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  1. Probably because you never had the pressure of millions of people watching? I get what your saying, the money they are payed should compensate for that maybe? However too much money can go to the head. Also you got to take into account he's going from the binders league to the premier League, it's got to be a bit of a culture shock. I would like to point out I'm not arguing with you, if your a "top player" you should be able to adjust but I don't think these kids are quite ready for the spotlight they're put immediately under. It's the only thing I can think off anyway
  2. He looked like a deer in headlights but he'll get better and hopefully be an important player for us, I just worry about our track records with a few other of our club record transfers
  3. Maybe Willy just wasn't up to it tonight... let's face it, we've all been there 😂
  4. As it turns out Lamps got his tactics spot on...he was going for the rope-a-dope... doubters you can be quiet now 😂
  5. Lamps had a press conf yesterday where he explained that most off the "pre-season"(the last couple of weeks, since they've all came back from their holidays) he's had players in double figures under quarantine and then the international break came...so basically Lampard has literally done nothing the last couple of weeks
  6. When Lamptey puts one in the bag like that then maybe....James has always had this in his locker and is brilliant at set pieces when he's given the chance and I don't think Lamptey is going to have this kind of consistency. He's having an amazing game but is it just to prove a point? Yes the potential is there but watching him in the youth games he had the tendency to disappear every few games.
  7. I totally get all the criticism about RLC, equally I understand the love that some has for him. Before his big injury he was a real quality player but he's not found his form since but I will say this...Lamps isn't an idiot and he must be seeing something in Cobham that we haven't seen. I really want CHO to do well but again since his injury his play has been off. I think with the injuries Lamps has got he's had to pick between RLC and CHO...both struggling for form after injury but maybe he's gone for experience?
  8. I done a fair bit of driving around fratton aswell, I'd say I made the right decision moving to Malta 😂 I think that failed attempted from RLC to put Werner in was more about brilliant defending tbh. That wasn't a great amount of time to play the ball. White had the angle closed down the whole time he was back tracking.
  9. I'm not sure if he's been told to but Werner keeps drifting slightly to the left but everyone seems to be looking for him down the center. It's taking a split second longer for anyone to find him and it's allowing Brighton to recover
  10. He's on a one man mission to destroy anyone he thinks he can get away with, let's face it not many of us are going to turn round and square up to him

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