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  1. Not sure "we're happy to pay those wages" - the fact that we waited till the very last day to sign him up (on loan) tells me that we may have had other plans that did't went the way that was hoped for. Maybe you see it different, but I certainly would see Billy as the 4th choice - if Saul reaches his regular level I'd say he's the far saver short time solution. Not sure what's inherently bad about Gilmour playing each and every single game at an EPL club either which he never would have done for us. Pedri doesn't really have that level of competition at Barca, who usually play a three man midfield, like Liverpool, which is quite a different task than our two man midfield - also Barca have to desparately develop what talent they've actually got left (and even there you could ask what happened to Puig, Arthur beforehand..etc.). and what options does Liverpool have? We have atm three world class players, or at least are in world class form, that share two positions already. Not sure that goes for Pool as well. Saul was thrust into the starting formation mainly because Kanté's injured and Jorginho already played a lot of games depsite having very little free time after the EC finale himself while Saul didn't get the call for international duties and could rest and train "at home". Monaco's whole purpose back then was to heat up as many young talents asap and to sell them to generate heavy profits - very different goal to what Chelsea as a club aims for. Also I'd argue that it's far easier to throw in an attacking player (next to a prime-ish Falcao no less) than one who has to play a far more subtle and "demanding" role in CM.
  2. Can't predict the future but in theory it makes some sense imho: loan out a very young player that has the talent but lacks serious experience as a constant starter so that he can gain that experience to cpme back and immediatley be a candidate for starting formation at a AAA-club while you bring in an experienced and potentially world-class (broad definition) player that you expect to come in and bring 100% more or less on the get go and in various scenarios due his experience. It remains to be seen how many minutes Saul actually gets once Jorgi, Kova (in beast mode atm, arguable more or less since TT took over) and Kanté are available (or even 2/3 at least fully fit). I think that especially as a CM who's supposed to dictate and influence the game as nobody else on the pitch it helps you most to play a lot of games as a regular starter if you lack match experience -> not the worst decision to let Gilmour go on loan to a side where he can learn exactly that.
  3. I doubt he expected any different. I don't care that much about his debut, EPL takes time to adapt to but he certainly needs to put in a lot of work and dedication to become the player that we need. (Also I would like to point out that today was a good case against Trev as a DM in our system)...I'm just crossing fingers that Saul can get himself motivated to do it the hard way (the only way) given he hashad an über-demanding manager for the last couple of years and didn't had the best way out too. To get yourself rolling in a complete new environment with another über-demanding manager within a league that never gives you pause to breathe isn't too easy... ....yet I'm still very happy he's here.
  4. Agreed about CHO and Challobah being too inexperienced a tandem. I would start with a strong line-up with a couple of youngsters / fresh players in it (Trev + Ziyech for example), go full throttle from the get go to get an ealy lead and sub early.
  5. Always on the run. He actually missed two sitters yesterday - the second was just meme-worthy. At least he got his goal (but VAR couldn‘t believe it and still checked to be sure). Poor guy. Havertz missed an easy one as well..I hope it‘s not contagious
  6. It's been two games of which one was heavily influenced early into it. You're getting nervous?
  7. No, because he eventually has to adapt to Lukaku while also being in sub-par form beforehand. He's not that versatile like Mount or Havertz who can easier adapt - in my opinion. If it wasn't for James' red I'd guess he would have seen quite some minutes against Liverpool already.
  8. Doubt TT needs much convincing. My guess is he sets up Werner now like he did with Havertz last season who wasn't rushed in at the beginning but rather prepared well during training sessions before let on the pitch; which worked pretty well I'd say.
  9. I don't see why he would be "wasted" as a wingback? The way we set up our attacks the wingbacks are both incredibly involved and not just because they run up and down the pitch. With the talent Callum got I don't see why he couldn't do what Hakimi does for example. What's stopping him? Certainly not his talent as a footballer I'd say.
  10. giving or griefing? Not sure myself. *** Content with the loan although I would have preferred that young French one from Monaco who could have build a good future midfield with Gilmour but can't complain if Saul hasn't lost it completely.
  11. The good news is that nobody else signed him as well, lol. Better luck next time!
  12. still think a midfielder would be more important for this season. Kounde seems like a long term prospect to replace Dave and with the unexpected rise of Trev I can live with Zouma gone - if Kounde would arrive here next season or even during winter (unlikely probably but possible) not a lot would have been risked - although I doubt that we will save that much since we eventually have to pay up since we're more in desparate need. Granted I have no idea how Rüdiger would be replaced if he gets injured / out of form but there would be at least a couple of possibilities. But with a missing midfielder I think it's just crazy business.
