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  1. I'd like to think Tuchel has a b plan aside from 352 surely he can see its not working as much anymore it's too reliant on us outscoring our opponents yet we're making mistakes that lead to goals anyway. With the lack of attackers we can't breakdown teams and we're losing
  2. Not our days lads, may get one more chance but, idk
  3. Shouldn't have conceded that goal gave us everything to do, it's time for Tuchel to really think about the structure of the team right now too many players look average in attack he needs to question if he's the reason the attack is stifled. I love TT and I like his football (usually) but, it's not working when teams park the bus this system works better vs teams that look to impose themselves on us.
  4. So TT is choosing Ross Barkley for our last sub smh
  5. 5 shots Juve 1 on target 9 shots Chelsea 1 on target that's grim
  6. Watch Lukaku and you can see the problem with this team, he makes runs and nobody spots them or attempts to make the pass nowhere near enough. Same issue Timo had smh why don't we play early balls?
  7. It's what I don't understand why we wouldn't play him, he keeps getting in positions to score whereas others are just stationary
  8. How sad is it that watching Ruben right now is the first time in 3 games I remember why I enjoy watching my own club play football
  9. I'll take a 1-1 draw and just look forward to the weekend
  10. Look at Ruben already showing why he should have been on earlier
  11. Damn I love Trevor but I don't want to see a defensive player being brought on unless we're switching formation. Triple substitution
  12. Come on Tommy change it mate, throw Ruben and Timo on we still have another 2 subs after that. Christian and Mason hurry up and get match fitness at this point you'll walk into this team
  13. Better team scored they had all the chances 2nd half and now they will sit everyone behind the ball ffs
  14. I looked away for a second I didn't even see the kick off
  15. Loftus, Chilly B and Timo that's what I want to see. More early balls at least Timo would give us off the ball movement, Loftus will drive through the middle and Chilly will make us more defensively sound.
  16. Not sure what to say Tuchel said the two of then are lacking form and confidence. When these players are on song and I know this hasn't been nearly as consistent as we want they look proper players. The more I watch us in games like this that follow a similar pattern I'm convinced that no manager in the world wins UCL with this lot other than Tuchel. Even if we switch to a back 4 we play a more open game we still will struggle to score like under Lamps I think defense is the best we can get at the moment and I say this begrudgingly.
  17. Shoot the pariah by all means but I kid you not if Madrid don't want Eden come next summer because he isn't scoring 40 goals a season (which is the standard for a madrid forward apparently regardless of playstyle). I say we resign him he will create for us forget him not being able to take players on as well as before I've watched him slowly get back to match fitness we would score a lot more goals with the guy in our team. Yes I'm living in the past but jheeeze it's what we need and we haven't replaced his or Cesc's creativity since they left neither Havertz or Ziyech have lived up to the playmaker tag. It's why I keep wanting Werner to play ignore goals the guy creates chances, elite ones by the way.
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