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  1. He's for the most part made the defense a fortress and that is very important, we're not conceding so we're not losing. I refuse to blame him for our struggling attack. Just as with Frank and Sarri to a certain extent they have tried to get us playing a certain way in attack and for some reason the players don't respond. Hope we get top 4 so Tuchel stays, would really be interesting to see Tuchel's chelsea. What that formation and playing staff would consist of and how we attack after a pre season.
  2. Tbh I still think Tommy is doing a good job we're not losing so that's positive. Aside from that though there is no spark in attack and I'm not sure how we can make it top 4 without one. Of all the teams competeing for the top 4 it's the team we play next I fear the most. They have the highest ceiling, were liverpool to recover their form we have to rely on a Leicester collapse again. However if we grind out our 1-0/2-0 wins for the rest of the season with a few draws sprinkled in and average the magic 2 points per game for the rest of the season we should be ok.
  3. Not one player attacked that but omg that counter we got away with that
  4. Please Puli score or assist so Tommy gives you more game time. Show the world what you did last year!!
  5. Ziyech off for Werner 70 min? Maybe hoping he can thread one through before he goes off
  6. If we score first I can see a 1-0 win but that's if we keep it tight at the back for the next 35 mins and actually shoot more
  7. Last couple seasons really just highlight how elite Hazard was. How can one man carry so many players in the fiinal third I'll never know.
  8. Much better but if he had aimed the other side of the net that's almost a certain goal
  9. I'm a fan of Ziyech but maybe he just isn't cut for this league. You get a lot of the ball when you play in Ajax but mostly importantly you get space when receiving the ball. Very different in the prem, you get pressed to death. His first touch lets him down about 50% of the time
  10. With the way we're playing looking more like a 0-0 have to really pull our finger out next half. Did we even have a shot on target?
  11. Maybe some half time subs from Tommy, Werner for Ziyech and it would nice to see Puli not sure who for though
  12. Constant back passing, asking them to press us in our box smh
  13. Really need a pacey forward if you're playing Ziyech to get in behind. Right now we have no outlet
  14. Ziyech will play the creative fulcrum rather than Kova, who will instead be tasked to sit deeper for this one. Kante like a few have mentioned will probably be looking to neutralise Bruno. Chillwell again added pace to make the team more defensively sound. Seems like Tommy thought this one through, and again as others mentioned Werner or Pulisic on late to cause trouble to their defenders tired legs.
  15. Damn that is a speedy team, we're going to have be so alert to the counter no lapses in concentration
  16. Hmmm no Jorginho interesting. Ziyech start I'm happy to see hopefully he can justify his selection. Have to admit either Tommy is treating Pulisic like a priceless vase, or he doesn't rate him to start in prem surely it has to be the former.
  17. Big game, if we rise to the occasion we should be able to get the job done Atletico are a better side than these. Another chance to beat a team above us and close the gap. Give them something to worry about the race for the top 4 is far from over!
  18. Wow I'm surprised at this take tbh. Even if you disregard the fact that PSG is built to win the ligue 1 every year. The guy still built a system to accommodate Neymar and Mbappe in which they thrived. Which sounds easier said than done. He took a burn out Dortmund after Klopp left and repackaged them as an exciting attacking team. Beat some of the best teams and coaches in the world with PSG during his two and a half year stint in the ucl. Real tactical masterclasses like against Liverpool and Real Madrid. Unbeaten at home in the league with Dortmund, that's 2 whole seasons pretty mad if you ask me. His win rate is insane at both Dortmund and PSG 63% and 75% respectively rounded up. Although the format was unusual he also got to the finals of a champions league. I don't think we can really say he's tier 1 or 2 until he has a full season in the prem.
  19. I think TT is more motivated to win this than we are ahaha and that's saying something. I can understand why he would have been in a dark place after they knocked him out of the ucl. To lose because your team conceded a 90 minute penalty that KO on away goals....you don't get a finer margin than that.
  20. Where Haaland is concerned I think its all a domino effect. City can't afford Messi and Haaland, PSG can't afford Messi and Mbappe. Real Madrid can't afford Mbappe and Haaland. So it comes down to which player each team decides to prioritise. Whoever shows the most interest and is willing to put up the funds likely gets him and if the smoke is to be believed that could be us. Since we're not realistically after Messi or Mbapps, we have a decent shout my only fear is who do we go for if he chooses someone else.
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