  13. Too early a call about Pulisc imho - he wasn't in best shape last season but he still offers a certain goal threat and a unique style. But since we have a lot of players for only three starting positions there certainly can be some sore players. Especially if Ziyech comes back with his pre-season form. Our rigid system is imho one of the main reasons of the latest success so I'd be careful what to wish for. But regardless Pulisic's case my point stands that CHO eventually has an attitude problem instead of being ignored just because. Just my guess of course!
  14. My best bet would be that TT doesn't like his attitude / isn't satisfied with it. He wouldn't openly communicate that but imho you can read it between the lines (if one want to) and the fact of subbing him out after subbing him in.
  15. hours? a minute before curtain closes would be just about enough for me.
  16. Seville should just sign Jerome Boateng (should be possible even after the window closed) and be done with it.
  17. Who knows but I seriously doubt that Tuchel has the major say in Chelsea's transfer business. I also doubt that he's giving out any "guarantees" of minutes. But since TT trusted Billy in some important games already last season (with Billy doing very well in those too) I highly doubt he'd advocate for a loan without knowing that there would be a proper replacement. Maybe he sees Trev as a good enough back-up, who knows. Going out on a limb I'd say if the squad stays as is one possible scenario could be Trev as a Jorgi replacement if one of Kanté and Kova is also unavailable and eventually Mount as a Kova replacement if one of Jorgi/Kanté isn't available with Ziyech taking Mounts position in the front three. Maybe even James gets thrown into the mix but I don't like all that shifting around if the needed shifting around of players is likely not only the occasional here/there but quite likely to be the case rather often We'll see...but anyway, it's true that the next transfer window is close already and till January it'll suffice that way or another. Whether prices are going down then or not though..we'll see I guess
  18. If we really do mis out on Koundré this season because the Zouma deal took so long it makes that deal even less attractive.
  19. Lukaku having zero clearances doesn't tell the whole story though. Who knows, maybe his presence alone made Liverpool players trying to cross to another area..or like the situation with our goal where a lot of defenders tried to secure Rom but that gave a lot of space for others. If Havertz' header wouldn't have gone in by itself there was plenty of space for Azpi (I think) to score since most of the defenders covered the center (where Lukaku was). I agree though that a Werner / Lukaku combination sounds very promising, in theory at least.
  20. It would have been ridiculous to loan Billy then though. We would have weakened our most crucial position considerably - not sure what the plan was but there must have been one and it couldn't have been just "Saul on loan".
  21. Surely they should have some sort of back-up plan since his clause could activated during the very last minute, right? It's a gamble on both sides.
  22. Didn't you watch the game? They all were really happy. They must have felt playing 11v12 the first half going into the cabin fearing it'd become a 12v10 in the second half and they didn't just secure one point but rather kept Liverpool away from winning a 6point match which was the most important task. They'll batter them at the Bridge though. Back on topic: I though Rom had a good game. It was a joy watching him keeping 2-3 defenders busy with him alone and if we weren't down to ten I can just imagine what a fresh Werner would have been able with a those free spaces.
  23. There is a lot of talk about CHO to Dortmund on loan in German media. Think it'd be beneficial for him and his development. Right now he's got the situation as if he's a super experienced player that let's the youngsters play on regular basis and is on point once asked to play on the rare occasion - like Giroud e.g. - while in reality he's far away from even being that youngster himself.
  24. @frendz "Since we play 343, we need 2 mids who are super good on ball, so I dont think he can play there in a normal match. Yesterday was all about securing the draw." Agreed. He's a very good option to help out from the bench on various positions or playing the RCB as a starter but I don't see him as one of our mids as a starter.
  25. Yea, it was a bit much altogether but I can't believe it's down to ego problems; that would be amazing after only one game together. The Mount > Kai situation I think is reaching already a bit because it wasn't as clear cut. With Kanté > Kai instead of Rom I think it partially down to it being the easier option for Ngolo while still being threatening and Kai not passing to Rom I guess could equally just Kai being afraid of Rom being offside because he was that far ahead and completely free. But it will defo take time to adjust those issues as well as how to press which seemed almost genuinely in sync when Havertz, Mount and Werner are playing together. I'm very optimistic that we are rather at the beginning of a great display of football a few weeks further down the road when the missed pre-season of some + new addition(s) come together. Looking forward!
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