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  1. It’s staggering how little we shoot at goal from .....well from anywhere really , inside or outside the box. I understand all players have a better or preferred foot, but I find it quite shocking how one footed we are ?
  2. Sam Allardyce? Simeone looks more like Gary glitter than Gary glitter, the old nonse
  3. You are of the opinion that , ‘We have some very good players’ ?? Well, as we all know, football is subjective, so it depends on what you think it takes to be a very good player that will define your opinion I suppose, but this is how I look at it; If Manc’s C and U, Leicester and the pikeys - the clubs currently occupying the top 4 spots in the PL , add in Spuds, the arsewipes, Everton and the dippers, all pooled their match day squad players along with ours and then the club’s picked a player each in rotation - exactly like after school football matches - how many of our players w
  4. It’s all so depressing at times - we were awful again. We have a lot of very average players, who, as a collective are also average - if we are honest, we aren’t a good enough side to challenge for trophy’s with this crop of players, I’m afraid to say, we don’t even play exciting football. Out of all of this, what is completely evident is Mr A needs to get the Amex card out again this summer and get someone who knows something about football and footballers to spend his money , cause who ever bought the last lot and Kepa knows f**k all - IMO .
  5. Well, one thing that might work in our favour is that both teams have to travel due to Spain’s COVID rules , so no ‘home’ advantage in this leg for either side ? Bucharest here we come , it’s an almost 4 hour flight from Madrid and slightly more from London - it might help?
  6. I don’t think Kepa is having an especially poor run of form, I honestly believe that what we’ve seen is as good as he gets and (I know it’s easy to say in hindsight) but he’s too short, too light, too timid, too everything really to be top club keeper and if we all think that then every other club will surely think the same , I don’t think he is able to improve - this is as good as it gets. Bearing in mind the length of his contract and his current salary , it adds up to squillions in earnings over the next 4 and bit seasons that he hasn’t a hope in hell of earning anywhere else so I don’
  7. Southampton we’re doing ok and their manager had/has made them organised , but this is the team that has been stuffed 9-0 twice in successive seasons by teams above us and challenging for a top 4 place, not to mention being beaten recently by some of the lesser lights in the PL. If we seriously expect to be ‘contenders’ we have to be beating the likes of the S’hampton, it’s not a question of being over confident, it’s a question of the natural order of things when you have PL & CL expectations - we don’t wanna be diffident or timid, this is about belief, it’s about time we started to
  8. Absolutely agree, nothing more, nothing less. I was furious last night when I saw that Kepa was selected ahead of Mendy and 24 hours later , although I sort of understand why TT did what he did, I’m no less impressed and definitely not keen on him ever repeating it . My worry is that last nights exercise in building up Kepa’s confidence, ready for the day when Mendy is genuinely unavailable, is just papering over the cracks, because you can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear - no amount of playing time for Kepa will make him taller, make him bigger physically, nor I believe, will it
  9. Phew, TT just confirmed on sky that Mendy is the No. 1 keeper and will be starting from now on
  10. You know what, lets hope for the high scoring win with the usual Kepa f**k ups that FINALLY puts that useless c**t to bed and removes his name from TT’s thinking .
  11. Kepa, Kepa ?? Ffs - it’s insulting that he can hold kepa’s performance v Barnsley as any kind of justification to select him to play - what a crock of sh*t, absolutely beggars belief - the guys on sky can barely believe either .
  12. In my opinion, Kepa is too small, too short, too light, too fragile to be a top 4 keeper, his ball distribution is ok-ish, but we’ve all seen the f**k ups to know he has more than a reasonable chance of giving a goal away, he doesn’t inspire confidence in his team mates and consequently panic sets in - frankly , he’s just not good enough - even for a number 2 - and there is nothing that can be done about his physical stature and lack of height. If I’m being honest I don’t think Mendy, for a team with PL & CL winning expectations, is good enough either, but he’s definitely light years
  13. I wondered if his team mates don’t trust him to control the pass and then do something meaningful with it ???
  14. I know what you mean and agree - he genuinely remonstrates with himself for not getting on the end of a ball but his lack of anticipation or gambling on being a couple of yards off the goal line to convert the many decent crosses we manage to deliver is so so frustrating. He’s not alone in that either btw.
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