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  1. Agreed --> if this is the tactics, I think Giroud needs to come on for havertz.
  2. Rudi makes 50 meter run with visions of being the hero... Timo says "nah."
  3. Kepa is the Werner of Goal-keepers. Or is it: Werner is the Kepa of Strikers? Might have to work-shop it...
  4. If Chelsea plays a similar next time, I think the game is crying out for Tammy or Giroud. Werner does test the back line with speed, but it feels like we can burn them on the wings and then need we need a striker to bury the cross.
  5. Well, I would have taken 1 - 1 with an away goal before the game. But, this feels like a missed opportunity to be up 1 or 2 goals.
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