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  1. Why have you introduced colour into this, I never have? Not only have you falsely accused me of swearing at you, you now seem to be suggesting that there is some racist bent in my criticism of the player. You need to be very careful with what you put into print, you shouldn’t be allowed to make such insinuations and I would expect the moderators to acknowledge this and act accordingly …….let’s see?
  2. Completely understand, agree and duly noted. However I will not be accused of something that isn’t true and that I hadn’t done - perhaps defamation or libel should be added to the rules ? If I have upset any members with my post , then please accept my sincerest apologies.
  3. Oh dear, how disappointing! Ordinarily , I wouldn’t respond to your argument, it’s futile , but you’ve accused me of something that I hadn’t done - I didn’t swear at you and to say that I did defames my character. In case you don’t fully comprehend English enough to understand the nuances, let me give you an example; if I had said to you that you can continue to keep your f**king head up your arse as far as cho’s abilities are concerned you thick opinionated c**t - that would be me swearing directly at you and in such an instance you could call me out for having sworn at you but I didn’t , so don’t ! Finally, the way you carry on about odoi suggests that he is being victimised by successive managers in not being picked , when you should really be wondering “why doesn’t he get picked?” - putting all the conspiracy theories to one side , hmmmmmm, what could it be ???????? and bringing him on for the last 10 minutes is called ‘a Hail Mary’, ‘a shot to nothing’, ‘a last roll of the dice’ or as most people realise , shear desperation. The last word, should you choose, is yours, I shan’t be responding further.
  4. That exactly illustrates my point - CL game v Rennes I think, he forgot that he was supposed to track back and lucky for him and us, when he remembered, his pace got him out of trouble. As long as he has a hole that he sh*ts through, he will never be a wing back - imo. I don’t know about tough love, cute love, mother’s love or puppy love, I think he just needs to give it a proper good go and stop being scared about making a mistake or f**king up and prove if he has something to offer at this level rather than just turn up for the next 3 years going through the motions and taking the dough - in my parlance, it’s sh*t or bust time ?
  5. I think the biggest problem that he has is “settling for it” , it seems like he takes the easy option and doesn’t challenge himself, I honestly don’t think he believes in himself, he certainly isn’t a great reader of the game, all too often he seems to ball watch, switch off and forget what it is he is supposed to be doing, defensively he is a liability - I’m sorry , but he most definitely isn’t capable of playing wing back. He’s 2 years into a 5 year contract worth £120k a week , so on top of the £13 million he’s already gotten, he’s got almost £20 million guaranteed whether he plays or he doesn’t - he only has to worry about how to avoid the tax man and what to spend his money on. I could imagine a scenario where his ‘reputation’ will likely give him another contract with a lesser light club beyond 2024 at £60k a week , followed by a £20k a week in 2027, then it’s time to retire and do a bit of punditry?? Some people are stretched by the desire to achieve and some are not, I suspect he falls into the latter category. All IMO of course ?
  6. Luxury , luxury !!!!!!! it’s not a given that you get selected to play just because you exist, you have to earn the place and that’s what Mount and James have done and continue to do. It’s vexing that some people put cho and other youth team products on a pedestal and believe that because they are “ home grown” that they have a divine right to get picked regardless. He’s had opportunity upon opportunity to put his marker down in competitive matches, sometimes as a starter, and he consistently fails to do so - presumably he doesn’t impress in training too and that’s why he doesn’t get picked to start - it’s got f**k all to do with ‘luxury’ - imo. NB - It’s interesting that TT said recently that there is no where for Callum to hide this season ?
  7. If Roman really wants this guy, then do a deal now - add his release clause money to the fictional €150m and divide in half , so 150+75=225 , so half is €110 ish , and then loan him back. If Dortmund are out of the running for the league at Christmas, he comes then, if they still, realistically, have a shot at winning the league he stays and joins us in summer 2022? f**k knows if he will make it in the PL but sometimes you just gotta back ya sell and take a punt, albeit a very expensive punt, but faint heart never won fair maiden! God knows, we’ve bought some f**king pups in our time !!!! Besides, if we wait until next season we may not be as attractive and there will surely be lots of competition ? Sell Tammy for whatever the south London arsewipes will give and get Lewandowski for £50m as the 2/3 year stop gap and mentor (and what a stop gap he would be by the way !!!) then, bob’s ya uncle, fanny’s ya aunt, lulu’s ya cousin and the jobs a goodun Does that work for you ? Btw - Would love to get Chiesa too
  8. Oh I don’t say it will happen , what I say is stop f**king about trying to be a clever clogs and do everything you can to make it possible and if it doesn’t happen then you live without regrets and any ‘if only’s !’ Unlike some, I don’t get hung up spending Romans money !
  9. Fear of the unknown, lack of ambition, lack of confidence, too comfortable where they already are ???? but I suspect the biggest issue is not being able to communicate or understand another language and not being prepared to take yourself outside of your comfort zone to survive in a country where you are a foreigner. I spent 20 years working all over the world, fortunately the contract language was always English , so everyone had to speak in my mother tongue, it made work easier, but outside of that things could be difficult. I’m sure a lot of European and African players speak some English, but surely the English imports would almost have to learn the language of the country of the club that they signed to otherwise it doesn’t work does it ? Also, what an opportunity to learn another language and experience a new culture Mind you, Monkey chops Bale seems to have made it ‘work’, even if he is the most despised Galacticos in the history of RM ? (He’s also one of the richest too - no chance he is walking away early from his £600k a week contract)
  10. I read what you’ve written it makes me think that second best will do ? sadly Tammy will never be good enough, imo. There is much to like about TA the man, but like Nibs says, he flatters to deceive, he will find his level and will do an alright kinda job for a lesser club , but he’s not good enough to play at the highest level , again, imo. I wouldn’t have DCL either, he would definitely be an improvement, but I just don’t think he’s got ‘it’ - right now our stock is high on the back of winning big ears and RA has , seemingly, pockets full of Wonga to spend - I say let’s press ahead, make £150m bid for Haaland + agents/dads fees and chuck a player or two in to sweeten the deal for BD, let’s get Chiesa, Declan Rice, let’s put 110% trust and belief in TT and get him who he wants, let’s not miss this opportunity to build a lasting dynasty that will attract the best young stars of the future . Success begets success .
  11. The only thing that assures you game time is performance (or an injury cover selection) - if you are serious about playing for a CL winning club , you gotta be good, so go on loan and make sure your performance doesn’t give the manager any other option than to play you
  12. Well here’s a conundrum to contemplate , if TA was available to buy from another club, would Chelsea be interested in pursuing him ? I doubt it ?
  13. I only know of and about him by what I’ve read, I haven’t really seen him in action, but if he’s keen, I guess we need someone who can bang ‘em in ? Be really interesting to see how TT will accommodate the players , I wonder how he would set up with Haaland, Havertz, Mount, Werner and Pulisic at his disposal - Pep seems to be able to juggle and keep players onside - guess there are worse problems to have ?
  14. Take whatever anyone will stump up for him and I’ll pay his bus fare 🚌 With the right additions, Roman is on the verge of building a top quality management team and playing squad for the next 5+ years that can challenge for multiple PL and CL titles and whilst he may not have had a fair go at it and it may well be the ‘wrong’ set up for his particular skill set, but he’s piss poor attitude, sulky behaviour and general ‘can’t be arsed’ demeanour is cancerous and needs cutting out as soon as possible for fear that he infects and upsets some of the squad - imo.
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