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  1. Isn’t it obvious why he’s saying that? It’s called reverse psychology. He trying to get even more out of the players. It’s a motivational tactic. Honestly sometimes I think some of you only started watching football at the start of this decade.
  2. No they didn’t. We matched them for tempo. We had soo many chances but they were more clinical than us. On another day we win 0-2. Just one of them games. im happy with the progress we’re making under Lamps. The future is bright.
  3. He’s got more quality than Drogs and Costa. he’s been world class so far this season.
  4. Giroud is also a donkey. Our worst striker technically.
  5. We don’t play passive football what you talking about? Kante, Kovacic and Mount move the ball quickly. We have some of the nippiest wingers in the league and two very mobile forwards. The tactics are not the issue neither. The team just hasn’t gelled yet. Learn football.
  6. Tammy was our hardest working player today. He was actually one of the few who played with a bit of passion. you obviously have an agenda.
  7. No offence but you don’t seem to understand football properly. A blind person can see Lamps brand of football can be effective when it all comes together. Just give him time.
  8. Haaland’s movement is electric. He’s also an excellent dribbler. The problem is not a tactical issue. We play very good football. Just some of the players are short on confidence and guys like Timo and Kai haven’t adapted yet. When the team gels and it all clicks watch us go.
  9. He absolutely should stay. Personally I think he’s been outstanding in his 18 months with as boss. We’re going through a blip but tactically he’s shown he can go toe to toe with the best managers. Just give him time. He needs more players. If we can get Haaland next season our front two would be unplayable.
  10. Yeah very been inconsistent. I think defenders have sussed out to nullify him. He’s slow and lightweight. We should sell him in the summer while his value is still high. I’d be happy to take 35m for him.
  11. We’ve walloped a few teams this season. What you on about.
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