker, he's never recovered. I had high hopes for him at one point, but its been 2/3 years since and if he still hasn't improved I dont have the patience anymore. All of our CB's are literally at the same level, so as soon as you swap one out and put in another - the defence is still sh*t!

    We need a complete overhaul of the backline and I think kepa would benefit from that as well. I mean he hasn't done himself any favours, but he is a good keeper in my eyes who gets let down a lot by sh*tty defending

  2. Just now, abramovich said:

    Hazard was freakishly strong for his size and very difficult to knock off the ball.

    As for Pulisic, he's only 21, he can get stronger and better. What I like about him is the right attitude, he doesn't hide from or moan about rough challenges a la Morata, he seems to have a strong personality and is a competitor.

    yeah I have no qualms about Pulisic in that regard. He needs to build a bit more muscle and be sturdier on his feet.

    He's nothing like Morata in the sense that he falls over easy and starting whinging to the ref and begs for fouls.

  3. 1 minute ago, Jangz said:

    i think AC was worse then zouma... even if zouma had a bad clearance AC got bullied by DCL and let the ball drop which was criminal.. but 2v1 they should still have sorted it out.. They are just to panicky and light in defense.. they both are just poor defenders..

    They were both crap in all honesty, and definitely not good enough. Though saying that, I have this strange feeling that if Christensen was playing under a manager like Pep, he would suit that style and be very good. But for now, and for a while now he has been pretty sh*t.

    The Jan ban has been lifted, and as much as I would like us to sign Sancho, Dembele etc etc.. What we need more than anything is to sort out the pathetic defence.

  4. Just now, brownindian said:


    You are saying that - but he too had some crazy give aways in dangerous areas that could have easily translated to goals for Everton. 

    Kovacic was by far our best player, and I agree with Dan.

    Sign: Skrinier, Chilwell and Romagnoli, Atal

    Sell: Zouma, Christensen, Alonso, Emerson and Rudiger as well (Though hes still a maybe)

  5. 1 hour ago, Sindre said:

    I don't understand why he's been benched. He's been better than both Zouma and Christensen all season.

    Debateable, the last few games Zouma was playing better and Tomori looked suspect. At this current stage its still too early for him to be a guaranteed starter. he's on a similar level to Zouma when Zouma's at his best, and thats the problem because Zouma is crap in general.

    We need some world class CB's who will transform the team massively, like how VVD did to Liverpool.

  6. The defence is nothing short of garbage, Centerbacks especially. Zooma, Christensen, Tomori are all just not good enough. Zouma in particular was AWFUL today and Christensen was poor as well.

    Until we sign 1 or 2 world class CB's we are going to be a shambles at the back. James is the only decent defender we have right now, every single other option is poor, including Azpi.

  7. Sign Sancho and Ousmane Dembele, get rid of Pedro and Willian and we have 4 world class attacking players on our hands!

    Just throw in another top striker to compete with Tammy (or even overtake for the moment) and 2-3 signings in defence and we have a solid overall squad for several years to come, especially with the likes of our up and coming youth like Gallagher and Gilmour for example

  8. 43 minutes ago, Amputechture said:

    Would be pointless. He'd only manage to play a few games a season.

    Bit harsh to say that about someone who's only 22, might just be a blip - but at his best he is undoubtedly one of the stars in world football.

  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10496986/chelsea-meet-with-dembele-agent-transfer-ban-ends/

    Met with Demebele's agent, PSG and City also interested.

    Absolutely world class player, overshadowed by Messi but at his ripe old age of 22, he still has plenty of show.

    I have seen quite a few french people who actually rate him higher than Mbappe, or at least they did at one point.


    Doesnt even look to be too expensive of a signing, could be purchased for under 80m

  10. 2 minutes ago, dkw said:

    I'd rather we stayed banned than sign zaha.

    Funnily enough I agree. Reece James had him throwing the toys out the pram, definitely not good enough to be starting for us over Pulisic, CHO and Sancho

  11. On 03/12/2019 at 12:04, the special one said:

    "Best MF" on an individual basis perhaps, but is it a winning MF? I'm no longer convinced.

