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  1. well they did gift us the ball 3,4 times in their own half. We just seem to struggle to create clear cut chances. It's the one problem Tuchel wasn't able to resolve.
  2. Obviously thinking way too much about that Atletico game.
  3. i dont know what it is but mount seems so much faster than he did before lol
  4. Boys should stay concentrated and keep playing like this. We're better than them.
  5. We do look like a more compact side and we do seem to play with a lot more sense than before. The thing we seem to struggle with is the decision making and final ball. We just choose the wrong thing to do far too often when we get in some good positions.
  6. Nice win, but we are still so wasteful in good positions.It's gonna cost us sooner or later.
  7. Credit to him for making the changes .That experiment with Emerson and Alonso both in the lineup was horrendous though. He was probably surprised that Barnsley actually came at us and they were not sitting back.But that's the problem with this formation.You're always going to have problems if you cb's aren't comfortable on the ball and you lose one player that are usually good on the ball in midfield/attack.
  8. Gilmoure did have that one pass, but we do seem to struggle in the middle of the park. Cant establish any control.
  9. Abraham, Pulisic and Ziyech are very, very bad for now
  10. As you said,he has barely played.I think the only time he had a run of games was around October/November and he was great.The rest of his season was just constant struggle with injuries.
  11. Still has more freedom to run in the middle
  12. In his post match interview he said that it's good for him not playing on the wing because he has more freedom to run in the middle.If that's a dig at Lampard then you're right lol
  13. They probably forced him out to get rid of his wages so they can pay Messi more.Messi is the GOAT,but he's becoming pretty toxic for that team .
  14. Why wouldn't he? We should be able to beat Barnsley and people are dying to see Gilmoure and Abraham play.
  15. And who is this "Metro Sport Reporter" ? People will believe anything these days evem when there's no logic behind it.Just like in that Rudiger situation lol
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