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  1. With the playstyle of Ralph and Southam this game feels tailor made for us to really utilise forward passes like Mount and runners like Timo. Rather than play Ziyech and Kai I'd like to see Thomas give both players a break, even CHO seems suited to this game so I rather see him at wb and Azpil at rcb. My only worry is Ralph throws a curveball, if he's been watching us recently we've really struggled to play vs a low block and were he to switch his tactics for this game then we may struggle again to break them down. Loftus-Cheek is knocking on the door to start and I'd love to out him in my starting line up but, if they are to play a high press fame then we may need to stick with the most press resistant duo in Europe. Mendy Azpil Christensen Rudi CHO Jorginho Kovacic Chilwell Mount Werner Lukaku If we wanted to throw a curveball we could bench Rom and play Havertz false 9. Very unlikely but, we should still see some rotation in the striker position I don't think Lukaku should play every league game even with the price we payed, we don't want to burn him out too early this will be a title race for the ages.
  2. I'm assuming this is a joke? 😂 Even so as frustrated as some of us have been with recent games I doubt Abram is too concerned. Unless of course he's straight up used the owner card, this is my club and I as a fan of football want to see attractive football why am I not? I mean realistically this is a question he may be asking himself, he's always lusted after the type of football City and to an extent Liverpool play now and wanted to bring it to England himself. Through all the different exotic managers he's brought in he's never really found it (Carlo was probably the most attacking). I can imagine when Tuchel was sold to him he was led to believe he would bring an attacking brand of football and while the circumstances last season meant we had to play a certain way. Now it's a new season we don't really have an excuse as to why we need 7-8 defensive players on the pitch at the same time (incl goalie). Edit: We know Abram tolerates 'negative' football as long as it wins trophies so I'm still certain he wouldn't be looking to speak to Thomas about recent form just yet
  3. If Werner leaves after 2 seasons I will be very disappointed. If its because of lack of game time I'll be even more disappointed because at least when he plays we actually look more entertaining through the chances that inevitably arise from having raw pace and a player to run in behind. Sarri would have loved to work with him and I can imagine so would Conte and Jose. Look at Bayern under Nagelsmann they look rampant and he wants Timo and you can only imagine not only would he be able to get the best out of him, he'll make him look world class and we'll be wondering why this keeps happening to us regarding top talents that don't work out regularly enough. For how all our attackers (not inc Lukaku) have been performing so far this season there's no reason Timo should be benched. Whilst others are given continous opportunities to be played into form when he isn't seems strange. We can't even use the argument we've played against opponents that only park the bus Arsenal, Spurs were open games and so was Villa in the league. Edit: Flick also wanted to work with him and despite his 1 big miss in the international break he still scored 3 goals in 3 games.
  4. I'm not going off just this season just both their tenures including both of their forms before injury. 18/19 CHO had me excited for a youth product for the first time in a long while alongside Ruben. Also I'm one of the most critical of CHO because I know what he should be doing and what he's capable off. He is a very good passer of the ball, he can cross well on occasions but, his shooting let's him down. Lowest I'd go for CHO is 5.5 but I'll stick with the 6. Ziyech gets the 6 because he contributed in big games last season, yes he was anonymous in a lot of games but, he did score vs City twice, Athletico, Villarreal in a cup final and before his second injury under Lamps he looked like the best player in the team.
  5. Ruben, Timo and Chillwell all need to come into the team this weekend. If anything the team looks burnt out. Isn't the point of having a good squad the ability to rotate? Timo will offer something different up top a player to run in behind, Ruben will drive forward and look to play earlier balls in transition or drag players out of position to lay off to the fwds. Chilly B will offer security in defense.
  6. I'm disappointed at how he has been managed this season tbh. Look I don't want to be overly critical of a man that has done a lot for our club in a short amount of time I love me some Tommy Tuchel. But, what happened to rotation I get playing a player when they're in form however, with the pace and high level of play that we compete in the wingback is a position that definitely needs rotation because if you're playing two matches a week and 90 mins for most of them you will burn out quick it's a very demanding position.
