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  1. I've downloaded that but haven't tried it, is it good?
  2. At last Chelsea are back. Lets hope we haven't lost any momentum. Can we start Giroud for this please Tommy.
  3. WTF even is that down the sides. If that is actually the kit, I can safely say that is the worse shirt we have had in my existence.
  4. oh, it runs in the family then? . . . .
  5. I think Giroud needs to play every Champions League game. We can't rely on Werner just now.
  6. @ForeverCarefree What one do you use?
  7. He doesn't get stuck for any answers. I do get the impression he could be quite hot-headed, not quite Conte levels, but I bet he could get mad when he wants.
  8. It looks better than the last few seasons but agree that Adidas kits were far better.
  9. Thank you just. I don't know about the one you use, but when we ran IPTV via an app on the TV, it just kept going black screened where it was buffering. Is that one you mention reliable with buffering? My internet connection is good enough.
  10. Downloading now, a nice and small 90GB game size 😧
  11. That is the re-make right? I didn't realise it was free.
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