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  1. No, in general. No idea why they shouldn't. They never had some kind of fallout or else and always spoke in the highest possible degree about each other. I don't think they actively go out having dinner together when in the same town, no - but who knows for sure. To be on friendly terms doesn't mean you got to be close to each other. In private Tuchel is said to be extremely humble and friendly person and my wife + her family comes from the town/countryside Klopp is from, knew the father etc so I'm pretty sure he in private is also quite ok to get along so I don't really see why they shouldn't be on friendly terms - which in my understanding is something different than being "friends".
  2. "Before moving to Stamford Bridge, Tuchel did not ask Klopp for advice: "I spoke to Pep." His advice was clear enough. "If I had called him (Klopp, editor), I hope," said Tuchel, "that he would not have called me back." "....because he doesn't want to play against me!" You're leaving out the important part. Also, I'm pretty sure you can say that both are on friendly terms but they are clearly not close to each other or close friends - which is often assumed because of their former clubs. It's true though that Pep and Tuchel are rather close - at least regarding their profession. It makes more sense to call Pep and ask about the PL and whatnot since they both follow quite the same footy-idea so there is that too.
  3. It doesn't help him to have that many starting youngsters among him I'd say. If there would be at least one player like Hazard around who can create stuff completely on his own thus carrying a game (at least attacking wise) it'd be much easier for Tammy I'd say. But right now you have a bunch of highly talented guys like CHO, Mount and James (+Gilmour in the background as well) and a bunch of brand new assets like Hakim, Werner, Havertz (mostly young too plus new to the league) but only Giroud as the sinlge experienced guy in the last third who could at least theoretically lead those guys, unfortunately this is his direct competitor.
  4. Can't understand all the negativity. United played a very good game - especially the first half and we still got the only threatening attacks on our side, bar that one free-kick and the following non-given pen situation. It'll be a bumpy road no matter what to secure the top four placement, and most likely because WestHam and Leicester can't keep up til the end. The defence looks overall superb so overcoming Atleti is not unlikely at all too. This season is pure congested covid-madness - in all the leagues - so one should keep their expectations rather in check regarding exciting and beautiful football.
  5. I could see someone like Marquinhos (or to a lesser extent Danilo) turn up - a player that can play both roles, CB and CDM alike - if possible. Although I don't really see it (yet) with the Chelsea squad I'd say Tuchel's ideal is an almost seamless transformation between 523 and 433 in game without having to sub players in / out like he played at times with Paris. Not sure if Christensen potentially could do it but neither Rüdiger, Zouma or Thiago can play that way. Nor Jorginho vice versa. That way you gain a lot of flexibility on the pitch and don't clock up your bench. Not really seeing it atm though because Azpi/Alonso/Chillwell aren't that felxible (assuming Chillwell isn't, maybe he can adapt) - and not sure about James in a back four since I haven't seen him play that role although I guess he can play that.
  6. I agree, already edited my post regarding that, I tend to forget Cavani because I think he was extremely bad in the last three years he's been at PSG (either injured or incredibly wasteful) but he seems to blossom again at United so you're right imho.
  7. Ok, thanks for that explanation. Still I think the very same is happening right now under Tuchel - and I'd guess you guys certainly agree - since our main focus right now is to be stable and organized which, luckily I might add because otherwise that system looks and feels pointless, results in us not allowing many shots on our goal but also on the opponents goal with narrow but deserved wins (mostly) so far. So with the very same setup like the one against Atletico a draw is in my opinion the most likely one. Which sounds reasonable since I think both, Ole and Tuchel, both want to minimize their chances to lose - rather than maximize them to win. If you understand what I mean. That said, I'm very confident now that I know they have to play today while we can already prepare and because every game I saw by United that they wanted to play save was botched by them. I agree about Silva better be saved if possible and because I'd rather have Christensen in the middle who ain't that slow. 🤐 My hope is we can play out our strength at corner kicks/free kicks which is also one of their weaknesses. edit: although Silva knows Cavani in and out so I might take that back and play him although he's slow as a turtle and Azpi's not the fastest as well.
  8. What do you mean with "played for the point"? A draw? I'd agree that Tuchel will almost certainly play against them how he approached Atletico but with that setup a draw is quite likely imho (as was the most realisitic result against Atletico although Chelsea was the way better team). I'd say Ole would be quite ok with a draw - he doesn't seem to be the adventurous type so I guess they will sit deep and play on the counter to eventually win it. Given our rather obvious problem with translating our offensive play (which I think works quite well in general given the circumstance) into shots on target I don't think they'll be afraid to do so.