  7. After last night I won't lie I was very disappointed not so much in the result but, at the same thing we have seen from our team again and again. More often than not we lack the entertainment factor. I don't mind having tight games but, only if we win. Obviously we would all love to blow teams away 3,4 even 5-0 but, it's just not happening at the moment. I watched almost every other UCL game and all the other teams attack so quickly and fluid to score goals why are we so slow and laboured? I'm convinced there is 3 reasons. 1 not enough players make runs behind the defense in transition. 2. Not enough players have the confidence or the quality to play passes between the lines in transition or through a packed box. 3. The formation plays fewer attackers so by virtue fewer natural goalscorers and advanced playmakers. Conclusion 2 came about from 2 or 3 passages of play down the left involving Hakim and Marcos. Ball played to Alonso in transition there's only 2 defensive players on the left hand side and a gap opens through the middle rather than play Hakim in through the gap twice Marcos played the past down the wing. We see this way too often. I don't buy this squad cannot play 4atb we have 4cbs, 2lbs and 2 rbs. I'm sorry but, there has to be a variation that works. Same with the midfield we don't have to move away from the pivot we could play 4231 if 433 feels to open. Kante, Kova and Jorginho could all play in the dm roles and potentially Barkley and Mount too. In the Am role Kai, Ruben, Ross, Mason, Christian, Hakim and even Werner can operate. On the left the same can be said but add in CHO who can also play on the right. Heck you can even play Alonso LAM as some sort of asymmetrical 2030 advanced footballing tactic idk but, the point is everyone has opinions on the matter including Tuchel and whilst he is the expert until he actually tries something, anything else all it ever will be is theory. But, my theory is we need more cooks or chefs in the kitchen=more natural creative players on at the same time. Before the wheels came off sure we conceded under Frank but, we also scored quite a few goals a game too where has the link up play gone? We scored more goals because we allowed opposing teams to come onto us more. By controlling the game as much as we do we always run the risk to be countered and subsequently shut out by our opponents. We saw two starkly different approaches from Pep and Allegri yet they both worked. Either press us to death or pack the box either way we will struggle. How can we have 16 shots but only 1 on target? What that tells me is Juve defend well but, we are also lacking the right players to pick the lock. Barkley played in Rom with a good ball and that was sorely missing throughout the game.
  8. For those that wonder why some of us want more Timo Werner despite his misses it's because he's a difference maker. The argument that gets thrown at Timo Werner's performance last season is that he underperformed as a striker and didn't score enough goals. We can debunk this to an extent by explaining there was always going to be a drop off in goal return due to him adjusting to a new league and overperforming in his final season at RB (compared to his usual goal return). Again because I think people seem to undermine this achievement let me say it again he is the first Chelsea player to get at least 10 goals and 10 assists in his debut season since Eden Hazard not bad company. He was the most productive player for us last season, people say that's because he played more than others...yes because he was one of our most valuable players to the style we wanted to play in terms of not just scoring or creating chances but, also off the ball movement. So alongside Mount he will get more minutes than others. He hasn't played as much this season and in some games you can see we really lack his off ball movement. It cannot be emphasised enough how hard he is for opposing defenders to manage. No he shouldn't start every game I don't think anyone in our squad should and this is coming from a big Mason and Lukaku fan. Nobody should be untouchable in this team we want everyone at a high level to be able to come in and out of the team ofc having a standard attacking combination couldn't do us any harm at this point as we search for chemistry. Take away his goals and assists for a minute and think about his work off the ball, pressing/closing down lose balls, and all around unselfishness to work for the team. I can't see how people wouldn't want him to play. He evolved as a player right before our eyes last season from simply a goal scorer to a creative force. How can you knock a guy who understands his weaknesses (lost confidence) and then adapts to remain useful. He is a very intelligent player but, he currently lacks trust in himself rather than instinctively finishing he now over thinks and takes too many touches before shooting but, when he looks to provide the assist it's pinpoint perfect. Some people think highlights aren't good enough indicators of how good or bad a player is and that's why youtube isn't the best for analysing players. I agree in this instance because it doesn't show how hard he works for the team. Here in this video you can see how confident he was at the start of last season and how clinical he is as a playmaker. Nobody not Pep or Klopp wants him running at their defense, teams may pack the box and make it hard for him to utilise his speed but, that's why Lukaku is here, add in another 10 to play RF (Mount, Havertz, Ziyech, Puisic or CHO) and play to Rom & Timo strengths. One scores goals the other creates now all we need is somebody to get the ball to them.
