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  1. I think its been a perfect storm of Covid, no preseason, injuries, players off form, and new players adapting. I think we overachieved last year and we are underachieving this season. This is football and things can change rapidly but like you said we are miles away from a top 4 team right now. Just look how we play every game. Middle of January and we don't have a win against a top 6 side. Crazy. Lol. I think the biggest problem on this team is we don't have a strong enough midfield. And when players are off form there is no one to come in and play better. Kante is not a natu
  2. I think today was the worst .....the last miss on the breakaway was very bad. But the gorgeous pass CHO fed him in the middle and Timos first touch sent the ball 6 feet in front of him. Sunday morning rec league first touch. We have been seeing that first touch for months now.
  3. Pulisic is so conpetitive, and the bench might put him "FU Mode" like last year ...and Lampard said all last year he needs his players "on edge" "with so much competition in the squad. Not hearing him say it this year.
  4. I'm a little worried what these hamstrings injuries has done to his explosiveness. Last year he was gliding past players and leaving defenders well behind him. I haven't seen any of that this year. I so hope I'm wrong and hes just not confident right now.
  5. I get your point. I just haven't been impressed with Timo in tight spaces. Look at the goal Gundogan scored against us in the Man City game. World class turn away from Tiago Silva and slots it in the corner. I thought that would be how Timo would be scoring some of his goals. We just haven't seen much of it.
  6. I agree with this. Great that he scored but even against a team we should be dominating he was invisible.
  7. He should start against Fulham. We have 3 very good wingers. Play the 2 most in form. I
  8. We need to try different things. I want CHO to play and let's try Ziyech in the midfield like you said...with Pulisic and Werner making so many runs it might be perfect.....Havertz and Kante. And park Kante in front of our cbs and leave him there. With Havertz and Ziyech we don't need Kante anywhere near the goal.
  9. End of the game its hard to judge. I know he played well but the game was over. This team desperately needs this guy to come good and soon. Our midfield is a mess.
  10. The whole team was sh*t. And has been sh*t for awhile now.
  11. I dont know what the hell Arlo and the other guy on NBC were looking at...they showed the slow mo and the defender obviously tripped Timo... And they were like "he got the ball no penalty " lol....I wonder if Man U would have gotten the call hmmm
  12. I think rotating our front line every game based on form is the way to go.....CHO starts next game and see how he does.
  13. This is maybe the hardest to pick. I guess Billy. At least we outscored City when he came on.
  14. Do you think Frank sees that our midfield has been BOSSED by every good team we played this season?
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