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  1. What's our problem? Are our players just not compatible in attack? Is it the system? Are the players just not good enough to consistently breakdown teams? Is it the coaches tactics? I don't know why we struggle to create clear cut chances I really don't know it could be any of those or something else
  2. Thats a weird advantage from from ref, thank God for 5 subs in Europe we're going to need to change this sok or at least half time.
  3. The more games that go by the more I realise we miss Pulisic's direct play, we just don't have enough players that will take their man on go to the byline and cut it back. Better yet dribble through and shoot, CHO end product isn't up to Pulisic's standard.
  4. Man we're moving the ball way too slow, a couple of times we've opted to go wide rather than play the inside fwd in through the channel.
  5. I think this is actually a tactic I could be wrong but, Ziyech as we know is very one footed. Kai on the other hand is much better with his right and can finish well. Not to mention the 10 position is fluid they will both drop deep in pockets, break into the box and play all over left and right. I wouldn't be too worried about starting position it just means when Kai drifts right the opposition may struggle to deal with him.
  6. It's intriguing that Tuchel had no interest in Moses who I believe was still under contract with us when he took over I may be wrong. I'm not saying he's top class but, he could have done a job for us potentially at wb.
  7. Don't worry about Ruben he'll come on as a sub a d probably start at the weekend or one if the 'easier' games on paper coming up 💪
  8. More or less called this sadly for Chilly B I had a feeling Marcos may start over him even though I think Ben should get some game time. Fingers crossed he plays at the weekend.
  9. It looks so good on paper and it dominated the lower teams in Europe in the Europa league and Arsenal barely laid a glove on us in that final. But, yeah due to the lack of goal threat and creativity that midfield 3 is just too defensive. The only way it works for me is in a 433 with 3 devastating forwards that can create for each other and will be ruthless in front of goal.
  10. I'm torn because on the one hand no matter how you slice it we don't score enough goals regularly and that's the key word regularly. We do sometimes get a higher scoring game but, that as we know is not often. Again the defensive record cannot be understated and I completely prescribe to Tuchels ideology that it is not the formation but, the system put in place and the way you play with the players that define the football you play. We could be one of the most attacking teams in the league with the right wbs and fwd 3. The question is what is the right variation to draw out more attacking displays? Question what's the difference between a lineup like this and switching to a back 4 to play 4231, 433 or a 4222. Mendy Azpil Christensen Rudi James Jorghino Kanté Pulisic Havertz Mount Lukaku We essentially have 4 players that you could define as attackers, 4 you could call defenders and with Mount and Kai essentially 4 Midfielders. 3421 when we play one defender on the wing and the other a more attacking player like CHO or Pulisic we essentially bypass the necessity to be playing a back 4 whilst reaping all the benefits of having 4 natural defenders in the pitch at the same time. I want to see CHO and Pulisic play as wbs more often against lower table teams because I think having that natural winger either side it allows for more attacking output. When we play 2 wbs or defenders on the wing we always look more likely to struggle to create. James and Chillwell very rarely are required to play at the same time as they can both attack but, are much better at defending. James is a lot better at the moment at creating goal scoring chances imo with his crosses. TT did it a lot in pre season with CHO and Pulisic as wbs and its a shame CHO hasn't started the season as well as he looked in the pre and Christian getting injured has essentially put this strategy on the back burner.
  11. For me this will all come down to the squad competition, if Tuchel can truly cultivate the hunger to start then I see no reason the attack cannot go up a level. This would require everybody fit so we can really see who can step up and be the best when everybody is fighting for a spot. Also I think Ruben will come into his own he could be a real weapon for us this campaign I know Tuchel tried to play it off like they couldn't find him a loan but, I'm not so sure he didn't actually want him I think us keeping him was supposed to go under the radar to most rivals and pundits. Ross Barkley another one who has struggled for consistency he has barely any chance of breaking into the team and yet if he does he's the kind of player that can supply the final ball and offer a goal threat from midfield which is surely lacking from this team.
  12. As its early I'm going to put it down to him transitioning back to the English game. We all know Conte requires his players to work, no doubt he would have instilled great work ethic in Rom and I'd expect Tuchel has mirrored this. Perhaps in the Italian game (this is just a guess since I don't watch Serie A but, when I did it was a lot more slower and technical) I'm guessing he didn't have to run as much as he has now and perhaps he's not up to speed just quite yet. Add in the fact when we played Liverpool 2nd half we were a man down and were required to work even harder out of possesion and Man City pressed us like men possessed I would say these games are more outliers. I think Romelu must understand at a top team you can't just jog all game but, intense spirits will be required. Alternatively this could be his instructions from the coach to save his energy for the counter.
