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  1. That's what happens when we actually make changes though we score goals. I still think we win this game with Lukaku and or Werner up top just not as emphatically. Although Tuchel himself may not actually call it false 9 to the media we all know when Kai plays through the middle that's what we're playing. False 9 makes a difference imo and if it doesn't, one way or another we'll come to find out more in the new couple of fixtures without our more orthodox strikers.
  2. Devastating!! Again even without Kai its false 9 right now and we continue to have off the ball runners we overload the box this is a proper attacking team performance
  3. Good chance for Ziyech to try and regain some of that pre season form. Expect Ross to prove a difference and create or score one
  4. Looool 10 men this could either end 5-0 or a cricket score depends how they approach it. I assume they will dig deep and do damage control. Now are we good enough to break them down further? Lay down a real marker to the rest of the division
  5. Dont quote me but, I believe this is the highest scoring game in the Tuchel era?
  6. It's always been a good way to utilise a squad and create overloads from deep runners. I think Tuchel will have some food for thought after this game. Perhaps the answer is to play Kai through the middle and Lukaku slightly wider when Kai drops deep Rom runs into the space
  7. With considerations to the opponent, the false 9 has been used two games in a row now due to necessity and has yielded 4 goals make of that what you will.
  8. For those that are complaining about Kai almost all of our attacks have been because he vacates the space in the middle, the defenders follow him and we basically get the space for a shot. Say what you want about his output but, the boy's movement is brilliant
  9. Emphatic wow Reece, love Azpil but Reece has to play wb the attacking threat he poses is phenomenal
  10. Haven't seen him doing anything wrong yet really his movement has been good dropping deep making space in behind for lots of players
  11. Kovacic also good job, its not been consistent enough for me this season however Kovacic has at least tried to play more positive this season. More attempts at balls in behind
  12. The Lion purs and CHO shows his teeth this is what we've been waiting from him!
  13. That's what he can do, and we know it! So technically sound I want to see more of this from Mason. Top goal!
  14. That's fair and I can't argue he would be anywhere near the player we used to have. I just see it more like when Drogba came back it's not a signing we need more like a squad player who's a legend and we would be doing a favour to offering a respite from a torturous experience. Again I'd ask people if he was theoretically available for £30-40m would you rather see him play for another epl team or psg/Bayern were they to take a punt, heck even a loan?
  15. I think Havertz will take this opportunity false 9 is by far the best he's ever looked in a Chelsea shirt, Mount looks to be back at his best and CHO looks good playing in his actual position. Say what you want about our attackers struggling to score but, at least we have tons of them how many teams in the world could cope with Lukaku, Werner and Pulisic all out at the same time whether you rate these players or not there's no denying they are valuable assets to any club. Yet we still have Mount, Havertz, CHO and Ziyech as forwards/AMS add in Ruben and Ross and it looks like we should be able to cope.
  16. There's nothing to say he wont be just as unavailable as Pulisic has been for us the point is, if he's to leave Madrid we might as well have him back. I'm well aware of our history with injuries and buying players past their prime. I think for everything he has accomplished with this club if anyone should pick him up after his nightmare at Madrid it should be us.
  17. It's true, would be interesting to see a CHO, Kai and Mason front 3 start vs Norwich. Seems like a go balance especially with Kai in the false 9
  18. As great as it is to be 2-0 up this injury overshadows it slightly let's hope its not too serious 🤞🏿. And so for the first time since match day 1 of the prem our ucl final front 3 play together
  19. That was a bad miss but, let's hope that wakes Timo up aha 😅
  20. 5th stand says 3421 Mount and Wernee just behind Lukaku
  21. This is the issue that needs addressing, we can all see that we're not the same team as last season. The pros vs the cons of Lukaku signing had to have been weighed up by Tuchel, his coaches and the board. There must be a solution otherwise this looks like poor planning. Plain and simple we needed to score more goals and brought in an elite striker, yet we don't play to his strengths whilst also recently playing in a way that highlights his limitations. Rom should be fit enough to press much more aggressively but, the fact remains that he looks so much better at the point of a front 3 than in a duo in which he has less passing options. I think 352 is more of an issue than a solution whether I'm right or Tuchel sees this is another debate entirely. Our pressing game looks so much worse in 352 than 343 I also don't see why we would even need to change to 352 since 343 actually offers more midfield overload and passing options it just seems like a less obsolete system for this team when maximising output. If you're playing 352 with this squad then it needs to be 3412 with the AM popping up in the hole with the sole responsibility to thread the attack and defense together rather than having 2 8s in a 352 who can't shoot or assist. Either way though you lose a body when playing out, because even when Timo drops deep in a 352 it again leaves Lukau isolated. Lukaku needs at least two players he can knock the ball off to who will run in behind and allow him time to get into the box. If you add in the wingbacks in a 3421 then he should have 4 options whereas in a 352 its more like 3 consistent options and occasionally a overlapping midfielder.
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