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  1. And you baited like a good little fishy, see how easy it is to go off topic?
  2. Just saying you mentioned chelsea on a non chelsea forum. I thought you were one of the ones who wanted it strictly topic related and now you resort to a gif, apparently the anti deviation gang seems to not like gifs very much.
  3. This forum is clearly marked non chelsea and I have recently discovered that there is a strict non deviation policy in place(one that you yourself endorsed with a like). This is a clear violation and I intend to point out every violation as I see fit
  4. I was going to leave a notification on your profile and then I learned that your "rank" is sock cult princess....

    I have 2 things to say about this....

    1) it's not a cult

    2)how did you get that? Can we change our own ranks? I need to know because I have some excellent ideas on what rank to give myself

    1. CaitlinCFC


      It was given to me some weeks ago because I moaned about not being in the first team on getting to 100 posts. It was all in the Random topic. I didn't choose it 😔

    2. Malta Blue

      Malta Blue

      Damn I would love to choose my own, first team regular is boring

    3. CaitlinCFC


      I wanted that and tried to get to 100 so I wasn't the noob, but it must have been a higher amount of posts.

  5. I was hardly involved in that last lot I'll have you know and only once after it trailed off topic. All of our 'inane banter' starts on topic and then evolves like any conversation does but it's not our fault there is so many miserable gits on here.
  6. I had two comments on that last go through, one a response to val about CL final merch then there was back and forth between 3 people that wasn't me and one response to caitlin calling Munkworth a hypocrite. If your going to name names name all of them
  7. I dont mind other people using the word movie, it's only you I feel the need to correct. Your god complex requires someone to point out your flaws or anything else I can use to correct you.
  8. Also armenian for every other language of the world
  9. You wouldn't of written the Armenian word for film: կինոնկար So why use the American word for it?
  10. Oh if the CL merch has been delivered that should mean @CaitlinCFC should of got her trophy from the skate? Or did he not bother following up on his promise to buy something? If i remember correctly he was telling someone else off for doing that relatively recently.
  11. To be fair you were half right... if we didn't get champions league next season then we wouldn't of had a chance
  12. I said film, not some crap cartoon who's characters names I do not know or even care to know
  13. I had two films to choose from; planet of the apes or Harry Potter...I went for planet of the apes because the text is so apt
  14. Looking back at old posts is fun, I thought I'd bring this back to the front. Atleast we know he wont be going to arsenal
  15. Such a f**king legend, it's almost impossible to remember a life before Petr
  16. The cup winners cup, i know.....we already have one, I was just trying to fill a space
  17. Well I made room for 2 new trophies so.....watch this space. I think if we win the club world cup they should use the spare space I made available by somehow poking fun at teams less fortunate
  18. I think it's going to have to be a complete redesign. There needs to be some kind of spare a thought campaign for these hard workers
  19. I bet the maintenance team hate it when ever we win stuff, all that extra work they're given
  20. What was such an elite athlete doing in Burger King? I can understand Blackman being there but why were you there
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