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  1. Not going to watch that scene again but wasn't Alonso basically with his back to Mendy + looking up because of the ball + Mendy just went down the second before what Alonso would have seen before turning away. If anything I'd say Mendy probably didn't call out when he got back on his feet that he'll get the ball. But all that happened within a split second so these things can always happen during chaotic scenes in the box. Also I can understand the interpretation of a deliberate handball - but that'd be the most harsh interpretation which didn't fit with the line of ruling the ref did in numerous occasions before so seems over the top - he didn't actually cared to check it properly on the screen.
  2. I'd say the first half was rather messed up by the ref, very lenient with Liverpool but extra harsh imho with e.g. Mendy's yellow. Also made himself look like a tool running 15sec to the telly for watching a still for a sec in front of the whole world. I have no clue anymore about the official ruling but my gut tells me a pen without a red would have been sufficent. Second half was actually quite good, ref didn't fell for a lot of stuff and even "gifted" us fouls in some situations that could have gotten very dangerous otherwise (1x Jorgi, 1x Alonso).
  3. Btw. I think too that the central pairings were mostly Jorgi-Kova or Jorgi-Kanté and both worked wonderfully. I do think that Kanté will play if he's anywhere fit for 80+ mins but imho he's playing at his best if we press high most of the times which I don't think we'll do THAT much against Liverpool. Could be way off of course though. And if we play a deep sitting game Kovacic is helping tremendously to open up tight situations and initiating counter plays. Maybe we'll see a good deal of a 532 (or more 3-5-1-1) with Mount doing Kova's part in the build up process trying to find Lukaku up top with Werner waiting a bit deeper to profit of Rom's off-layering (? is that a word? Like what Rom did beforehand the first goal vs Arsenal). It'd be quite defensive - even for our standard - but as long as Liverpool's not leading they'll be scared to push forward too much while they won't be able to play pacey attacks as well (most of the time). That way a lot will depend on Lukaku holding his ground against VVD though (but that would also create lots of spaces for Timo to run into anyway). When TT chased Bayern in his first Dortmund season he played mostly for draws in the direct comparisons (=trying not to lose). I can see him doing that this season as well with Pool / United and City (at least when playing away) - who are always capable for a defensive f#up to let us profit by rather individual exploits. Line-up will be really interesting..
  4. I don't think Kovacic is a DM at all actually . He's an amazing #8 kind of playmaker who isn't above his defensive duties but imho there isn't even a question whether Jorgi is the defensively better player or not. And although his fingerpointing got a bit of a meme it actually just shows how he's involved in structural organisation all the time. He's also said for nonstop talking it's just more obvious with the finger pointing.
  5. I guess we'll see Werner on the left helping out our LWB (imho likely Alonso who is just too good in form to be dropped imho) and Kanté alongside Jorgi (instead of Kova) who got the speed, lung and anticipation to help protecting our backline. I can also see us defend rather deep with a lot of long balls on Lukaku / Werner who will try to bring each other into play.
  6. Didn't age much I have to say. Maybe his teeth got a bit whiter and not sure they make those trousers anymore but other than that looks the same. Good for him!
  7. I don't think that those players are tied to one another. Tchouameni I guess has a lot to do with the CL quali (or not) of Monaco. That's likely the reason there hasn't been any progress. Koundé I guess is indeed tied to selling players first - not just in terms of bigger "war chest" but also in terms of the amount of CBs we have to keep happy - already one more now with Tev. That's just my opinion of course.
  8. I read somewhere Tchouameni and club have settled personal terms quite a while ago and I can't see Monaco demanding such a huge price that we'd shy away completely. I could imagine that if Monaco makes the CL we buy and loan him back immediately and after that secure Saul for at least a year and if they don't make the CL we buy and keep him with Saul going some place else. That said, I really dug Saul a couple of years ago but I somewhat would prefer a young and hungry player where I know he'll do everything 150% the manager says over a guy that comes from years of Simeone coaching on a rather negative note and has to adapt to another extremely nitpicky and highly demanding coach. But I also wouldn't complain if we have a midfield of Kovacic, Kanté, Jorginho and Saul to chose from... Could be worse.
  9. That's quite possibly the reason why he's almost bald: he worries a lot in his little cellar! But I agree about the take of Rom/VVD canceling each other out most likely. I'd say Werner will have a lot of impact - like he did in the last game vs. Pool as well. Liverpool's pace is always a concern though. James seemed a bit out of tune defensively imho vs Arsenal and whoever plays on the RWB (my guess is Alonso) has question marks as well. Alonso being not as fast and Chilwell without any match-fitness.
  10. Don't think so at all. If Liverpool players stay fit and City turns up this season as they usually do and we'll keep our composure it'll be a very narrow title chase imho - while ManUtd. could also be very annyoing up top. Depends a lot on possible key-injuries. And that Kepa shows up big time once Mendy takes his time off.
  11. If PSG really would end up sigining him (which I don't think likely, I guess it was mainly TT that loved to have him at PSG during his tenure - Leonardo actually opposed that) we could immediately ask for Kimpembes number. But I'd also think that it's more likely for Rüdiger to leave than for Christensen, just a gut feeling.