  13. Mendy Christensen Silva Rudiger Azpil Jorginho Kovacic Chilwell Ziyech Havertz Lukaku Based off the injury news I'm pretty confident we see something like this, I'd expect Timo, Alonso and Trevor to all come in at the weekend and potentially Ruben who I think will come on as a sub during this game. I think Juve will sit back and TT will want height and creativity from Kai. Creativity from Ziyech and the ability to overload mifield with the dual 10s. Timo won't get any lot of space in this game that's the only reason why I have him benched. Lukaku to deal with the big cbs. Andreas and Thiago for their experience alongside Azpil and Rudi, finally Ben as a more athletic presence down the left and Alonso needs a break.
  14. Sadly no Mason, Reece, Christian and ofc Kanté. Big opportunity for Timo to grasp if he gets to play. Hope we play 3421 Ziyech, Havertz and Timo all options either side of Lukaku or if we're feeling spicy give Rom a break and play our usual pressing game with Kai false 9 Timo and Ziyech either side. Or Timo down the middle, realistically I see Lukaku flanked by Ziyech and one of Havertz or Werner. I would love to see Havertz, Werner and Lukaku just once.
  15. Let's hope Tuchel can take him to the next level and improve his numbers for the team in these types of games. I'll be honest I knew signing a striker like many others meant moving away from what made us ucl winners last season at least to an extent. Whether Tuchel can drop Rom for big games will remain to be seen. The games we played without him this season were 1-1, 3-0 and although he made a brief cameo the majority of the cup game against Villa was without him and even then he contributed in the shootout (1-1 90 mins) its too small of a sample size yet to know. If you look at his performance vs Liverpool I think he played quite well and I saw enough to make me think he can contribute to our style, he didn't get a goal but, he was dangerous on transition multiple times. The City game we didn't have enough chances on transition and that's always going to make him appear to be ineffective not to mention he failed to hold the ball up on a couple of occasions. Perhaps had there been another attacker like when Kai came on, he may have had a decisive moment for us.
  16. It's hard managing this squad, I know Tuchel wants to utilise this squad like Pep and rotate in and out depending on opponents, match sharpness etc. Sometimes though it's helpful to have a hierarchy established especially regarding your attackers. We know Lukaku will play but, he hasn't actually had enough time to build up chemistry with anyone since the players around him are often switched around. Rotating isnt necessarily a bad thing but, when you look at Klopp for example his front 3 are fixed with Firmino and Jota usually rotating. The players know each other well and this boosts chemistry. I don't think at this moment we have a best front 3. The 3 that have probably played the most would be Mount, Havertz & Lukaku this season. I'm not saying TT should look for a fixed 3 but, it can't be doing our attackers any favours at the moment being stifled from a good run of games to build up form.
  17. Havertz will be needed for his height in this one, I expect a cagey affair. Ziyech tends to play better in Europe or against better opposition domestically so this could have his name written on it. I've not been impressed with CHO much recently but, with James injury I would like to see some positive play from our was so I'd have him and Chilly b. Aside from that I'm not too fussed but, I want to see intensity this game from the onset, us bringing the game to them. I think sometimes our players forget what it means to be UCL champions. Yes the prestige is great but, now every single team coach and player are gunning for you they all want to play and beat you and if you're not at your highest level and I mean the level that is capable to go blow to blow with City then you may struggle.
  18. With the mentality that Tuchel brings I doubt the players and himself will be even looking past Juventus let alone the 6 games we have coming in the league. Treat every game like a cup final that's our game plan and since Tuchel has took over its worked even that game we lost this past weekend despite the onslaught was only a defeat by a slim margin. As dull as our games can be sometimes I will always take these tight games over the wildness like Brentford vs Liverpool. I don't think I could handle that as a fan 😂 jokes aside keeping the game tight always means we have a chance to nick a win or salvage a draw. I have no doubt at least 1 team will go on a good run. Can you imagine how exciting it would be if for once there was at least 2 other teams that could match them....
  19. For all the doom and gloom in the media and amongst some fans regarding that performance we are still in a position to go top of the table next match day. This of course dependant on other fixtures. Points will be dropped throughout this season and not every performance is going to be to our liking. I've not looked at every team's fixture list but surely there hasn't been a harder start to the season than ours if you include the super cup as well. After Wednesday's game we would have played 10 matches. Our first 9 matches of the season ( Villarreal for the super cup, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa, Zenit, Spurs, Villa and finally City. 4/6 teams we faced in the prem are sat in the top half of the table. In those 9 games we have conceded 5 goals. To 5 different teams, meaning no team has been able to score so far more than once against Tuchel's Chelsea. In those 9 games we have scored 15 goals and only failed to score vs City. Of those 8 games in which we have scored half (4) of them we have scored just 1 goal. 3 of which were cup games and the other we had a player sent off just before half time. We won all of those cup games either by pens or the single goal was enough vs Zenit. My point is sure the performance wasn't the best but, can anyone seriously want any better from where we are right now 9 games into the season? And I speak specifically from a results standpoint only. I too would like to see more attacking displays but, I expect that to come eventually. Let's not forget of those 9 games, 3 were won by a 3-0 margin including vs Spurs, Palace and Villa. Furthermore we beat the Gunners 2-0 all these higher scoring games have come without a reply from the opponent. The team hasn't even been playing under Tuchel for a year, Lukaku hasn't even had 10 games yet, to be one point of the top of the table with 6 games played and to have the chance to go top of our ucl group on Wednesday life doesn't seem to bad after our first loss of the season. Current season record: Wins 7 Draws 1 Loses 1 1 trophy won 🏆 Tuchel is allowed to have an off day I just hope people remember that.
