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  1. He has really jumped in class the last 4-5 months. Seeing the game better, You can see him growing in confidence - he's taking more guys on, and his dribbling has improved. Scary thing is he has a couple levels to go from a creative standpoint and that's what will bring him from star to superstar! Just so excited to see our 22s and under forwards Mount, Havertz, CHO and Pulisic develop.
  2. All of attackers have not been good this year from a goals/game perspective and the eye test. (Besides Giroud and Mount) ....We just haven't had enough quality in the final third. William is a good all around footballer but if your saying we need him for goals and assists I have to disagree. There a reason most Chelsea fans didn't have a problem with him leaving. Also he had 0 goals/assists first 16 appearances at Arsenal.
  3. Terrible today. Especially offensively. He is a second or 2 too late passing the ball. Way too tentative...There was a play today where Chilwell had loads of space when he should of passed to a wide open Pulisic in the middle. Easy first time pass and he hesitated the defenders got into position and a great chance became a half chance. wingback formation Alonzo has to play
  4. The burst is not there right now. It just isn't. Watch his highlights from last year or at dortmond. He would skate by defenders and get 5 yards separation in a blink. Not this year. And I love the guy. As an American became a Chelsea fan because of him like so many. I wouldn't sell him if I were Chelsea....a year on loan getting alot of playing time would be good. His talent when FULLY fit and in form is undeniable. You don't sell a player like that at when he's off.
  5. This is the game we find out if TT believes in CHO as a wing back against an elite team. With AMs firepower I'm not so sure.
  6. Ziyech was on the pitch for 10 minutes.
  7. Every team faded around us last year for us to make top 4. And it was the lowest point total for a 4th place team in how long? We were so fortunate to be top 4 last year. I think defensively when Silva is back we can be fine. But offensively it's been struggle.
  8. And right now they are choosing werner....it seems no matter how mediocre/poor Werner is he keeps his spot. If Pulisic came into this season 100% fit and played this poor I would be worried. But he had a bad injury and I contend no matter what they say he has not been fully fit all season.
  9. I just don't think we are a good football team. Are we playing better then under Frank? Maybe a little. More sound on defense for sure. We have not beaten a good team under TT. That's a fact. a win against the most off form Tottenham team in years is not a good win. I dont care that it's away. I hear the announcers say. "Chelsea needs to get better in the final third" yea I agree lol. Our first touch isn't good and we pass to no one 90% of the time. Its crazy. Remember Man U put up 9! Against Southhampton. 9! Only way we make top 4 is if everyone fades a
  10. TT knows in the big games he NEEDS kante to be at his best. So he needs to play.
  11. His short burst of speed that was electric last season has not been there. Wouldn't surprise me if we don't see the best of him again until next year.
  12. I just want us to be clinical in front of goal for the first time all year. That would be enough for me in this game.
  13. Kane is out. Supposedly for a few weeks with injuries to both ankles. Tottenham just lost to Brighton and got bossed for 90 minutes. Pretty shocking... I think we going to wreck them! 3-0
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