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  1. Whaat a "foul" from Pulisic. This is so ridiculous. 😄
  2. No. this is fine because James will stop Vardy. But the serious question is: why is Azpi playing instead of CHO ? In the last 20 minutes in the FA cup final he was hurting the Leicester defense more than Azpi in 70 minutes.
  3. Mendy James Silva Rüdiger CHO Kante Kova Chilwell Mount Havertz Pulisic I would start like this. CHO was hurting them in the last 20 minutes and James did a fantastic job with his speed to stop Vardy.
  4. I think it was the error of Jorginho who waved to Silva and asked him to close down Tielemans instead of attacking the Leicester player on his own.
  5. a clear yellow card against Laporte and Taylor does nothing.
  6. Shouldtn't Mount be on the bench instead of Tuchel starting him with Gilmour ?
  7. The plan to play Mount in the midfield is obviously to ask the defense of Fulham more questions than with Kante and Jorginho. The trade-off is that the own defense will probably not be so solid as usual. Anyways Tuchel is trying to find the solution how to break down lower ranked Premier League teams.
  8. Thats why the bosses wanted to join the Super League.
  9. They are starting to waste too many chances. Should be 5-0 now.
  10. Wow. this was one of the worst performances of a professional football player in Premier League, Bundesliga or Ligue 1 that I have ever seen. Obviously you as die hard Chelsea fans have seen this before from Jorginho but for Tuchel or me it was a real shock.
  11. By the way. If you play like this in France or Germany then you struggle or lose there your games as well. Like Bayern did against second division team Kiel in the Cup or like PSG against Lorient or Nantes.
  12. wtf how many line-ups exist for this match and which is the correct one ?
  13. Is he back in training? I think that Kepa, Emerson, Gilmour, Tammy (Giroud) will probably start. Mount and Jorginho are candidates as well because they have fresh legs after they missed the game on Wednesday. Tuchel wants to reward the players who did not play so much and this match should be the best opportunity to do that.
  14. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https://www.sportbuzzer.de/artikel/thomas-tuchel-paris-saint-germain-vertrag-trennung-rauswurf-leipzig-reaktionen/ In the club, Tuchel feels more and more isolated and let down by sports director Leonardo. After the defeat in the final against FC Bayern, he would have liked to continue immediately because the new season started again. But the Brazilian sent the players on vacation and the season opener was postponed. Subsequently, there was no way for Tuchel to organize a preparation for the season. The consequences have been dramatic, with a bunch of players on the injured list. Tuchel still has the cabin at PSG behind him: he still has to go if the CL is shut down At the beginning of October, the coach complained that the squad was too thin after the departures of Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Edinson Cavani (Manchester United) and Thomas Meunier (Borussia Dortmund) and that the goals would never be achieved with the existing team. With Danilo Pereira (FC Porto), Rafinha (FC Barcelona) and Moise Kean (FC Everton), Leonardo signed a trio within twelve hours, without the German knowing about the player's profile. After reading this article you should not have any questions left about Tuchel's time in Paris and why he had to leave this club.
  15. In Germany we say "den Bus vorm Tor parken". Which means that you park the bus in front of your goal.
  16. Well, with a VAR who is not judging the elbow to be offside it would be 2-0
  17. Not sure if Tuchel is really on "friendly terms" with Klopp or not. But I can tell you that I don't like Klopp at all. In Germany we have the nickname "camel" for him because his teeth are very similar when Klopp is in his usual outburst of rage.
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