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  1. sad spongebob squarepants GIF

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    2. Munkworth


      This just decided to play on Spotify for some reason and took me back to the magical 90s. All down hill since 96. 

    3. Malta Blue

      Malta Blue

      @CaitlinCFC  I think they just get a notification of everything I post I wouldn't know as I have never followed anyone and i have no idea why I'm being followed

      @Munkworth they will probably know your online, everyone can see your online and they have extra powers of which we dont know. Having said all that, if we can hide out here for a couple of days everyone will see what a boring miserable place it could be without our "inane banter"

    4. Munkworth


      There used to be away to appear anonymous but it can’t find it. Boring.  

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