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  1. I don't know official stats but I don't think anyone puts the ball in the box more then James
  2. We need Rudiger and Werner starting for sure, we all know how tricky the French find the Germans to deal with
  3. Lampard's not fat, he's just picked up a little extra padding since his playing days 😂 nowhere near as fat as that guy(I still can't bring myself to say his name yet, even if I'm insulting him)
  4. I'm sorry did you just compare Lamps and that fat Spanish waiter? And you keep going on about getting me banned 😂
  5. Was wandering if it was a postcode thing.if it's not, where is the cut off? I think we can agree Fareham should come under Pompey but what about Wickham? Pretty sure that would full under Southampton. Is the line between Wickham and Fareham? Or if you get Wickham do we get Bishops Waltham? I've always wondered about these things
  6. Timo put on the turbo and created a brilliant counter attacking goal for Tammy. It was like watching Chelsea from 10 years ago . I love seeing a good counter attacking goal
  7. Scared we are going to outnumber the skates? 😂 Here's one for you. What about anyone from the IOW, are they banned if they come from an area of the island with an SO postcode but allowed with a PO postcode? Or are they all allowed a pass?
  8. I was close enough...ember, amber same thing really 😂
  9. Nothing wrong with being called a tit, I happen to quite like tits they are up there with football and beer as my favourite things 😂
  10. Thanks for your support but I think it's more about my mistake about making it public where I hail from that has Munks wanting rid of me but deep down he knows he likes me 😂
  11. Well at least one person agrees with me 😂 you'll all come round to like me eventually even with my upbringing and my dodgy taste for clothes
  12. I controversially quite like this kit, and I hate prawn sandwiches this analogy despite quite a good one, is horrible 😂My wife is going to be her sisters bridesmaid and wearing a very similar shade and I asked if I could buy this kit and wear it instead of a boring white shirt and tie under my jacket/blazer. I got told of for the mere suggestion ☹️ I just thought it would be nice to go wearing matching clothes but never mind.
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