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  1. I expect him to get more minutes as the campaign goes on. As we saw yesterday now that the squad is even more complete than last season we will see more variations like all 3 of our main midfielders on at the same time and in our front two case our only recognised strikers on at the same time. Tuchel knows what he's doing we just have to be patient and we will see more Timo. Getting an assist won't have done his cause any harm, it would help if he scored but, we can see he gets into very good positions. Surely with the added confidence of the team especially Lukaku trusting him and trying to help him score I think we see a more clinical Timo this season.
  2. He's thinking too much when it comes to shooting whereas when it comes to passing he's using his instinct. I don't know when but, it will come back. For example Lukaku layer it off perfectly for him and an in form confident Werner striker that 1st time into the corner. Current Timo takes a touch and the chance is gone.
  3. Say what you want about Timo not scoring enough it's a confidence thing. But, he creates goals that much is clear when you watch him play
  4. It's coming lads one more good chance and we'll make it 3 for us
  5. Ngolo Ngolo!! Honestly name a better midfield 3 than Kante, Kova and Jorgehh now we have cover in the form of Saul and I suppose Mount TT can play all 3 more often and it's a very good trio to have at the same time
  6. Ohhhhhh Thiagoo Silllvaaaaa. Tommy changes putting in the work already we have control. Now spurs open up again and we need to punish them on the counter
  7. Definitely would like to see Timo I think he has a great final ball his playmaking is underrated imo he's not just a goalscorer or supposed goalscorer. His pace in transition could be crucial this game. Didn't expect spurs to play so open, considering how they've played this season so far I figured they would sit back.
  8. Lads let's hope that the super cup win has given Kepa the confidence to go big when we need him this season. We were always going to have to rely on him because of the African Cup. He's helped us win a trophy already this season let's believe in him. We dont give away too many chances anyway let's hope when he's called into action he does his job.
  9. I just hope they give us the five star rating. Ever since Eden left they've made us 4 and a half. Tbh I got it in Lamps first season but, last season we added 4, 85 rated players (Timo, Kai, Hakim and Silva) it made no sense we stayed as a 4 and a half star team. Not to mention we won the Europa off the back of that downgrade. But, surely winning the ucl having Kante go up to 90 and bringing in Romelu who is an 88 will be enough to boost us up. Also Thomas Tuchel wasn't even in the game last year so here's hoping he will be this year.
  10. This is the kind of age where we get to see him start to mature a bit as a player. I hope to see him really kick on soon he has so much talent.
  11. I doubt it would happen but, I'd rather we just resign him for another 2 seasons where we say here have your £200k a week and now you have to justify it. Rather than signing him to a long-term deal we just give him a bumper deal. He won't be too old when it would be over and there is still time to evaluate whether we want him for the longer term. Crucially we would also expect Tuchel to still be here after 2 more seasons or at least for another 2 seasons and we would assume that Toni would keep his level under these conditions.
  12. I'm not worried he'll get game time, anyone who doesn't have an agenda against Timo knows he's a top quality player. Forget goals for a minute his all around game is world class. Devastating player on the counter, he can provide goals or more recently elite level assists. He's a hardworking forward in and out of possession that's an important distinction. I think Timo suffers because the team is winning without him at the moment and as others have mentioned some games may have not suited him like last night. Again as its been posted on here when he gets his chance he needs to grasp it otherwise he may be waiting a while for his next chance. Considering teams like Dortmund, Bayern and Real still get regularly linked with him just shows he is valued highly by top teams and coaches. I think in almost every team in the world he would start bar a handful and even some of those could be debatable.
  13. There he is again big Rom baby! Elite player Despite the belief there is that Timo doesn't work against packed defences I would like to see him here. Not specifically because I think he'll score but, I could see him getting an assist on the counter now they will open up because they need a goal.
  14. We'll come out better next half lads TT will set them straight with the half time talk. Move the ball quicker and stop the loose balls. If we score 1st they open up and we hit them on the counter to make it 2-0 and from there it should be over. We need to shoot on sight, a few times we've played the ball into the packed box and Lukaku has tried to lay it off, we need to keep doing this and shoot first touch.
  15. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/09/13/new-chelsea-ratings-revealed-for-fifa-22?utm_source=tw&utm_medium=orgsoc&utm_campaign=none For those that play the game or care about the ratings. It's nice EA decided to give some players a well due rating increase.
  16. World class football that. Kova, Lukaku I'm liking what I'm seeing
  17. Really hope to see Ziyech get some proper mins this game whether it's from the start or a 60/65 min sub. Think Hakim and Romelu would work really well together. As many have already mentioned his pre season form was immaculate.
  18. Thats not entirely correct, just because they were all brought in as first team quality doesn't mean they were all meant to start every single game. There would literally be no one to rotate in with them mid to late game. Barkley and CHO that's it. It's quite simple Frank saw Kai havertz as a number 8 there's plenty of articles out there confirming this. Frank wanted to play 433 and saw Mason and Kai as perfect dual 8s. The position he played himself where they would arrive late into the box. https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/club-news/frank-lampard-names-position-that-chelsea-star-kai-havertz-suits/amp/ https://www.chelseafc.com/en/videos/v/2021/01/15/ask-frank---lampard-on-kai-havertz-s-best-position--scott-parker-1Rxan7aN You seemed to have missed my point, it's not that Frank was trying to juggle all the attacking talent which he was and that's why his system was too top heavy. I was merely pointing out the difference in opinion between Frank, Thomas and Hansi. Clearly they see Kai's best position differently which I thought was interesting since he's such an adaptable player.
  19. I believe it was the first game we got a penalty under Tuchel. Jorginho was reinstated as our first choice pen taker after Lamps took him off for Timo
  20. I couldn't agree more, if you look at our squad at least in terms of last season even though he had the most minutes Timo is the most likely player to be involved in a goal for us. Aside from Lukaku of course who looks likely to score whenever he has the ball in the box. If Timo regains his confidence we have exactly what we need to challenge for the Prem two top marksmen surrounded by creative players like Kai, Mason, Hakim and Christian. Not to mention Marcos, Callum, Ben and Reece who are all capable of putting in great balls into the box.
  21. I still think Tuchel has a good chance of convincing Rudi to stay, personally I wont be too fussed if he leaves if we win the prem this season he would have completed his job with us. He wants managerial stability just like the rest of us. If we get at least 3 full seasons of Tuchel I'll be a very happy man.
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