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  1. I think it’s a question of sizism (is that a word?) @ 5’5’’ I guess he’s considered to be too small but hey, Little Legs Matter too, and coombsie 100% correct about free wheeling on a big contract and he isn’t the only one
  2. I NEVER said we were wrong to let him go, I questioned who made the decision that he could go (irrespective of who instigated the move) and yet still keep Hudson oh-dear - having seen oh-dear play on numerous occasions, I have never understood the fuss and frankly, in last nights game, saw more potential from Lamptey at either a wing back or a winger than I have ever seen from Oh-dear.
  3. I wasn’t put James up against Lamptey - truthfully, I didn’t really appreciate who Lamptey was before recent v Brighton games - he played ok and was probably correctly given MoM - My issue is and always has been is what do people see in Hudson oh-dear that I don’t see ? He’s too scared of making a mistake that he ends up doing nothing at all - don’t think he’s got it in him to be a top 4 squad player , I don’t think it’s a question of confidence I suspect it’s everything to do with a lack of ability imoh?
  4. I thought the point of a forum was to express views and opinion ? You don’t have to agree and you can bury your head as much as you wish, but winning 3-1 against a team that we were arguably the better side on the night and that will struggle to achieve better than mid table Isn’t good enough - in my opinion
  5. Besides, right back , shiltz back - there isn’t such a thing anymore in 21st century football - Playing multiple systems and formations the only differentiation between players now days is wether they use the left foot, right foot, both feet or their hands - that’s it as far as I can tell - hence my point about using an obviously talented player like Alonso as a forward rather than at the back , in a 4, 4,2 combo he looks suspect but play him in a 3 , 5 , 2 and he looks ok at the back
  6. Not really, my question is to question the decision makers at Chelsea who rate players like Hudson oh-dear as potentially going to “make it” , when it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t good enough for a top 4 premier league team - granted Lamptey May not be a top 4 player either, but he was better than most last night. I appreciate it’s not a crystal ball thing but these guys are supposed to be knowledgeable about this ??? Seriously reckon I could do no worse! Similarly, who gave Kepa - known by me as mike yarwood cause he does an terrible impression of a goalkeeper - the nod @ 70+ Million? Besides not being especially talented in the goal keeping dept , he’s way tooooooo small for a top 4 keeper , never mind Mendy why didn’t we go after Martinez ? A snip @ 16 million.
  7. On another note, how about converting Alonso into a no.9 - tall, athletic, good in the air, great left peg, excellent ball control - got to be worth a shout and would give Giroud and Abrahams a run I reckon ?
  8. Afternoon all, who was the numpty at CFC who released Lamptey cause they didn’t think he would “go all the way” but kept Hudson oh-dear cause, presumably, they thought he would ? Are Bayern Munich still interested ? Get rid asap, useless.

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