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  1. I think Lukaku looked quite good in all of our matches so far - only the last one sticks out but that goes for the whole team. I agree that a substitution of Rom against City would have been an interesting possibility since it clearly didn't really work out in general yet he still came off quite sharp once we finally started playing decent passes to him. It's just that those cut-in passes where few and extremely far between so City defenders could just take him (or Timo) out by foul yet never were really in danger to get a second yellow.
  2. The one day of less recovery time took it's toll I think and overall it wasn't a good game of course but nothing I'd worry about too much. It's not like City had major chances despite their possession overload and they just were the better team on that day. Happens and no shame in that when they clearly turn in great performances. The big positive was certainly RLC who forces himself into the squad because of good performances - which is the way it should be. Can't wait til the Juve game starts tbh.
  3. I'm quite relaxed about the game tbh. Worst case is that we lose which would shift the media focus a bit away from us meaning we wouldn't be considered already winning the title 6gw in while winning would...be amazing obviously since it'd push City in quite a corner already and would give us 3p which is always a nice to have. Also, no point in getting sulky about a loss when basically the whole weekend's still ahead after the game.
  4. I wonder if he's more suited for our international matches. Havertz and Werner both struggled with the physicality of the English football but both accustomed themselves, by different means, to it and kind of arrived. Ziyech didn't and I don't see much improvement either - great pre-season or not.
  5. Nah, plenty of moments where Callum had all the space he could want but couldn‘t produce anything out of it at all. I hope he hasn‘t got the same mindset telling him „that‘s not my position“ because that would be some lame a.. excuse. Seems he was unlucky that the transfer window went as it did since he clearly IMO should gonout on loan to a club where he has way more minutes and also way responsibility. Really liked RLC, Kepa, Trev and James yesterday. Werner did his thing and should be near to the starting ones. Saul I reckon got a bit more stable..if he keeps on stabilizing himself and accustomed to our play he‘ll be a good option in this long season. I hope.
  6. I guess CHO is the back-up plan for James so needs as many minutes on that position as possible. And as frustrating Ziyech can be to watch..his shots are at least somewhat threatening.
  7. High expectation for someone who hasn't played in this team for ages - especially since those players on the pitch are clearly a b-team that hasn't played together anytime before. Decent half as there were some highlights, Chalobah by far the most interesting one, but all in all pretty forgettable in the bigger picture. Hopefully nobody gets injured.
  8. Exactly. We need him foremost to win us games like the one against Zenit - games we will face pretty often - and not those matches where we have tons of space already when playing against another top-club. Also the fact we start scoring from corners and set-pieces again without him being directly involved tells me that maybe he's helping us there as well since his presence in the oppo-box alone keeps defenders on their toes (his actually). Think it's been already three goals that way so far? Now to link this back on topic to Reece James..
  9. Agreed. I don't put too much into symbolic actions like these but it's a powerful gesture nevertheless especially since all players on the pitch unite and do it the same way. Also, people who sit in the stadiums' upper rows may not be able to read what's written on his sleeve. Or are illiterate. Taking a bow so to say is less prone to be just ignored and while all/a lot of players do it in the EPL doesn't mean that all the clubs do it across different leagues...which isn't the case (think it's only the EPL in Europe?).
  10. Obviously fielding a complete B/C-team isn't helping much but it's a good way to give players like Chalobah, Werner and Saul, Chilwell and CHO (edit: and Kepa) some needed game time. I'd go with Kepa Trev Christensen Rüdiger CHO Saul Jorgi Chilwell Ziyech Havertz Werner
  11. This is the Reece James thread btw. But since you asked me: I'm super happy Lukaku plays for us. Seems like a 100% Chelsea player and fits like a(n expensive) glove. He got the quality and the heart to bring our squad near to perfection. And a flat track bully is all we actually needed - yet we got way more than that.
  12. It‘s a nice gesture I think. Gives him some visibility, some money and most importantly keeps him ‚in the squad‘ so to say.
  13. I dunno, he's a leader kinda guy who just about reached his peak and knows the club inside out. With Thiago gone we're missing that big time and even if we'd sign another LCB (doubt that Koundé is the answer for LCB from what I've learned) elite defender who knows how long it'll take to get into this role. I doubt that the last word is spoken yet but it be a big miss if he's really leaving.
  14. That‘s the thing though, we and especially he were/was utterly wasteful yet we created ton of chances in the first place. I don‘t think it‘s time already to have an idea where we‘re going this season but lately we can be glad we kinda get goals out of nothing since we aren‘t really creating all that much. I also agree with some other poster who wrote that out defensive game looks much better with Werner on board too. There will obviously a lot of rotation for at least 2/3 spots up front but I‘d be quite surprised if Werner isn‘t really considered as a starter.
  15. Looked already overplayed end of last season imho, could still pull it off but exhausted none the less. Add the Euro tourney and the immediate pressure to deliver just into the new season ... I'm not really surprised he looks out of sync at times as he likely lacks a good deal of mental freshness.
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