  9. I watched him quite closely in the last three years and I have to say he's one of my fav players - doesn't talk a lot but acts like a beast. In the beginning he was quite inconsistent with a really dumb mistake every other game, gifting away pens and whatnot - but he really grew up a reliable and consistent player, very professional and extremely focussed. Was always quite the athlete but now got the brains as well. I don't think he's probably yet there to manage a defensive line all alone on the top level but next to a guy like Thiago (or Marquinhos for that matter) I think he's quite brilliant. Hope Zouma can get there 😉 A small anectodal info: in the hefty fallout after the United debacle when everything went downhill in Tuchel's first season at PSG it's said Kimpembe openly told other/younger players to more or less ignore what TT just said during half-time in the locker room (which made Neymar call him almost out via media after the game) which I thought would result in an unavoidable but unfortunate sell-out after the season's over, but both of them got their act together instead and Kimpembe became one of the few regular starters in PSGs CL campaign and even captain in some games.
  10. Agreed. Zouma reminds me a bit on Kimpembe who almost completely fell out with Tuchel during their first season but seriously stepped up his game and became a regular starter (and a more or less top10 CB imho) the second/third season. Not sure about Zoumas passing game, don't know him that well, and the amount of passes + success rate isn't all that telling for a CB in a possession based system imho what counts is the amount and quality of vertical passes made to help building some pressure / help the offense. As soon as Thiago comes back into play I can see Azpi getting some rest (finally) and would hope Zouma gets and takes his chance.
  11. Yes, but like I wrote I haven't seen much of him so no "final" judgment here on my part - far from it. The games I saw he was doing well but the defensive approach of Tuchel definitely plays its part. Haven't seen much of Kepa either after the incident with Sarri which makes him somewhat of a persona non grata in my eyes but who knows - I'm also a fan of second chances. Read over here that he's prone for some mistakes as well so there is that too - although I guess if he can work on his concentration or whatever it is that is blocking him he's probably the better prospect (although I can understand everybody who would love to see him go asap).
  12. I haven't seen Mendy pre Tuchel very much but the game against Atletico would make me think you'd need a new goalie if you really want to compete for the top titles. That and a shark-like striker.
  13. I don't see that much downplaying tbh - the narrative always was that with Atletico and United (+Everton) the real tests came up so this certainly is one of the bigger ones. But that said, I also agree that they are clearly beatable and a lot of their success results by the individual brilliance of Bruno and less because of their superior setup as a team. They're still a very good team of course but I'd say the odds are rather 50/50. And with the few days of additional rest - I wasn't aware they have to play today - I'm growing confident we can edge out a win, especially since Tuchel has played them four times already and one can be quite certain they'll play the very same setup this time as well. I think TT is head and shoulders above Ole so I'm pretty sure he knows exactly what he wants and can prepare accordingly + react during matchtime which is a thing Ole for some reason never does.
  14. I certainly can live with that kind of problem. Anyway, didn't know United has to play the EL today, thought they were doing that last week already, so that's quite an advantage I thought the other way around.
  15. Surprised not to see Giroud bring this one home as easily as he put the ball into the net yesterday. He set up the whole attack himself with his header and I'd say if it wasn't for his sharpness we'd likely never scored in that game. All in all it was a great team effort imho - which is usually the most pleasing kind in my opinion.
  16. I'd somehow love to see Tuchel shoehorn Zouma in to watch him score from every second free kick / corner. I don't think the United defence is that all that good. On the contrary. Also I do think Ole will play it "safe", bank on their counter attacking as I saw him do against every decent team so far (when I was actually watching them). So I guess it'll be the usual high possession game against a low block with the silver lining that their defence is a bit wobbly at times but their counter attacking highly dangerous.
  17. He eventually knows their squad better than his own. lol Just kidding, but United is somewhat of a weak spot for Tuchel although I never saw them that good as one would think they were reading their forum regarding their matches against Paris.
