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  1. Yeah, sorry about that, I got your point and I was sorta half joking. I too advocate changes, but I think 7 is too many - I do think relationships and understanding gained when playing together regularly is important. I would make less changes to the starting 11 and bring on all of the allowed ( is it 5 ?) subs very early 2nd half. Definately no place for Kepa tho 🖐😱
  2. Wow, you would make 6 or 7 unforced changes from the team that has become the norm since the Burnley game with Kante playing in front of the back four ? Or to put it another way, you would only retain 4 of the “usual” starting 11 ? You would pick Rudiger in front of Silva ? You would actually choose Jorginho and Kante and leave out Mount ? You would consciously select Hudson Odoi before Werner ? You would drop TA in favour of Giroud ? And all of the above because of the “threat spuds will be” - Blimey, they must a bigger pile of sh*t than I had realised ?
  3. Also meant to say , in context of the above, Newcastle were poor for me today, seemed to lack any ambition or motivation ?
  4. Phew, the stats may tell a different story, but it being only 1-0 until the last 25 or so, had me in ‘threepenny bit, half a crown’ mode for a while and no mistake !! In truth if it ended up 2-5 , as a score line, that would have been about right , but if it had went 1-1 then .........you know that story, we’ve lived it enough in recent times. Thankfully it ended up 0-2 so we are all pleased as punch and top of the pile !! Positives today, Mendy continues to be everything you want your keeper to be - and I too felt that in spite of missing the target, there was a Newcastle
  5. Jermaine Anus is a no nothing c**t , wasn’t much a footballer but he’s a f**king awful pundit
  6. I doubted very much that he would be available for the Newcastle game on Saturday 21st anyway due to his travels and jet lag, we could probably manage without him for the Rennes game on Tuesday 24th but it’s critical that he’s available for the spuds game on Sunday 29th - so if anyone in the squad is going to get it , get it now !!
  7. There’s a story about Best getting sent off v Chelsea at the Bridge, it goes that after having been hauled down yet again he turned to remonstrate with the ref who just shock his head and waved play on. During a later break in play he questioned refs decisions, frustrated at a non reply, Best asked the ref if he would send him off for swearing at him, “ of course I would, it’s a dismissible offence George “ Ok says Best, but if I only thought it, then you couldn’t send me off could you ? “No George, I couldn’t” Well in that case says George, I think your a c**t . Best
  8. Of course these matters will always be subjective, but I don’t remember being as excited about either player in the way I was about Ziyech after Saturday’s game ? Like many, I had great hopes for Ruben, but sadly, for whatever reasons, it hasn’t happened for him and I don’t now believe that it will at Chelsea - I just don’t think he’s capable of being at the level that is needed to play for Chelsea ? In Ziyech and some others I see potential, desire ambition and ‘what could be’ that I didn’t see when watching RLC or RB before their loans I’m afraid ?
  9. Imagine that they were both to play out of their skins between now and May 21, to the point where we are all screaming at the club to give them new contracts for a further 5+ years, it begs the question as to why didn’t they perform that way whilst they were in the squad previously ? There may be reasons, none of which spring to mind with Barkley ? but I can’t help but feel that they have both had their chance at our level , that neither is or will be good enough to start regularly and don’t equal the quality of player FL is looking for to match his ambition for the club ? I think Barkle
  10. There’s been lots of debate of late about RLC - will he, won’t he make it ? I don’t know if he will, but there must come a point in a pro footballers career when they “know” it ain’t gonna happen, it won’t get any better and that they are on the slide down to oblivion, for whatever reason, that has to be the case with DD , doesn’t it ? He’s surely got absolutely no hope of getting another decent footballing gig given his attitude, performances and behaviour, so I’m guessing he’s got 9,600,000 reasons to stay? Might well be same with Kepa, but in his case it’s more like 40-50
  11. Not so sure about that Strider - the rest of this season to deliver the PL or CL , it just seems too short a time frame for me ? I obviously don’t know Frank, but he has always come across as a sharp lad - he has be fully aware of how RA operates, after all he’s got first hand knowledge of the hiring and firing that’s gone at Chelsea, so I can’t help but think that he would have sold a vision to the board and demanded windows for recruitment with delivery over 2/3 seasons - he seems to use Klopp’s achievement over a similar period as his bench mark - well he quotes it often enough?
  12. Amazingly, I don’t believe that this piece of genius featured on match of the day - edited out, incredible ??
  13. Not seen much on here about how well Kovacic played today - got the opportunity and took it I felt, well done Kova.
  14. Im sorry , but I feel that you really do need to stop banging the drum that the ‘winger’ doesn’t get picked because there some agenda to victimise or that FL uses that position to accommodate favoured players and undermine someone’s confidence. It’s pretty evident that the “winger” isn’t doing anything in training to pursued Frank to play him as a “winger” and as painful as it might be , rather than take to the pitch with 10 men, Frank chooses a non winger to play in that position - that’s pretty damming and tells the story imo. You can write £10 on a piece of paper , but it don’t ma
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