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  1. Question : Why do some of you want to see a change of formation?
  2. With one eye on Saturday this could be a tricky one. But it's the league cup after all and I doubt Villa will play their strongest 11. I've got a feeling that Barkley and RLC are going to tear this one up if they start. Sarri approves. City are playing a League One side plus they have one day more to rest. Would love to see a list of their cup opponents over the past few seasons. Which excuse is Pep going to use? Wow this even rhymes. Kepa James Sarr Chalobah CHO Kovacic Saul Chilwell Barkley RLC Werner
  3. Good to know it is possible to post on the forum from a parallel universe.
  4. Normal service continues at the Three Point Lane. 😁 As I haven't slept for nearly 48 hours I tried my best to stay awake and watch the game. And I did manage to do it but now I realised I can't remember certain parts of it so it is impossible for me to draw any conclusions at the moment. All I can say (over and over again) is there are no words to explain how proud I am of this team. Time to get some rest for wizardous, gotta catch up on everything later.
  5. Relax. No need to worry. Calm your nerves. Just look at their back four. We are comfortably winning this. It's only Tottenham.
  6. Good job Southampton. City without KdB and a proper number 9 = toothless in attack. Can't wait for the next weekend.
  7. Norwich are looking so determined to break Derby's record.
  8. Having watched some parts of that game I couldn't agree more. Their defence and midfield don't exist and when Mbappe came out they also did nothing up front. Full credit to Brugge anyway, they deserved to win in my opinion.
  9. Just what I was thinking. But nothing beats Iago Aspas' corner in *that* game at Anfield.
  10. We need more decisiveness in the final third, especially from Mason. Every time Lukaku is in a good position and asks for the ball, the pass is too late. But imo there is nothing to worry about. A goal will come soon and then it's game over.
  11. Let's not forget this one, too. I remember my stream freezing for about 5 seconds just as the ball reaches Demba. I swear those 5 seconds felt more like 5 minutes. The next thing I see is Mourinho running down the touchline like crazy. Absolute scenes.
  12. Does anyone over the age of 12 take this seriously?
  13. Thinking out loud... Do you think that 'top six' era in the PL has finished or it is slowly but steadily coming to an end? I personally think we are witnessing a transition from 'top six' back to 'top four'. We are the champions of Europe, City have won three league titles in the last four seasons, Liverpool have won the league, played two CL finals and won one in the space of couple of years, United have finally achieved some consistency in terms of top 4 finishes recently and they are again able to attract the world's best players. Arsenal don't even play European football this season, not to mention the CL which is too far out of reach for years. And for Spurs it all went downhill after that lost CL final, that was the chance for their 'golden generation' which is no more. The point is, when you look at their squads solely, they probably are the fifth and sixth strongest team in the league. But at this moment the gap between 'top four' and them is enormous and I am pretty much certain the table will show it at the end of this season. They might even be closer to the levels of Leicester or West Ham right now.
  14. That is what I would like to see. Werner needs to regain his confidence and this game could be a fresh start for him. Also it would be beneficial if Jorginho gets some rest but I don't really think that is going to happen.
  15. This might not be as easy as it appears to be. Zenit are in great form and have literally nothing to lose here. They certainly have the ambition to get past the group stage, and considering Juventus are in a shambles at the moment, that may be achievable. We can't allow ourselves to underestimate them. One defensive mistake and their lethal attacking duo (Azmoun - Dzyuba) could punish us. Some improvement needed over the Villa game in that area. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger James Kovacic Saul Chilwell Mount Werner Lukaku
  16. Another blow for them as Llorente gets injured again. Their defence just isn't good enough without him. Not to mention the way they attack is becoming more and more predictable and they don't seem to have plan B. Second season syndrome incoming?
  17. Even though we weren't at our best yesterday it was still a pretty good display. No words needed for Big Rom who is already showing what he's capable of. But the highlight of this beginning of the season for me is how important Mendy is for the team. Not only because of his crucial saves, but the confidence he instills in our defenders is phenomenal. Just imagine what could've happened if we didn't have him in goal yesterday or against Liverpool. P.S. It feels so nice to be back to the forum after a loooong break. 😁
  18. It is time for heroes. We can do this. COME ON CHELSEA! 🔵
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