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  1. Frank keeps experimenting with multiple strikers on the pitch this season. You think it’s just a matter of time before we see a 4-4-2 or another system that uses a strike partnership?
  2. Vardy limped off the pitch today. They should hold him out of Tuesday’s match....it’s the right thing to do!
  3. It wasn't pretty, but I will always take an ugly win.
  4. Another struggle to break down a team parking the bus.
  5. For me Azpi, Rudiger, Jorginho does not feel like a must win decision.
  6. I am most disappointed that James is not ready. Followed closely that Jorginho is starting.
  7. The Wolves gave that game away with two silly penalties. I can feel my blood pressure rising as we get closer to kick off. I thought last year was tough to be a fan. This year is unhealthy.
  8. RLC has been coming on for them strong. Hopefully removing him disrupts their attack.
  9. I think our over reliance on high crosses is the biggest reason for our current situation. Teams can bank on that is how we will attack them and set up to defend. When Werner and Pulisic are in the line up, it does not play to their strengths. We have had weeks to sort this out and yet we keep going this route to attack.
  10. Dayot looked great last year. Does not look like the same player this year.
  11. Looking at how the table is shaping up this week, this game makes me nervous. If we don't get three points from this, we are a mid table team that has no contact with the top. The top 4 will start moving far enough up from us we will need too many teams to tank for us to get there. Clutch game and to this point in the season, we have been very disappointing in clutch games.
  12. Grant seems to be an odd choice given the players didn't really respect him back when he was the manager.
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