  9. Worrying stat that, I said at the start of the season we needed that Hazard like player to go along with Lukaku to carry the burden we are yet to see anyone step up. Sadly Timo got one chance and it's not exactly the best game to judge him on.
  10. I'm actually convinced after reading this the flaw in the system is we are too defensively good. Dominating the possesion like you said means we very rarely counter attack which is to the strengths of just about every attacker in our team, not to mention Kante looks good I'm a possession based team but on counter attack boy is he devastating.
  11. Mate I've been the first one to point all of this out but, I'm starting to come around to the ideas of others regarding the shape. I don't want to play like this all season and come up short of a title because then essentially watching the drab football was for nothing. I can stomach not scoring lots of goals if it means we win games and don't conceded but, you have to be aware that no system in world football is sustainable completely. To be found out once or twice is fine but, when everyone starts to play like this vs us it's just going to make games less enjoyable to watch and then you start looking forward to the games less and less. I'm not trying to be negative and I don't think anyone else is who wants to see us at least attempt a back 4. I'm just talking about wanting to see more entertaining football nothing else. I also think it's a dangerous mentality to have to think we can only play 3 atb it gives players and the coach an excuse not to change things. Let's not forget Lamps went on an unbeaten streak with 4atb as did Sarri (Hazard definitely a factor)
  12. Maybe they lost some fans to united when Ronaldo left
  13. Not including penalties Kai scored 9 goals and assisted 5. I think officially he was credited with 7 assists. For a 21 year old that's not amazing but, its certainly not awful in a debut season with Covid. The point I'm making and that's why it is fair to compare him to KDB and Salah is that we didn't know how good those players could become and we don't know now how good Kai could be. What we do know is we need to be more patient with our youngsters rather than shipping them off because they are too inconsistent or not 'Chelsea' quality. Say what you want about the lad but, he's scored the most important goal for us in the last 9 seasons. He has 1 goal in the UCL and it just happens to be the winning goal, let's not under value a UCL final goal. Short list of players that have scored in UCL finals off the top of my head I'll go somewhat recently (Messi, CR7, Drogba, Lamps, Bale, Salah, Mane, Benzema, Neymar, Gundogan, Robben and the list goes on and on). This is elite company, finals are always meant to be tight affairs since they are contested by the best two teams of that season, to score and win is a legacy. Now he must build upon this and I back him to do so. Modest 1st season, yet legendary all the same.
  14. Also how good does this look?! The 2012 ucl anniversary kit is said to be black and gold and they've done a mock up. I think this is spicy
  15. I've seen enough to know his future is promising and trust me when I say we're better it's with us than another team mark these words. We don't want to sell players that score in ucl finals, we don't need another Salah or KDB. Listen for me all he's missing is a bt more strength if he bulks up a bit more he will find it much easier to succeed in the prem. he gets barged off the ball too often and needs to work on guarding it better. At least he tries to dribble and make intricate plays in around the box unlike some who just pass side to side with very little penetration. At least he's trying to score a header for us in the dying minutes yeah it didn't come off but these are th players you want in your team. It's been said that Kai is a bit of a reverse Fabergas in that rather than starting fast and slowly burning out as the season goes on and dying off by January, Kai is the complete opposite. He can start a season slowly and then burst into life in the second half of the campaign. He's done it at Bayern (most recently his last season there) and he did it for us again last season (Covid could have played a part). Judge Kai after the season has finished I'm sure he's still got some magic moments to come this campaign.
