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  1. I just have a feeling that Ziyech gets the Start today with Mason and Timo.....if it's not clicking or we are chasing the game then Kai and Pulisic come in.
  2. He has not played well against any good team this year except Real Madrid. But how good was that Madrid team that night? That's my problem with starting him.
  3. Pulisic and Havertz are young players who are just like the 99% that have good games and bad games. They are not nearly finished growing as players yet. We get spoiled by the Haalands and Mbappes of the world who are the exception not the norm. For the final I would start Pulisic due to how City setup, his prior success against City, and he seems to play better on the big stage. If he is playing poorly he gets yanked at HT for Havertz.
  4. I dont understand how he left Azpi at RWB when we went down 1-0 or at all tbh. If Azpi can't play CB in a back 3 then he should be on the bench. I'm sorry. "Ohh Grealishs pace" blah blah blah. Every winger has more pace then him. And we are already setup in the most defensive of formation for coverage.
  5. Funny you say this. My liverpool supporting cousin said Salah for Pulisic last week. He loves Pulisic - only 22, natural winger in a 433 and he saw what Pulisic did to them last season. I can't see it happening. Pulisic would have to push for it. Why would he leave London? I haven't heard anything about Werner leaving.
  6. I'm guessing it's because mounts better on the left.
  7. Was not his best game yesterday. I agree with many here he plays best with a hold up nine to play 1-2s with. Hes played better but hes not the player we saw after restart last year. That player will come next year after a rest. Will be interesting how TT sets up next year. CPs a natural winger....if they play 2 up top with Timo and a new 9 there r no wingers.
  8. His improvement with the ball at his feet has been great to see this year. He always has been amazing off the ball....can't wait for next year playing 433 with Mount in a Lampard role! Will take his game even higher.
  9. How could you put Pulisic, and chilwell on the list? Pulisic was an absolute gamechanger for us before he got hurt. His problems have been injuries. Chilwell has been very very good for a vast majority of his time here. Havertz probably came a year or two early. I cant wait to see what type of player he is in 3 years. The talent is there. He will be so good. The Werner signing is the puzzling one. They had to know his limitations as a player. Not a great first touch, not a good dribbler in tight spaces. He was known as a player who got alot of great chances because of his pace
  10. From when Tuchel took over in February until today May 17th. Fighting for top4 with everything in our hands. Losing the FA cup final and making the CL league final. I would have taken these scenarios everyday and twice on Sunday. TT has done a great job overall.
  11. I actually like this team and it would be an amazing change up for TT. And we need a huge shakeup. If we lose at least it will be in a formation trying to score.
  12. I dont understand TT post-game comments saying how unlucky we were to lose the game. OK our biggest grief was the handball that wasn't called, which we know these handball calls are 50/50 and who the knows when or if it will be called. We created absolutely NOTHING for 70 minutes!! How can you win like that? Trying to win every game 1- nil. Zero margin for error. Zero creativity, we deserved nothing.
  13. As I said in the other thread when you play with 1 less attacker and Kante is your best offensive midfielder it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why we have struggled to score goals.
  14. Man City won't change there game if they score first. They will go for goal 2 ...3 ..and 4. Go for our throats....what really really good teams do.... And if they score 2 goals we are done.
  15. Disappointing today. I just don't think he does enough with the ball at his feet. He had 2 3 on 3 chances in the first. First one he sky's the shot, the 2nd one he dribbles it wide, terrible contact.....and look at there goal. A screamer from further out with perfect technique. I see his qualities but I just don't think he's good enough.
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