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  1. Do you see any other top team changing their formation every other game or when things go bad in one game? We were ok against City last season and we will be ok again this season when we play them.
  2. Yes and we were a better side in that Pool match before James got sent off. In City and Juventus matches we lacked intensity and that doesn't have anything to do with formation.
  3. Don't see why some want formation changes. This formation obviously works very well and it will be even more effective when Reece is fit and we have him on the right with Chilly on the left. We're top of the table with Kante being injured, Pulisic injured and with Ziyech and Havertz being out of any sort of form. City game isn't the reason to change anything. It was by far out worst game since that WBA match. City played their usual game and we just weren't up for it that day. No will and intensity whatsoever.
  4. Just needs to stay fit. He was absolutely amazing in that season under Sarri. If he can get to those levels again he's probably a starter.
  5. Chilwell is good today except for that tackle. Dont know what some of you are watching lol
  6. We've become a bit shaky after that Christensen injury. The biggest mistery for me is why is Tuchel playing Reece as cb in the last few matches.
  7. Yup, Callum started very well under Tuchel and I dont know exactly why he fell out of favour. Pulisic is a weird one. It's unbelieveable how good he can be in one game and be completely invisible in the next. Seeing these last few games, it's going to be very difficult for Tuchel to choose who to start in the final. Pulisic usually does very well against City, but I dont know does he deserve a start there considering today's awful performance.
  8. The only thing I think Tuchel did wrong was putting Kepa on for the last two games. Not that Kepa did much wrong, but it's totally unnecesary to change your first choice gk for the most important games of the season. It's such a delicate position.
  9. If we win vs City then all your points are valid. If we don't win then they're stupid haha For me we should've went all in these three games against Leicester x2 and Arsenal. We would've secured a trophy and a top4 finish probably and then you have two weeks to prepare for the final. This way we're just adding unnecesary pressure that I'm not sure these players can handle. We're already going to te CL final having lost the FA Cup final. If we lose top4 as well, the players are going to be under immense pressure in Porto
  10. Yup, could've probably had something like two assists as well if our finishing was better. He is instrumental for the way we play right now and he obviously has a great atittude so I have no doubt that he'll improve even more.
  11. we are wasteful again, it will be a mini miracle if it doesnt backfire. It usually always does.
  12. Not feeling very optimistic. Just hoping that we'll show up, play a good game and see what happens then. We kept Madrid alive with some of our misses and I think that you can't afford that at this stage.
  13. oh come on. Sometimes you just have to concede that it was a great move
  14. Our midfield is holding up pretty well compared to theirs. I thought that Kroos, Modric and Casemiro would be too much for Kante and Jorginho but so far we look very good. Second half will be very interesting. I doubt that Zidane will be satisfied with this score, but if they get on attack much and concede on the counter they are as good as gone.
  15. well they did gift us the ball 3,4 times in their own half. We just seem to struggle to create clear cut chances. It's the one problem Tuchel wasn't able to resolve.
  16. Obviously thinking way too much about that Atletico game.
  17. i dont know what it is but mount seems so much faster than he did before lol
  18. Boys should stay concentrated and keep playing like this. We're better than them.
  19. We do look like a more compact side and we do seem to play with a lot more sense than before. The thing we seem to struggle with is the decision making and final ball. We just choose the wrong thing to do far too often when we get in some good positions.
  20. Nice win, but we are still so wasteful in good positions.It's gonna cost us sooner or later.
  21. Credit to him for making the changes .That experiment with Emerson and Alonso both in the lineup was horrendous though. He was probably surprised that Barnsley actually came at us and they were not sitting back.But that's the problem with this formation.You're always going to have problems if you cb's aren't comfortable on the ball and you lose one player that are usually good on the ball in midfield/attack.
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