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  1. Complaining in the sense of expressing one's opinion is fine, but if it crosses over to abuse or mindless name-calling then it is not fine. You can not be a fan of Mount yet still stay respectful, which I think most have been on here. I don't know exactly what people are saying on social media at the moment because I don't read them, but I imagine that it can get very disrespectful from the things I've heard.
  2. Seen the discussion on here about social media "fans"... Does anybody actually read them? Like read read, with thought and consideration, not just for amusement... I don't use twitter but sometimes I stumble upon on it or read comments on facebook just for the laughs. 😄 There have been retarded people posting from the day social media platforms were first invented, nothing new here that football players (or public figures in general) are getting flamed for nothing. Pointless trying to understand their reasonings as there are none, a large portion are just plain dumb f**ks. Social medias are li
  3. Agüero would be a cheaper option as he will be available for free. He could be a great squad option, providing cover and competition for the ST position. Downsides are his age and injury proneness, which is why he would not probably be automatic first choice, but a rotational/tactical option. However if he manages to keep fit, he could still provide world class performances for us. Tho doubtful that he would like our 1, max 2 year offer. He could cash in elsewhere on a more lucrative deal if that's what he wants. My first choice would obviously be Haaland, as would everybody's. Failing to
  4. Very similar playing style to Conte when he first switched to 3-4-3, CHO's marauding runs akin to Moses when he was tearing sh*t up at RWB. Overload the middle and create space for the wings, works very well, much more thoughtful than random crossing under Frank when we wouldn't even consider playing through the middle. We have an element of surprise going for us, However, it's a matter of time until teams start finding us out. Conte couldn't adapt to that, hopefully Tuchel is more flexible tactically.
  5. Only if we persist with wing-backs would it be worth to give him a shot. In a 4-man backline he's proven to be a huge liability.
  6. Was our best player once he came on, made things happen. Should have come on sooner. Has to start against Burnley.
  7. Take off Jorginho, what's the point of him? Bring on Mount. And Tammy.
  8. Sure, Sarri ended up being a disappointment, but at first it was exciting because of how Napoli had been playing under him. Fast, direct, exciting football. I was just saying that no way was he a more underwhelming appointment than Grant in Abramovich's era, but to each their own.
  9. At some point in that training video he asked them to play a quick one-two. I like that because it looked like they'd forgotten how to do it lately. I like the idea of 3-5-2 for this game. Chilwell and James are good enough attacking wise to act as auxiliary wingers stretching the pitch. Werner can then hopefully continue playing together with Tammy up top. Mendy Azpi - Silva - Zouma James - Gilmour - Mount - Chilwell Havertz Abraham - Werner
  10. Sarri, who came off back exciting seasons with Napoli and had a playing style so distinguishable it was named after him? We wanted to become an attacking team after enduring Mou's and Conte's cowardly sh*tshows towards the end of their tenures, and got who was at the time regarded as one of the best attacking coaches in the world. I personally was excited. Now Avram Grant is another story... From The Special One to a complete unknown... now THAT was underwhelming.
  11. 4th We have a history of doing much better and achieving our targets after changing managers mid-season. The honeymood period has to be really, really strong in this case however, but I believe in the end we'll make it there after a couple of teams above us implode. Still a long way to go though and anything can happen.
  12. Not a rumour, but couldn't find a better thread to post this in (oddly no Oscar thread popped up in search). Oscar: 'I would like to return to Chelsea to end my career' | Chelsea | The Guardian Where next? “I don’t think about leaving China,” says the 29-year-old. “There is a great project for me here. But, to end my career, I would like to return to Chelsea. I built a beautiful story there and went to the Premier League very young, at a time when fans did not trust Brazilian players that much. I helped change that. I’ll be a bit older when I try this move again but, as I am playing
  13. Mount will have a task on his hand now. He was easily one of Frank's favourites, but what made him a favourite to Frank doesn't necessarily make him one for another manager, they may be looking for different qualities than what he can offer. But ultimately it's up to him now, no more favouritism, no more mentoring.. he has to prove himself all over again.
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