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  1. Terrible team selection overall God help us in the second half.
  2. Meh all of the banter from rival fans especially Man utd clowns comparing him to Lingard?! Haha I have seen it all really. He was playing out of position and was only training here for 1 week also no preseason. Not worried one bit about this signing! All the best to Kai.
  3. Welcome to Chelsea Kai!! Wishing him and the rest of the team all the best this season!! Thank you to agent Rudi , super Frank, Marina and daddy Roman of course
  4. I really think he will leave this summer and go to Man City unfortunately even with the sh*t show going on between his side , Barca and La Liga.
  5. Okay I got clowned yesterday! Now bring on the announcement Also if the fees news for this deal being reported now is true then we have to build a statue for our goddess MARINA!!
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