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  1. No but wait until January and you'll be able to buy as many as you want.
  2. He didn't look too impressed at the end of the game yesterday as it was.
  3. Mendy and Chilwell confirmed in the squad for tomorrow, hopefully they get a start.
  4. I think that was going to be the case, a lot of people only saw his bad points.
  5. Why would we sell a player like him to a direct rival up the road. If he is not happy, sell him abroad. I cannot stand Arsenal, why make them stronger.
  6. Registering to the site with Twitter did not work yesterday. No biggie as it is easy to register to the site anyway. I thought I would bring it up in case it got broken with this update and people may want to join with their Twitter accounts.
  7. Nobody will remember any by the time everyone gets back in.
  8. I have a feeling he will be one of our better signings this season. Hoping he is back soon and stays fit.
  9. Hi all. I have been lurking around this forum for long enough now and thought it was time to actually join and say hello. It feels strange to actually post in it after reading for a while. Supported the club since I can remember and hope we can all get back to watching at the Bridge again soon. Hoping the new guys get a start soon and looking forward to see what the season brings. Go easy on me if I share opinions PS: I tried to login on the Twitter thing, but it didn't work so started a forum account.
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