  20. Random thought guys but the only two games we've dropped points against in the prem are the the other 2 best teams in the league and arguably the world (alongside I'd argue 2 of the 5 best coaches in the world without a doubt some may say currently 2 out of the top 3 I'd also say probably). What do these two games have in common? I don't want to give this player too much credit but, I think vs teams that play at such a high intensity not only is he vital to defending against this but, also his own natural power and pace help maintain our intensity and allow for chance creation and goal scoring. Reece James was either sent off or injured, now there is no way to guarantee the scoreline would be different but, I do think he is a very important aspect to the way Tuchel likes to play, especially vs the bigger teams. One only needs to look at his performance last season in the bigger games. Its a shame he's out for this one but, I'd say we can't complain too much about him or Pulisic since Max has confirmed both Alvaro and Paulo will be out for this one which may seem like a positive for us and I guess it is but, now they're likely to play even more defensive if that's even possible 😂
  21. Tbf Rom could probably do with a break, we ended up needing him for Villa mid week. I think it could be good for him to watch us out of possession with a fluid front 3. Also we would get a chance to see if these lot can step up again without relying on Lukaku. We don't want the players getting too comfortable relying on Rom to be our primary goal scorer we need it from everywhere especially those 3 you have picked at the front
  22. I think we should edge them, we have the quality to go top of our group. Thomas will be looking for a reaction from this weekend, the players will be looking to lay down a marker since we're facing a top team (supposedly on the decline). Mendy Azpil Christensen Rudiger CHO Jorginho Kanté Chillwell Havertz Werner Lukaku Personally I'd like to see Mount if he's available in that front 3 and if Christian is fit him to start over CHO. I think Alonso deserves a break and I think Trevor is due a start so maybe he plays next weekend which Azpil goes back to rcb for this one we could do with his experience. I think Werner deserves another chance since he didn't t a sniff against City and shouldn't be judged on that game alone, his form was on the upturn no point in completely curtailing it.
  23. I find it ironic both Eden and Christian have struggled with injury issues since they've joined their respective clubs. Even so I'm still yet to see a Chelsea player catch fire like Christian has for us since Eden left. Mount has been consistent not so much in goals and assists but performance, Kai has scored for us in the big one and Romelu has started well. @USATim What I think you need to realise is that the majority of us in this forum are all big Pulisic fans and its not that we don't care that he's not being talked about or played. It's more so we understand that if he was fit he would at least be making the match day squad regardless of what you think about Tuchel's opinions on Christian there is at least from my perspective no agenda. Ask yourself how do you get a young player to not only reach their potential but, to maintain it and perhaps even go beyond it? Inner squad competition, if you know your place in the team is not secure you will play your very best game regularly and that's what TT does to everyone in the squad. If you remove personal bias everyone to an extent (bar a few such as Tammy and Emerson) have all had a fair chance to play under TT. Moving away from Pulisic since this isn't the Christian specific thread, I would be very interested to see what Tuchel goes with on Wednesday. Tried and true 3421 or 352 in a statement that it's not the system but the player's effort that makes the difference.
  24. The sooner we have a full squad the better. Really miss watching Christian play after scoring in the first prem game I thought he might kick on but, as per usual he got injured. I keep saying him and Romelu would make a devastating combo, we've seen Puli put in sime good balls for target men like Giroud and play well with other inside forwards I think his dynamism is missing right now from the team. He's got everything we need when he's on song, dribbling, the ability to finish and also chance creation which is sorely lacking right now.
  25. As far as I can tell these players will fight for TT he's done a lot for various individual careers he's made Toni look world class he's reignited Andreas, he's got Jorginho and Kova playing even better than we thought possible. Kante to his best, he's gotten Kai to look like the player we spent £70m+ on, Mount looks even better than under Lamps. He's at least got Timo contributing, Alonso despite yesterday has looked the best wb in the world at times. He's made James and Chillwell look good in what was an unfamiliar position to them at the professional game. The list goes on.
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