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  1. When the schedule came out, I would have taken 13 out of 18 all-day, every day -- was hoping for 15/16 pts, but will take the 13. Do need 16+ for the next 6 to make a title reasonable.
  2. Agreed -- I am not terribly worried, to be honest. Offense wasn't fluid, but I don't think you can say it was dire. With Lukaku, we hopefully see the end of the false 9 experiment, and now we have THE guy to put it in the net. I think it will take pressure off the wingers and attacking midfield to have to convert and they can focus on creating. The byproduct is they will be more likely to convert with mental pressure decreased. Biggest worry is the schedule is harsh to start the season -- Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Man City. Nothing like throwing them in the cooker and seeing how the attack gels. Think the Pen Shootout win might actually be good thing -- get to overcome some adversity.
  3. Team was definitely rusty...but, gotta like overcoming pressure at the beginning of the season to win a cup! Look forward to seeing an actual Striker with guys like Mount, Werner, Puli and Havi playing off of him. Think it will be a night and day difference.
  4. Definitely a dislocation for Ziyech. Suffered that exact injury in the same way. It looked pretty light though, so I wonder if he's dislocated it in the past as that makes your joint very unstable and more susceptible to dislocation. If he has dislocated it in the past, he could be back in a few weeks. If it's the first dislocation that requires surgery -- it could be awhile. 😐
  5. The team. Don’t feel like you can choose 1 guy. Everyone played their role tonight. TT was genius level too.
  6. This —> Give Tuchel whatever. And get him Haaland. I can’t wait to see what he does next season — I think he fixes the offense with 4 dedicated attackers next season and a real striker. Genius stuff today.
  7. What a f**king win!!! Complete team effort — everyone worked their ass off.
  8. Tuchel pumping up the crowd is... *chef’s kiss* LOL
  9. That was really a slick play... sick flick by Puli to havertz, awesome hold up and pass by havertz. Think that was more good goalkeeping and defender keeping Puli on his shoulder than a choke. But damn...
  10. C’mon Puli... let’s finish it off. And please put him on the left-wing.
  11. Definitely — still not solidifying the center of the pitch (another forward). Odd.
  12. Thank God for Havertz!!!! What a calm touch, and sick pass from Mount. (Also, thanks Pep for having no DM)
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