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  1. I think we're going to scrape a 3-2 or 4-3 win. Basically we are going to win by 1 goal but there's going to be great attacking football from us just a fragile defence. I think we are going to go 1 down early on but cruise to a comfortable lead before Brighton clawing it back to within 1 for a nervy last 5 mins
  2. Is there anyway of changing what order I see the posts come up. I'm getting the oldest first, I had to scroll through alias of pages for the friendly before getting to the end?
  3. What's everyone think about it? I've seen slot about copying crystal palace and wanting to be Barcelona. Would it be controversial to say I actually like it?
  4. So not true? That's a shame but we can still dream they they got caught cheating and the PL had no choice but to strip them of their title 😂
  5. Predictions anyone? I'm going for a 3-2 victory for us. Talking about predictions, is anyone doing a fantasy league. I don't particularly want to have to pay for one, I just want to play for fun
  6. Have you seen the stats of how many people playing for Liverpool suffer with asthma which needs steroid treatment? I can't re-find the article nor can I remember the exact amount but it's something along the lines of 21/25 of their squad last season
  7. Lamps let kopp and the klopsh*tes know last season that we are no push over. He's got a shock coming this season if he thinks that our gaffa is going to full victim to his ways next season. Two things my Evertonian father in-law and I have in common is our distain for that bell end
  8. I can't believe how long it took me to find this, it was only a simple Google search away... anyway it seems much better then social media, at the moment I'm currently working my way around all the site and all the old posts.You all seem like a good bunch and importantly real Chelsea fans. I can't tell you how important that is to me. Since I've left the UK I haven't a lot of fellow blues to talk to. Keep up the good work and keep the blue flag flying high 👍
  9. Don't worry I think I found it...well I gave 20 quid to someone anyway, hope it's you guys 🤣
  10. Someone has to talk me through this(I'm an idiot) where is the link I have to press to donate, I'm good with helping all 3 of the causes .. especially kicking the Scouser arses
  11. Not a wind up, my comment was to explain that I'm new here, having found this site after giving up with the idiots on FB...it's important to emphasise that I'm not having a go at team selections I was only stating that there is too many people on FB moaning about it. So basically I'm just moaning about people moaning on FB, the difference being that they moan about Chelsea and Lampard's team selection and I'm moaning about all the negativity and the ignorance of these nieve plastic fans on FB. Hope this makes sense.
  12. Good to know, I have came to the right place. Every post on FB made by Chelsea's social media team it's heavily criticised. Even after we done over the two Scouse teams just before covid destroyed the season people were still having a go, "oh look another young English boy Lampard is going to favour" comments like this after young Billy introduced himself to the world in spectacular fashion. I replied to one particular comment letting the idiot know that Gilmour is not English and if he plays well then he deserves his place. I had over 150 replies with people calling me racist just like Lampard id I think he should be playing. So I'm done with Facebook now.
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum, been supporting Chelsea since the mid 90s. I'm 31 and just discovering this, I have been on Facebook for a couple of years and I'm sick to death on all the negative comments on the Chelsea page(mainly African people accusing Lamps of being racist because "he only plays young English people"...the Africa comment isn't me being racist it's a fact) anyway I'm hoping this forum is going to be for actual Chelsea fans and not plastic ones
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