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  1. Well, quite frankly, if Sancho goes to United, which seems very likely, it'd be almost dissapointing if Chelsea didn't get a proper AAA-attacking player in. And Haaland would be the be(a)st. Crossing fingers. That said, I'm pretty certain we will see a 433 or 442 more often next season regardless. We just didn't had the time to proper train multiple formations and it seems like it was a pretty decent idea to try to emphasize on the 343 as much as possible last season.
  2. Voted for Kanté but probably would vote for Kai if doing it again simply to bring him closer to Ngolo in the tally. Supreme match by Kai.
  3. Goalkeepers: Will Kepa stay calm next season? Defenders: I still can imagine Boateng who I think would be a very good pairing with Rüdiger in a back four. Doubt it because of Azpi and Thiago. Tomori won't come to sit on the bench I guess but unless we make a really big signing to play with a back four I wouldn't worry about that too much. And a back four isn't that likely because of Thiago and Azpi (and Christensen eventually). Zouma I can see leaving the squad. If Hakimi can be done he'd be a perfect fit for the current system, not so much for a four at the back system though. Mid
  4. Did he? Nice. To be clear: I really liked him, seems a nice guy too, and at the time (first Tuchel season at Dortmund) he was immense - on par with Kimmich actually, both being youngsters. Wasn't following him at Benfica, read that he struggled at times but seems like he overall got his groove back. Still too expensive while being too risky.
  5. One thing about Lukaku - not sure if this is actually a positive or negative, prolly both - I guess he could be rotated more easily with Timo and Kai (or Mount) while a superstriker like Kane or Haaland would be expected to start more or less every game hence making it even more difficult to give all players sufficent time.
  6. Julian Weigl? Hope not tbh. He was quality at Dortmund for one season (under Tuchel) but then kinda disappeared - can't see him cope within the physical EPL. Way too much money imho if 30m is correct. Eventually slightly better passing game than Jorgi but less robust than him so no real improvement while I'll also go out on a limb and say that he'll need a full season to adapt to the league as well.
  7. Very much nitpicking here but I would have appreciated if they'd have kept their iPhones outta the celebration. Tammy was especially in love with it. Probably didn't get the memo.
  8. This is an important point. Not trying to be a downer but after PSG reached (and lost) the final last season everybody thought: now they finally got going as a group instead of a collection of individuals and will really tear it up next season. Bottom line being: they totally got knocked out at the very start still being a bit out of breath, also mentally, and were chasing since from the very beginning, be it within the league or within the CL. Of course the situation now is different but remembering the threads right before the CL final there were already people questioning whether TT would b
  9. No disrespect to Azpi but imagine a combo of Chilwell/Rüdiger on the left and James/Hakimi on the right. Always pushing both physical and pacey. Beautiful! edit: Hakimi ain't no James defensively though 😄
  10. Yep, it's highly unlikely. I agree with both of you actually. I personally think CHO will transfer out, be it on loan or not - James should be a certified starter by now as should Azpi but both needs rests and mid-termish Azpi will be phased out and while we have Christensen, Thiago will be injured more often than not as well so there are a lot of variables. James being still young can't be expected to keep this stunning form forever, although he sure seems like it. Hakimi seems over the top but he would bring pure quality. Him, that younf French midfield player from Monaco and a striker and w
  11. I'm crossing fingers for that to happen. I'd like to see James more often in the RCB role and be the RWB back-up for Hakimi. He's supposed to be awfully expensive though.
  12. Not going to disturb you guys but we've just won the biggest european club competition almost comfortably* by using a 343 / 523.. Agreed about back-ups though. Alonso I guess would work for another season but James defo needs his rests and Azpi shouldn't play out there anymore. If CHO isn't seen as a pontential back-up then this is certainly a crucial role to adress. I'd love to see Hakimi play there - he's the best for this role - but that would mean James would have to play as a RCB (Azpi?) or RWB back-up (??) which would be criminal since he truly deserves a spot in the starting
  13. Just to let you guys know: the media and especially commentators and moderators here in Germany were mostly rooting for Chelsea due the „German mafia“ so it was quite a pleasure hearing them talk. Lol did help that Tuchel made it to the final last season too so it wasn‘t really that crazy underdog story either. More about a „mature“ team that stuck together and to their plan and deservedly won it over a nervous City side.
  14. weetee

    New CB?

    Nah, disagree. He's been quite good defensively - best defender overall from Bayern this and last season. He will look a different beast within a system like Tuchel since Flick played his all-out attack last season where everybody could look bad as a last defender when opponents counter-attack (like Diaz or Stones looked pants lately as well..) and then Bayern lost all compactness and form this season leading to an uncanny amount of goals against - Kimmich and Goretzka are great going forward but underwhelming at actually defending - as could be said for Alaba as well since he ain't no real CB
  15. Agreed. They weren't scoring for fun before either in the CL and we did have some serious difficulties to overcome in our box as well - but we defended perfectly and no Rodri or Fernandinho would have changed that. The KdB injury hit them arguably way more than the Thiago one on our side and we did get lucky with quite some 50/50 situations with the ball flying somewhere in our favor. I would have felt less confident if he'd been on the pitch for the last 20mins where Pulisic missed the opportunity to finish them and they came out strong. We just put in everything and each and every playe
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