  16. It's so frustrating because he looks world class gets injured and comes back and is average. There's not much else to be said, one way or the other I think he is still a valuable squad member but, as thing stand he's not a starter for me until he provides more end product.
  17. Give him a chance in the front 3 though, everyone has played part of the 3 except him I think when Havertz came on against City he was behind the two front men in a 3412. I'm not saying he's the answer to all our problems but, we don't create chances he can at least assist I don't see the harm. If you ask me we need to see Mount, Werner and Lukaku start once and then we need to see Mount Havertz and Werner again this season. That's all I'm asking from Tommy
  18. I'd give Pulisic a 6.5 purely because I think he's better than just above average. He's shown blistering form which helped take us to top 4 in his debut season. He scored in his 1st ever ucl semi final and assiste in the 2nd leg. On song devastating player and I think rival fans know it, a fit confident Pulisic in 2 years could destroy this league he just needs to stay healthy and continue to hone his craft. Hazard 9.5 yeah I'll fan boy a little, if you're the best player in the league you're not a 9. Some days he touched Messi level in terms of not only goals but, performance because you could say all you want about cr7 (I'm a big fan) as he got older his style changed he wouldn't rip through a team like Messi or Eden in fact what Hazard did in his last season some of those goals were truly breathtaking. My favourite Chelsea player of all time. Had he not been obsessed with Madrid perhaps he could have touched truly legendary status (I think he is a legend just not the extent of some of our other greats). I agree with all the other ratings CHO 6 Ziyech 6 Werner not exactly a winger more an inside fwd but I'll still rate him 7 since he was a creative force last season how many times did he run down the wing and put on a plate.
  19. I love Tuchel but, no one is above critique. I'll keep this short and sweet. We play 3421 I like the system but, it's not good enough at creating clear cut chances for our team not our forwards our team big distinction. Maybe we don't have enough natural goalscorers throughout our squad who knows. Either way Klopp and Pep for the most part (I know Liverpool can be very open at times) have found a way to create a balance in their teams. They create large volumes of clear cut chances, whilst maintaining strong defences. I know TT can do so as well, I'm just starting to think what's the harm of trying a back 4 we still have Silva for a season, Trevor is an option. If Rudi wants a big contract he better show he can work in a 2 same with Andreas at the end of the day we won't play 3atb forever.....or will we Edit: Also I think a lot has changed since when TT came in, no one here is dense we understand this job is a hotseat it's win or be replaced. Is he so sure that 3 atb is better than anything he can come up with using a 4 man defense or is he too scared to try something new?
  20. At this rate Ruben will break into the starting 11 in no time
  21. That's what disappointed me the most about this game. He is very creative more than Ziyech in terms of actual assists, although I do see some good passes and chances created from Hakim that should be goals so he deserves credit for that. What's so frustrating is that I thought we would use Werner on the left as inside fwd since we were told that was his best position alongside playing off a target man. He played there last season as well as through the middle, since Rom has joined we haven't seen Timo start in a 3 alongside him only as a 2. Why do we need to change the system to accommodate both? Timo has the workrate to play an inside fwd alongside another we shouldn't have to play a midfield 3.
  22. We don't play to his strengths, we need more decisive fast passes intransitive I see too much backwards passing, slowing down of thr play. Balls out wide rather than centrally through thr channels.
  23. 3 shots on target in our last 180 mins in European football isn't good enough. Sadly Man U just scored as well smh. Look I'm not going to go overly negative, when we're watching the game we can all get frustrated but, this is not the kind of football that will win us titles in fact it's not good enough to win games judging from our last 3 games since we needed pens to get past Villa. This means we've scored 1 in our last 3 games it may be too early to say the goals have dried up but, I want to see a plan b not just a like for like swap I want to see Tommy tactics do what we all know he can. I want to see dynamic attacking football that entertains us.
  24. Please all I'm asking is 1 chance and the right man there to take it
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