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  1. I like this except let Chilwell rest and play I guess Emerson?
  2. Hes alot more physical then Ozil already...lol I know that's not saying alot. He doesn't have Ozils vision..but who has ? He's more of a goal threat for sure.
  3. I agree 100% i dont think its talked about how fortunate we were last year in that so many teams faded at the end...its gonna be a real fight for top 4 this year.
  4. I think hes done fine. I think hes a classy player with alot of skill. Hes graceful, ala Federer on the tennis Court. But don't mistake it for lack of hustle. Its just how he is...I have been impressed with his defense so far as well. Hes buying into what Lampard wants. Because hes only 21 he will have his ups and downs this year. Hes not the finished article yet. God knows how good he will be in 3-4 years.
  5. It wasn't checked because if it was they would of HAD to give it.
  6. - Mendy MOTM. We would have lost with Kepa. 2-0 or 3-0 - Kai and Timo are still adjusting. The space just isn't there like there is bundesliga. Especially for Timo. - Silva is pure class. What a player. His anticipation is amazing, like that block on Cavani.
  7. After seeing the lineup. I feel confident! 1-3 with goals from Timo, Pulisic and Kai!
  8. Love to use Maguire... Timo and Pulisic running at that guy. 🙂
  9. If united are gonna sit back and give us possession then Mount is not as valuable..I see what Frank's thinking.
  10. I thought the save he made on the deflection was excellent. Not just the save but the way he palmed it out of danger. If our other keepers would even have saved it it would of fell straight down for a tap in.
  11. It would be good if we got him for 30 million pounds. Forget the english player premium.
  12. Your spot on here. Play your best players in there best positions and then you work the other guys around them. Mount is a good player but like I have said many times he is still developing. He should be treated like all our other developing players like James and Tammy...play when they r in form or for when your main starters need a break.
  13. He sees them everyday in training. Kepa is better. Willy is 37 years old and cant move. Hes a good 3rd keeper...and I'm not defending Kepa..hes been bad. Agree on Mount. Hes a midfielder.
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