    What makes you say that? When they're playing at their best, they can dominate almost anyone. That City game at the beginning they were all over them

  12. On 04/12/2019 at 10:19, Imran_CFC said:

    Kante, Jorgingo and Kovacic will most likely play together against tougher oppositions however against majority of the teams I think those 3 will be rotating for 2 of the midfield spots and the final spot will most likely be alternated between RLC and Mount.

    Kante, Jorg and Kova dont have the goal threat needed from midfield against weaker oppositions

    You not seen Kante in the past year? Haha he's a goal machine these days!!

    I do agree with what you're saying though, RLC is needed for the goal threat without a doubt

  13. Center Back:

    Incoming: World Class CB like Romagnoli/Koulibaly/Skrnier and maybe Ake as well

    Outgoing: Zouma, Rudiger, Christensen

    Left Back: 

    Incoming: Chilwell? Not ideal, but can't really think of many other signings at the moment, 70m is very steep though. Emerson is a good backup option to have.

    Outgoing: Alonso.

    Center Midfield:

    Incoming: We don't need anyone coming in.

    Outgoing: Barkley


    Incoming: Sancho, Neres, Ziyech (Not all 3, but if we can get Sancho + 1 of the other 2 that'll be perfect)

    Outgoing: Willian, Pedro


    Incoming: Struggling to think who we can have here to provide competition for Tammy. Id go with someone like a Dembele, but its tough to say who can lead the line atm.

    Outgoing: Giroud, Bats


    These are just the options in our first team squad, we need to dispose of some more deadwood currently out on loan like Bakayoko and Stanny. Think the youth we have currently out could do with another season or 2 at higher levels to get ready for first team action. Gallagher is playing exceptional right now, and i think if he was to get a season in the prem next year and playing regularly, he could become one hell of a player for us the following season

  14. On 21/11/2019 at 15:21, the special one said:


    Not necessarily what I'd like to see;

    Buy: Button (GK/Brighton), Chilwell, Lewis Cook, Jack Grealish, Gerard Moreno (Villarreal), Benjamin Hubner (CB/Hoffenheim)
    Sell: Rudiger, Barkley, Kante, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud, Pedro, Emerson

    Azpi/James - Zouma/Christensen - Hubner/Tomori - Chilwell/Alonso
      Willian/Pulisic - Kovacic/Cook - Jorginho/Cook - Grealish/Pulisic

    The buy list is pretty poor outside of Chilwell.

    But the sell list? What an atrocity it would be if we sold both Kante and CHO???? (Though I do agree on the other ones that need to be sold though)

  15. 14 hours ago, Argo said:

    Barkley's place will be filled by Conor Gallagher.

    Unless there's a bonafide world option and I'm talking prime Iniesta/Xavi/Pirlo level option available and genuinely attainable midfield is the last place we need to invest in anytime soon, it's the one position on the pitch where our options are title winning.

    Midfield of Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic are arguably the best MF in world football when they are all playing at their best.

    And our other options such as RLC, Mount, Barkley with Gallagher and Gilmour coming up, we are sorted in this position for a long long time.

  16. Can't see him getting a look in when Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic are all starting and firing on all cylinders.

    But I do see RLC as an obvious and massive upgrade on Mount though.

    Depending on the gameplan and formation, he could be huge for us, so glad to see him nearly back!

  17. On 29/11/2019 at 11:07, RIP Mourinho said:

    So basically you watch youtube clips and play fifa.

    Seemed to work alright for De Bruyne and Lukaku from the same league.

    Haven't played or bought a Fifa since Fifa 15 and don't watch all that much Youtube, so a big yikes there for you.

    Good logic picking 2 of VERY few players who actually turned out good because of it. And even then, they were loaned out to fairly big clubs in a top league where they got good game time, which I am perfectly fine with.

    So you've basically missed my point completely unless you see Sander Berge breaking into a top team and becoming a regular starter for them in a year, which is laughable

  18. Sheer class this young guy. Would like to see him get a year in the prem next season - Maybe stick with Charlton if they get promoted (which looks incredibly unlikely atm)

    Just dont want him to join a soul sucking team like Burnley in the prem with Dyke in charge who will never give him a chance. I think Palace could be a great shout as it worked out very well for RLC, and I can see a similar path for Gallagher.

    After a solid season or 2 in the prem, he'll be more than ready to join us straight into the first team.

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