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  1. Turning into a pacier Barkley.

    Last few games he has kind of been non existent. Fair enough he pops up with the odd goal here and there, but so does Barkley..

    I suspect once RLC and Kante are back and fully fit, Mount won't really get a look in

  2. 7 hours ago, drjonesy1994 said:

    With all due respect i was there last night and the atmosphere was incredible. Probably one of the best i've experienced at the bridge in a long time. 

    I was there last night too, which stand were you sitting at? I was at the shed end lower, and the atmosphere was probably one of the best I have been to in the 2nd half.

    Granted, things were a little quiet in the first half, but that was probably at the disappointment of conceding 3 sh*tty goals

  3. Easily the best game I have ever been to! Though saying that, the 1st half was easily one of the worst I have ever seen, but the 2nd half more than made up for it.

    Alonso should never play for us again. Personally would have RJ at RB and Emerson at LB. But if Emerson gets injured again, would happily have Azpi at LB as he seems to be much better there, and have RJ at RB.

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