  12. So a 352? I personally don't really see it, except maybe for the last 10mins in some high profile do-or-die game to secure a narrow lead. We'd lack some serious goal threat that way. I mean I'd be genuinely curious how that'd work out and would like to see it but even if we could get a 433 or 442 going we'd still have the pragmatic problem that we just don't have any real midfield options as back-ups.
  13. I'm just not sure why AM want to sell (and rather cheap at that) or loan a player like Saul who should now actually enter his absolutely prime. But I don't really follow them so who knows. Sometimes you need some fresh blood even after winning big titles. IMO Camavinga isn't the right guy for our midfield so I agree there - I'd rather hope for Tchouameni - so I can see Saul on loan being an attractive asset. But since we have three already hyper-experienced players I don't think it's too far fetched to add a younger yet still experienced player to our squad.
  14. It's just a pity that we can't field Kova/Jorgi and Kanté at the same time. Would be an incredible midfield.
  15. It just highlights our rather light depth in the midfield department (and no, I don't count James or even Challobah as alternatives) that he has to play that many games as a starter and for 90mins after the EC final. Jorgi needs to be rested once in a while if alone for mental freshness.
  16. They didn‘t play that bad either as well - especially those 7-10 mins before halftime. Could have easily be a pen too in their favor too. Maybe a lot of fans still underestimate the coherent power of the Chelsea team either - it may look easy to defend from the outside but it certainly ain’t. But I guess those boo chants are more about the general state of the team/manager and less about the actual game vs us. At least they can boo it live now instead of just smashing their tv‘s
  17. Well Zouma had a whole half season under TT to prove his worth for "the system". Who knows what Tuchel saw already last season - pretty sure he didn't start being interested who's fooling around in the academy with the first session of this years pre-season. Especially since some of his top-players are coming from that very academy. But still, right time right place with a bit of luck..that's true for a lot of stuff and certainly how a lot of footballers come through.
  18. We should win this game no matter what players we field. It's important to have the best possible team fit and in form against Liverpool. So Lukaku should play for at least 60minutes imho and Chilwell and James should both also start. Thiago I guess could still be rested given his experience.
  19. I doubt Timo's bothered at all by that dude..as should you probably. Nice lady stepping in stole him the show anyway.
  20. Not to be misunderstood: he's an amazing player and I really like watching him. His "motivation"...it seems so over the top at times that I wouldn't rule out a good "show" - he's clearly the best at his side, heck there aren't any players in the whole BL that create such a hype and craze - and he shows it. Doesn't mean he can't fit in perfectly within a...say..Chelsea squad. Although that would have been a joy to watch, I'm kinda happy with the Lukaku comeback. We have a lot of still extremely young and all of them extremely talented bunch of attacking players, having a extremely experienced, sympathetic but still super ambitious player in his prime alongside those could develop our overall game much further than eventually a Haaland transfer would have realised. (Although I wouldn't have complained either way ;).
  21. Haven't seen him much myself - but what I gathered was some kind of "disciplined" version of Pogba. Great passing range and good technique paired with a very good football IQ while being highly dynamic. I imagine some kind of mix of Jorgi/Kanté - very interesting player for sure but I don't know if he's a good sole #6 in front of a back four (Busquets style) since what I saw from him is more of a box-to-box player. Maybe someone else here knows him better though.
  22. He's been like that last season too. The narrative always is that he's just "utterly ambitous, lifting his teammates morale by his restlesness" instead of "look how arrogant and self absorbed he's playing, even openly criticising his own teammates once a pass wasn't on point". I don't buy in any of those though, I guess it's mostly antics of self-motivation and not much more but I agree that it doesn't look great from the outside at times. In the BL it's always hyped (by the media mostly I'd guess) when somebody like him embodies the resistance to Bayerns hegemony - and nobody could do that better than Haaland tbh. Anyway, would like to see him play in a possession based side once because the great thing about Lewandowski is his ability to score from "static" situations while Haaland is mostly (almost exclusively it seems) doing his power-runs with a top notch finish. His passing game was 50/50 at best too yesterday.
  23. Exactly. Although cringeworthy: his phantom-pass during the Palace game will be picked up in the future by Romelu.
  24. Not really a rumor but Rennes just bought a 14m defensive midfielder - I wonder if Camavinga will transfer this season already; quite likely imho. I doubt we're after him but that could lead to quite some shifting around in the DM market. oh..just noticed that Bakayoko is linked to Rennes as well.
  25. The first two I haven't watched but Anelka and Henry? For France you mean? It's a bit long ago / couldn't see that much international players on a regular basis but i'd say Anelka played a bit different than Henry. Anyway, I worded that not really good to begin with because I specifically meant two strikers with the profile of Haaland/Lukaku. Anelka (I think at least) and Henry where technically quite gifted and could participate well in phases of posession (didn't Henry play wide as well?). Lukaku and Haaland seem to be both extremely vertical players that like to be in the very same spaces (inside or right in front of the oppo-box). While Mbappé or Henry for that matter can always shift to the wing and cut in with pace or by dribbling.
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