  18. In general I agree, Atleti does have a bad form atm but you never know right before a match if that's a good or bad thing 😉 But I disagree a bit on the Lemar scene, he did touch the ball and yes, it went about 1m besides the post but that's talking about milisecs where he could have scored rather easily. CHO was there but neither him nor Mendy cleared that ball. On the other side Alonso shot hard from around 18-20m on the goal, not a bad shot but never going to be a problem for Oblak. One shot was on goal the other off but I'd defo take the Lemar chance if I could choose between them for my team. But of course, generally we held them quite comfortably in check- no question.
  19. Just watching it again - I perceived it much worse than it actually was. I got quite bummed when I saw the ref entering the pitch, can't stand the guy, and then the match started with a yellow for Mount after 30s and the free-kick resulted in a sequence of extraordinary bad passing with Mendy luckily not going through with his tackle because that'd been a red card + pen. Then the Alonso/Rüdiger incident where Lemar could have easily scored - that's what I meant with "not having a sniff" being a bit exaggerated.
  20. Yes, I can see Kante doing great in that role - not against every opponent or in every situation of course but he brings the power and recklessness needed to disturb the build up play. He had some good passes up front yesterday too. That's why I'm less concerned about the unfortunate time-out for Mount rather than Jorginho. That'll be an interesting puzzle to solve for Tuchel. I hope Havertz steps in - he'll very likely play a lot more from now on - so that Kante fills up for Jorginho but that is not ideal. Anyway, luxury players to have sitting on the bench waiting for their turn.
  21. I think he's playing really solid so far under Tuchel. He obviously isn't exploiting the space up front as much as CHO does for example (by design I'd argue) but one must also take into account that he has to play with Werner along on his side so that is in now way an easy feat imho since Werner is in no shape or form meant to play the passing game during build up. In fact they often play asymmetrical and overload the right side so Werner gets some additional free space. I guess his height/physical build plays to his advantage over Chillwell atm as well a bit. That said I don't think Chillwell fell out with Tuchel at all - he'll come into play when they eventually play 433 or 442 or once he adapted to his new position during training well enough to make it work during match day - which is the correct approach imho. Glad we have two solid options at hand.
  22. I wouldn't say they didn't have a "sniff at goal" - the very first minutes we got extremely lucky. In fact I remember when CHO got played free the first time in the game at the left corner, trying to cross into the box - to no avail - I was checking the time stamp and was somewhat surprised that it was still 0-0. Could have been easily 0-1 at that time with an additional red for Mendy as well (+ pen) - first 15min or so were quite abysmal I must say. Clearly the nerves running wild but I saw a severe beating coming up... ...which makes the following performance and result even better!
  23. Glad I got my starting line-up only 10/11 right.. 😄 Awesome goal by big Giroud! (but Kante wasn't too shabby later on).
  24. Obviously Allegri is a top coach, no question. But imho there is a reason the guy is out of a job for almost two years - especially in a time were top managers are extremely rare. I read it that Leonardo wanted Allegri (no surprise here) but the owner overruled him and assigned Poch. I highly doubt the 4m difference is that much for a club like PSG or Chelsea or Bayern or United or Juventus (who really could need one). Especially if he's THAT good. He fell out of style imho - not saying he will never coach a good team again either because we all know how it works - but where is Mou now? And Ancelotti? Besides, and I mean that in general regarding the forum, I think it's super strange that there is such a lively discussion going on about sacking your coach who is here roughly four weeks and got the points so far. Must be the blues.. edit: regarding your first point: and how long did Conte stay? I just very much doubt that Allegri can work with the current team like Chelsea has. Many academy players that still have to learn a lot and have to be guided quite a bit - and those are starters not subs. Allegri works with experienced players and iirc it was a extremely result orientated, matter to fact style. If people complain alread that TT doesn't win by larger margins what are they even going to say about Allagri's style? You'd have to field a completely overhauled squad to make it work and not make Allegri work with such a patchwork and be highly flexible and inventive to make it work.
  25. That may be so - but I'd say if he gets the guys playing good football again, eventually makes a decent run in the CL and FA Cup but didn't make top4 because WestHam/Leicester/United don't start to struggle I'd think it'd be nuts to fire him and I wouldn't think it too likely either. He could also make fourth but miss the CL because Pool (unlikely but here we go) wins the CL and United wins the EL. And I don't think Allegri is a good fit either because I'd be surprised if he ever coached a young, upcoming team like the Chelsea side ever. He ruled Italy with the respective top dogs. Also, I'd say there is a reason he is wothout job for such a long time - and that can't be just his wages. His playstyle is almost out of fashion atm.
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