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  1. Hi Blues, obviously many of us are having a tough time getting tickets for PL games, not least because of the prices. I was just wondering, what if we didn't have to pay, but there was a possibility to earn it, say by doing charity work for a set amount of hours. Say Chelsea Football Club wants to (indirectly) support a good cause (charity) and gives away tickets to one of the matches for everyone that completes 100 hours of work for the said cause/charity. Once you reach 100 hours of work for this charity the ticket is yours. I am asking this, beacuse I recently stumbled over a startup that is trying to connect the dots and coming up with a platform to do a similar thing. Would any of you Blues be prepared to "earn" your tickets to our matches rather than having to pay for it, like described above? Let me know your thoughts! Really intrigued to hear! Best Philip

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