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  1. So what's with this Tomori situation? Honestly, I can't believe that anyone could think that Rudiger or Christensen are more useful now than Tomori.
  2. Such a weird season for all the teams it seems.If we could just somehow string 3-4 wins together I feel that the mood in and around the team and Frank would change drastically ,as would our position in the league.
  3. Im more angry that he persists with this formation than anything else. Last season he switched formation way too much and this season he's not doing it at all even though some games cry for it. Everton and Wolves away for example when we practically had no wingers where the games that he just had to switch things up a bit and he didnt. Ever since then and after those losses problems started to pile up and we completely lost confidence.
  4. Yeah, why not. I,ve been reading the match thread before the goal and a lot of people were saying that the midfield doesnt work well and that's been the case for two months now. Only constant in thst midfield is Mount and a 4-3-3 formation. Frank tried everything else, all the other combinations, every other mf we have in that trio position with Mount and we dont seem to be able to get on top of teams.
  5. Yep ,just throw your 150 mil on the bench .Frank's only chance to stay is to make those guys succeed here.Roman won't give him another 200mil to spend if Frank doesn't prove that he actually knows where to direct the money.It's not only those 2 that aren't playing well.Pulisic has also been bad ,along with Tammy and all of our midfield and there I say,not even Ziyech has been good other than in those few games around October/start of November.Werner has at least been good for 2 months lol
  6. my head would be dropping as well if I were a 50 million German national team starter waiting to come in when my team is chasing a result only for the manager to bring in young Tammy ahead of me with 35 year old French guy even starting the game ahead of me lol
  7. Oh no. I was just waiting for this when thry hit bad form. Since they are not playing good they are not Lampard buys, but that is simply not true. Both Havertz and Werner said that they came here after talks with Lampard and because he's the manager. Now Frank must've told them a very good story to persuade them then, but I dont think those two could be very happy at all with the way they were managed these last few months. Frank needs to drop Mount for a few games and at least try a 4-2-3-1 approach and he needs to stop with this whole Giroud/Abraham favourism in that central role
  8. Yeah, they both had some horrible misses,but for me Werner situation is more similar to that of Morata. They both started good and then suddenly became very bad around the same time of the season. We'll see if he manages to turn it around. It doesnt look good for him. I think he's frustrated that he's practically playing second fiddle to Abraham and Giroud all season. First he was moved to the left when there injuries, then he was moved to the left to accomodate Abraham or Giroud now he even comes in after Abraham when we're chasing a goal. Strange stuff from Frank I must say. I think, i
  9. You cant really compare Werner to Torres. Torres came and was pretty much awful since the start and until the end with some good games. He obviously had issues even in Liverpool and before joining us. Werner is a strange one for me. He actually looked pretty good here at first even when he wasnt scoring imo and ofc he scored goals as well, 8 I think before the slump. I think he was comfortably our best player until something like november and then something happened. Both him and Havertz are looking f-ed up and I can say the same for Pulisic. It's just unbelievable for me that we dont ha
  10. So what's the point of spending so much money on Werner and Havertz when those guys cant even start against Fulham lol
  11. Reality is,we need to pick up at least 12 points from our next 5 games if we want a chance for that top4 finish.Spurs and Leicester games are 6pointers.
  12. Yes and Abraham and Giroud should "own" the central role lol Werner is our best bet to have a wc striker in the coming years .We probably won't be getting Haaland or someone similar so we should give him every opportunity to succeed here .Playing 34 (soon to be 35) year old Giroud constantly just won't help us in the long run.We have to get Werner firing.
  13. I was talking about Frank's last season, not this one. This year we do have a better squad than under Sarri obviously.
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