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  1. I was going to leave a notification on your profile and then I learned that your "rank" is sock cult princess....

    I have 2 things to say about this....

    1) it's not a cult

    2)how did you get that? Can we change our own ranks? I need to know because I have some excellent ideas on what rank to give myself

    1. CaitlinCFC


      It was given to me some weeks ago because I moaned about not being in the first team on getting to 100 posts. It was all in the Random topic. I didn't choose it 😔

    2. Malta Blue

      Malta Blue

      Damn I would love to choose my own, first team regular is boring

    3. CaitlinCFC


      I wanted that and tried to get to 100 so I wasn't the noob, but it must have been a higher amount of posts.

  2. Go without a replica trophy or get taped up down in a basement, tough choice.
  3. Can you give me one. I don't mind the ads really. I sometimes see ads for socks.
  4. No. He just uses me to get to you. We should join forces now.
  5. I don't think they realised it was a joke.
  6. Another scared away. You are good at this @Malta Blue
  7. It hurt reading his recent interview. I think he is trying to get on the right side of Madrid and their fans again. https://metro.co.uk/2021/06/01/how-real-madrid-eden-hazard-reacted-chelsea-champions-league-final-win-14682593/
  8. You know I am now holding you to everything you say right?
  9. I am his favourite remember, he did say as much. It is only fair if I am first in line.
  10. I think Eski got scared away when he heard the cult talk. Imagine joining up to a forum and this being your welcome topic 😀
  11. Being drunk or not and winning the Champions League as excuses, it is now too late to turn back. This will forever be etched on the web.
  12. It was the effort that you went to that did it I think.
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