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  1. The one thing I can say about RA without ever having met him is, I believe him to be a genuine football fan, so his reasons for buying the club are entirely differing to those of the glazers , FSG etc but as much as they are parasites, leeching and feeding off of the carcasses of the clubs that they legitimately own, purely for profit, I can’t get as upset about their antics when uefa and fifa have been shagging European and world football for as long as they existed and have been so unfair and spiteful of their treatment of England as a nation and English football teams. If ‘this’, whate
  2. There in lies the rub, without the revenue the PL can’t offer financially what it does now and so thereby it diminishes the ‘quality’ of the league which in turn reduces its global appeal, which in turn reduces the amount of overseas players , which reduces the prospective foreign investors , which in turn returns the game back to the 1970’s ..........hang on, you might be on to something here !!!!!
  3. Forbzy, it’s not so much about how competitive the league will be without the 6, as against how attractive it will be to the global audience - don’t see the excitement and clambering for a seat around the world for Everton against Palace as I do for the manc derby for example. I also think that a lot of folk don’t truely understand how UEFA/FIFA/FA/PL etc have pulled down footballs pants over the years and royally shagged the fans - seems to me that they might all be fearing their demise ? As they said in peaky blinders, ‘big f**ks small, always’ ?
  4. A question for you CB - I don’t have any agenda btw, just curious is all ? if the gang of 6 get expelled from the PL do you think the Premier League will survive without them ? Wouldn’t be sure that the tv revenue monies the PL currently attracts would be anywhere near the same without them ? I just can’t see Asia, Africa etc being that bothered as much, if at all, to watch Fulham v Burnley ?
  5. If clubs can bypass and over come the CL’s existing governing body, UEFA, by creating their own CL competition, albeit with a different name, ESL, then what’s to say that it can’t be done internationally. Think the corrupt f**kers that are UEFA & FIFA are throwing any kinda threat about to save them from extinction, but their hand may not be as strong as the believe or hope ?
  6. Sorry, you’ve lost me , what depends on whose got the bigger ego ?
  7. The way I see it , Real Madrid and Barca are both skint and can’t think of anyway to extort more money from their fans, sponsors or tv rights , so they have turned in and onto the uefa revenue stream to bolster their coffers, they can’t do it alone and so they have elicited the help of some others - willingly , it would seem? UEFA & FIFA are arguably the most corrupt governing bodies in existence, greedy, spiteful, vindictive c**ts , who deliberately and manipulatively orchestrated not to allow the World Cup tournament to be played out in England year after year for good reason other
  8. ...........and be replaced by who , another one of the band of six or Sheffield Utd ? Don’t underestimate the greed of the associations, FA, UEFA, FIFA, PL et al. - No way the FA are gonna give up on their cash cow big pay day in May imo, besides , Leicester are hardly much of a draw , the FA will want and need one of the “renegades’ to make it somewhat appealing to the global fan base , I mean Leicester v Sheffield Utd isn’t going to break tv audience viewing figures and the advertising executives will know this to imo ?
  9. It’s hard not to admire and like what TT has done so far - aside from the WBA game, which I think was part under estimation/over confidence by the players coupled with 10 v 11, chasing the game and Albion being very clinical. I try not to let emotion factor into my thinking too much if at all and like everyone have opinions about the team setup, players picked etc which will differ to some including Tommy, but I come back every time to the fact that he sees these guys train and play every day, so if he’s not picking players to start or be in the match day squad or is choosing them to be
  10. ........but is he in charge ? Now here’s the question - what is RA’s preference , top 4, FA Cup, second CL title or all 3 ?? In all honesty, I suspect that Roman will ‘talk’ with Tommy and ask for his thoughts before deciding and telling TT what to do ? I could be wrong ? but assuming it so, Tommy will act under instruction from the boss, so therefore, does TT think he has a squad that is capable of winning all 3 or will he advise to prioritise and focus on just one target ? If I was to guess how RA will think 🤔 of course he would want all 3 , who wouldn’t, but if TT doesn’t
  11. Don’t suppose you mean it to, but it’s massively presumptuous to assume that if BG plays, he performs at a level that makes him undropable - it could be argued that he has already had chances to show TT what he is about in some competitive matches and failed - remember the same manager sees BG every day in training and doesn’t think he’s better than the alternatives ? It’s a cliche but true nonetheless, TT will be judged on results and I imagine he wants a contract extension, so the better he does the more likely RA will be to put pen to paper on a handsomely rewarding, lengthy contract
  12. Or take him off, rap him up in cotton wool and save him for Tuesday night
  13. As a matter of interest, how long would you give him to make or break ? One of the interesting things I find about Werner is that, although he isn’t scoring goals, his threat and movement in and around the last 1/3rd of the pitch worries opposition defenders and gives them problems, whereas Tammy is fairly predictable and easy to read - let’s be honest, for a big guy, he’s no real threat in the air, he doesn’t really do holdup centre forward play very well and he goes to ground/falls over way too easily. I think average rated defenders find him easy to play. He seems a really decent
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