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  1. Sorry, no native speaker here...lol, ofc I meant ‚concede‘.
  2. Fortunately we don‘t conceive much these days. Got a positive feeling about the game.
  3. I usually stay safe from these kind of discussions since they seem so pointless given that the ruling always seem to go against common sense and implement weirdo stuff you can't think of yourself but I'd have loved Werner score a goal with that very armpit after the above situation - with the goal cancelled by the very same VAR because of playing with the hand. But for the sanity of everybody invoved they should just implement some sort of margin of error, let's say 10cm or whatever to pay tribute to the fact that it isn't as clear as they pretend it would be.
  4. I mean he's a bit too slow. I don't think we'll see James and Alonso together that much anytime soon - same as CHO and Chilwell as they'd be too offensive. I thought he (Alonso) worked quite ok with CHO on the other side.
  5. I think James + Alonso at the same time is too defensive. And while I believe that Tuchel would have been somewhat ok with a draw against Liverpool I do think he will - within the given system - go for the win against Everton. Maybe a surprise back four, wouldn't put it past him, but nevertheless unlikely because that would mean at least some additional prep during training and there simply wasn't any time for that I'd think. If fully fit I guess we see CHO and a fresh Alonso again. The double pivot will be interesting, I could see TT give the Kante + Kova pairing some time since they wil
  6. I have no idea but seems like part of the tool/cursor they'll use to set up those "final" lines. So it'd be the z-Axis while the two thin black lines appear to be the corresponding x- and y-axis. At least in my fantasy that'd make some sense. edit: and by that I mean it serves no purpose in those pic and somebody just forgot to blend it out. I get that implenting some kind of margin of error (which is there already) is just pushing the discussion onto another line but that really shouldn't have been overruled imo because as long as there are way more obvious inconsistenc
  7. Alright I'll step in and say that the second leg against Atletico will be his first real test since he really can lose something there. Barnsley was the other one until now and he just barely passed it. I personally blame Gilmore for that but that's up for debate. Everything inbetween was more or less bouncing hither and tither.
  8. Nothing to add here really but I do think that the non-given pen may be a bit of a concession towards this decision. And that'd be "true" old-school refereeing at its best. They do have better resolution when drawing their lines tho, do they? Because that's one hell of a pixel mess anyway i you ask me.
  9. While I agree 100% I'd say he could be one of those players that are rather sensitive and need the feeling of complete backup of the manager. He just looks lost to me and not necessarily because he's uninteresed or doesn't care. I have nothing to back this up but that'd be my hunch. Some players you have to let go through a bad spell of form to reach their true potential again. And this is different with each and every player and one of the truly demanding jobs of a manager to communicate to the public, to the inside/ group and all while being under permanent pressure. Just saying though. Mayb
  10. Yea, at least they play football and do not depend on a purely destructive approach which will benefit us overall I guess. I can see a rather high scoring game coming in.
  11. I agree that he was the poorest player on our side and if the PL had allowed for 5 subs he'd most likely be subbed off at HT. I just think in his excuse that the right side with James and him was meant to play a bit deeper and less attacking than the left with Chilwell and Mount. But that's just my guess and he still had these strange totally overweighted passes in him that make you scratch your head. I just don't think he looked as bad as at other times rather than somebody who still hasn't adapted well enough. I'd also say Pulisic looked worse than Zyiech did yesterday but he came in rather
  12. I wouldn't really say disappointment since he has improved a good bit and I hope he continues to since he - albeit his poor form - is indeed creating dangerous situations and could've easily scored against United and yesterday he had some really good scenes as well. Still can't help but think that Tuchel wants to give Havertz as much time as possible off the field to bring him in once fully adapted and ready so Zyiech to me seems a bit of a placeholder, as harsh as that sounds, until Havertz is really up to speed and at 100%. Otherwise Hakim is a great player in generaly so there is always the
  13. Voted Christensen but honestly doesn't think that in this rare occasion there is one player possibly to single out. Jorginho for example played superb as well, defensively and attacking, and that's somebody who even gets rarely mentioned. Werner was great and could have scored 2 goals rather "easily" as well and so on. Not to mention Mount, Kanté etc
  14. Agreed. He and Mount dominated the left side by quite a margine and his long balls to Werner worked really well most of the times as well. tbf it'd be much easier for Alonso to work along Mount on the left than with Werner as well.
  15. He played almost flawless ysterday but I just loved to see him bring James into play again and again and again..seemed rather simple on the surface but so effective and important.
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