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  1. Embarassing to play like that with all the attacking signings we made in the summer.Can't even give us a credit for clean sheet.It would've been even more embarassing to play like that and still conceed
  2. Can't wait for saturday to see if Frank starts Callum or not. He'll probably just go with Mount and Werner on the wings coming up with some excuse that CHO is tired after playing 100 minutes in the last two games combined lol For me, he needs to do something about the midfield as Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho are just not the players that like and can go forward with the ball in regards to both passing and running with it. Kovacic dribbles past two players and has tons of space in front of him and he just passes the ball back.Zero bravery to impact the game. If I was Frank I would do e
  3. What's even worse,we are the team with all the chances in those games and we can't seem to score.United probably have something like a 70% shot conversion rate in those matches considering that I don't recall them getting to our goal at all except when they score haha I think that we set up in a way that they like.It is no coincidence that they've beaten both us and City 2 times this season.They like to stay at the back and then attack the spaces when they get the ball and it usually works for them in these games where their oponnents have more of the ball.When you give them the ball they usua
  4. Well obviously.Mason has already probably played 40+ games this season and RLC only managed something like 70 games in his whole career and the guy is 24.For me Ruben needed a loan way before he went to Palace.He was already 21 then and while he was 18,19,20,21 he only played on youth level,reserve games and some minutes in the first team here and there.Can't help but think that lack of proper game time in his earlier years made him somewhat injury prone and low on fitness. Ruben can still turn it around ofc,but I always felt that he was a victim of our previous ways.He had to have been g
  5. Yeah,could be that.I don't worry for Mason.The guy obviously has an unbeliveable workrate and he'll surely try to improve as much as he can over the next few months/years.
  6. Mason's situation is a bit odd this season.At this moment he's good at pressing and set piece delivery ,but struggles a lot in front of goal with his shooting,passing and decision making.That's so weird for me considering that he was amazing at all those things at the start of the season.He could shoot,he could pass,he could dribble and it seems that he dropped a bit.But I think that we should all have an understanding that this is his first season in the top flight (had one in the Netherlands but still) and that he'll only get better with more experience.Pulisic on the other hand ,even though
  7. Giroud would've been even better if we had someone like Pulisic or Ruben healthy and in the team.His link up play is good and those two would know how to take advantage of that.He doesn't score lots of goals for us,nor for France but he was a regular starter in their wc winning team.And the guy is great if you play to his strenghts.Probably Lampard's biggest mistake this season was favouring Michy over Giroud.
  8. Ofc he didnt save everything. No keeper saves everything you throw at him and specially if the things you throw at them are clear cut chances lol As I said. He dipped in form just as everybody else except maybe Kovacic. He was dropped for it which is understandable,nobody is untouchable but some fans were over the top in calling for us to sell him in the summer and stuff. He is obviously a very good keeper stuck with (mostly) sh*te defence in front of him.
  9. I think that nobody was in good form for the past 3 months at this club and that some of the reactions here when we conceded some goals were way over the top in blaming Kepa who was obviously a bit of a scapegoat during that period. Once people saw that we concede just as much with Caballero in goal, then the Kepa hate calmed a bit and now you guys want him back in starting eleven after one good game in which we probably played our best collective defence this season which ofc protected Kepa in goal lol
  10. He did dip a bit, but so did the whole team.
  11. Ah ok,so you're happy with him until he concedes a goal. Then he's going to become sh*te again lol
  12. Should stop with the hype a bit. Not doing the kid any favours by calling him Iniesta already. It will be a completely different game for him once teams actually start to take him seriously and when they put a man on him. Still, he was brilliant tonight. Hopefully he can continue against Everton.
  13. It actually is. Yoy expected the guy to save things that prime Oliver Kahn wouldn't save.
  14. This.The guy saved everything what he could just as before he was dropped.Our problem is that we give our oponnents way too many clear cut chances and good positions in and around our box.When you do that no keeper is going to save you.Kepa was good tonight.Nothing spectacular.We defended really well and other than that triple save he wasn't at all troubled.He was a bit lucky with that triple save considering Liverpool players shot directly at him for 3 times,but I guess you sometimes have to be in a right place at the right time.
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