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  1. So happy with everything tonight well done TT played a blinder, watching his post match interview right now. My god he is an ugly mother f**ker....and that's coming from me Sorry clicked wrong link....though this was the TT thread
  2. Too many to pick from so I've been charitable and given it to someone who's not going to many votes this season
  3. Looking forward to second leg now, match day, st Patrick's day and my birthday all rolled into one. Might have to book the day after off from work
  4. Great work, if I could of given it more then one reaction I would of
  5. Never been so happy to get so few points on the chelsea predictor
  6. After tonights perfomance this'll be a walk in the park
  7. yeah should be, Spain isnt allowing people from uk in the country. But I'm not too sure on what happens when atleti get back after playing at the bridge
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