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  1. If you can avoid spoilers I know a couple of websites that will upload the match probably a couple of hours after its finished so when you get home from work you can pretend you're it watching live with a couple of beers?
  2. Had to give it to him for effort, his index finger must of felt like it was falling off after the game with all that pointing he did
  3. Supposed to have black shorts and yellow socks a little Watford like but I like the combo and it's important to know about the socks
  4. The rumoured away kit looks nice, if it turns out to be true I will be buying that instead of this hideous home kit
  5. Forget the pride of London with this video and shirt we will be the laughing stock of London, cosmetically anyway. Officially the spuds will remain the laughing stock of London
  6. https://talksport.com/football/880031/frank-lampard-crystal-palace-roy-hodgson-chelsea-premier-league/ I know its talksport and they are only good for listening to the idiot phone ins but what does everyone think if this happens? I think he wants to get back into managing but wanted to stay around London so was waiting for something like this to come up. Perfect fit for franky if you ask me
  7. Ffs I got on this thread a little late and some c**t beat me to my customary joke vote. @Munkworth stealing my thing, he would of known I would of wanted to be the odd one voting for jorgi. I must of penetrated his inner psyche more then either of us has realised. I knew he loved me really
  8. Yes but it has given me a false perception of life. One of the reasons I'm so grateful for skates like you to keep me grounded
  9. Don't blame me, blame the system and...
  10. sh*t game and we deserved absolutely nothing despite their goal being a freaky fluke and our double woodwork incident but in a way I'm kind of greatful, surely we are underdogs for Leicester now, that means we will win and last time we were done over like this by the arses we won both the fa cup and the CL.l the latter we were captained buy franky, this season we have been managed by franky in the CL...the signs are there and I am super confident for the 2012 double to repeat itself
  11. Willian asking if there is space for one more player in the team
  12. We have deserved nothing tonight but we have been given a little gem of a present After beating us at the end of the season again the arse now have another season of mediocrity to look forward to next season under arteta
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