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  1. Maybe injury is too much, listed as not fully fit. The Man City matchday squad at the AMEX Stadium did not feature Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker or Sergio Aguero and as revealed by the club's official website, the reason for the trio's absences is because they were not fully fit. "Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker and Sergio Aguero are not fully fit," a statement reads.
  2. City has 4 injured But seems small injuries. I have no doubt we can win this game. It doesn't mean we are the favorites, but winnable.
  3. I am looking forward to this game. It will be interesting to see how aggressive Tuchel has the team set up in a game we really need to win. This game has a lot of pressure. It will show where he is when pressure games hit. I really think he put out the wrong team for the FA Cup, I just hope we don't see the same thing.
  4. Was not expecting Kepa. A warm up for the cup?
  5. Someone has to have an early peek at the starting XI!
  6. One of my best friends is a Gooner. I love him like a brother anyway. We always have FB avatar bets on these derbys and cups. He has been so discouraged by their play under Arteta that he has not asked for the usual bet. I don't feel like kicking him while he is down either. The Europa Final was fun to watch with him a few years ago. He was a sport and wore a Chelsea logo on FaceBook until the next preseason started.
  7. It seems like the people close to United are saying all reserves. From the link De gea Williams Tuanzebe Bailly Telles Matic VdB Amad Mata Elanga Greenwood
  8. This feels like such a trap game. We need to rotate to have some players fresh for the Cup, but we cannot afford to take our foot of the gas. We need to hit them hard.
  9. I expect to see CHO, Tammy, James, and Ziyech starting this game.
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