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  1. Was there ever in footy-history a two-man strikeforce of two players almost identical in their profile? I don't see any rationale that would make a Haaland transfer to us next season likely. Imho, if they can fund it somehow and they probably can, he'll end up at RM alongside Mbappé and eventually Pogba to form the new galacticos. Mbappé and him are different enough to form a good partnership. Haaland and Lukaku are not (at all). Hopefully he doesn't end up at United which is the other scenario I can think of.
  2. I'm crossing fingers that the whole Lukakucomeback will help him (and Havertz too) a lot - should lift a lot of focus and pressure from both media/fans and also defenders on the pitch to the big guy. If Lukaku really is the leader that I think he is our whole strikeforce should profit more than just from the goals he'll score. That's imho one of the biggest advantages Lukaku has over Haaland: he knows the PL inside out and is old and experienced enough + has the right character to lead and help/advise those young players. Even without scoring sufficently Timo already helps the team and is involved enough to still make it as a starter so if he gains back a bit of confidence and loses some of the pressure because of Lukaku I still think he will do much better in front of the goal. But that's not to say that if a good opportunity arises he won't transfer out next season.
  3. Rice would be such a strange addition - if true I at least doubt TT would be that pleased (although he‘d keep that opinion rather private). Lukaku will change our style quite a bit already but Rice would mean a 180. Bellingham would be amazing..can‘t really see Dortmund selling this season but who knows.
  4. But why let Billy go on loan if he could get lots of minutes this year already? I don‘t see Chalobah as a midfield option this year. Those two positions are our most vital and demanding ones - I personally don’t really see him there within our current system at all (at least in the foreseeable future but that’s just my opinion). Imho he and the team profit the most if he could concentrate on only one position. That is if he even stays this season. Even Mount wasn‘t really that convincing as a CM until now so even that should be rather an emergency setup (or he mostly just needs more prep-time in training). It would be a surprising plan to strengthen the squad depth even more but leave us more vulnerable at our most important position than last year when we had at least a very good albeit inexperienced option with Billy. Doesn‘t sound likely imo.
  5. First few matches within a season are no good indicator about how clubs will perform in the following months. Palace playing neither attacking nor defending could also just mean that they didn't find any real grip as to how to counter our (formidable) playstyle. Which I'd say rather highlights our good form and general approach than giving a clue as to how Palace will go about their season. If we keep this going I'd argue we're probably one if not the worst team to play against this season. But BTT: that also doesn't mean that we're set for the title. I'd say challenging for the EPL till the last day(s) would be a great development. City remains to be seen (w/o Kane or not) but I don't think there is a huge gap between us, City, Utd. and Pool. The first two have overall the deepest squads with City more "elite" personell within their squad but Chelsea players eventually being more hungry for the title. United has the worst manager of all four clubs so it'll be interesting to see if OGS can step up a level or two. Liverpool has a great XI but not much depth.. Would be great to see a four horse race till the very end! As of now I don't see one (or two) team steamrolling the league like Pool/City did before.
  6. No news on Ziyech? And I'd like to see Kova again and rest Kanté as long as possible. Kove should be able to play 8d later w/o a problem (shows our "need" of a good CM back-up tho). I'd rather rest Mount since he's been just back into the squad but with CHO/Chilwell/Werner and ROM! (+Kai) we are so incredibly pacey that we need someone to hit those killer passes! Maybe Jorgi and Kova are enough to provide that but Mount could do some serious damage with his passing. Pity, this would really set up Ziyech to shine.
  7. The commentator here said that he was a little bit lucky since the shot hit the post but I personally regard those actually as perfect. They even make a great noise: BAM!
  8. Agreed! Not sure about Camavinga (probably R.Madrid bound in his mind already) but with Gilmour gone I'd bet big money on a midfield signing - unfortunately I don't have any. Not sure if Koundé could play the Kanté role to some extent but one of the two players you've mentioned would help us tremendously. Would be almost a flawless squad imho with the perfect balance.
  9. weetee

    New CB?

    I really dig him for some reason, think he‘d do great in the EPL. Bit like a raw diamond and his biggest problem by far are his emotions. He massively improved his game (mostly being way more consistent) in the second Tuchel season at PSG and I can imagine that a rather well drilled, balanced and organised squad like Chelsea helps him tremendously to learn keeping his temper in check compared to a circus side like PSG. He clearly is no Marquinhos of course and never will be but if we want to play with a b4 he‘s imho an amazing prospect. Very young but already very experienced. I just can‘t see any way that he‘s up for a transfer so I‘m not even considering him tbh
  10. lol. Berardi was about the only Italian player I didn't want to see on the pitch - although it was mainly due the fact he kept Chiesa out for those games. But since a) the Italian guy I'm playing football with (knows that Pessina guy or however he's called) clearly rated him and b) Berardi didn't play on Chiesas side but for Immobile he actually grew on me. Don't know him too well but he strikes me as somebody that could work well with Havertz (changing positions fluently).
  11. I was amazed once I first saw rumours about transfer links to Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and while I'm quite relaxed about the Haaland/next striker saga I'm almost dissapointed that we didn't sign Tchouameni already weeks ago,lol. French clubs desparately need the money, he got the talent and skills, doesn't cost 100m pounds and we've got a AAA coach that speaks fluently French. Why isn't this a done deal already!!? :D That said, I read that English clubs usually start around mid August to mess around and get deals done so still some time to kill.
  12. Wait - that guy never put foot on a EPL "pitch" right? Crazy stuff.
  13. Nice but not too soapy a saga to follow.. Not sure Dortmund under Rose has much interest in Tammy. Since Rose wasn't playing with "traditional" wingers at Gladbach (and Dortmund having only one option in their squad left after Sancho's gone) I'm not even sure CHO is that attractive an option for them, especially since his wages are likely much too high. Doesn't mean they would cancel the whole thing off, Imho it's quite obvious they would sell Haaland at the right price/model.
  14. He is very fast, but he sure isn‘t as mobile with quick turns etc as the players I mentioned which obviously helps when pressing. But nothing I‘d have any worries about, not at all.
  15. +1 a guy at the sideline who tells him what to do
  16. Rewatching the final right now. He played quite rhe forward role but even with the same general setup of a 343 you see a world of difference between the Southgate version compared to the Tuchel one. First of all we don‘t have 2/3 ball hogs upfront like Sterling and Kane. No ball circulation there, next to no penetration into the box as well. Playing Rice and Phillips as CM is almost a different sport compared to say a Kova/Jorgi pairing. Although the start seemed a promising implementation of Shaw/Trippier they actually stayed rather deep for the most time meaning you have Mount playing mostly a 3vs6 with two of those three forwards hogging the ball as well or diving at the first contact so that there hardly was any possession and positional play which I think very beneficial for Mounts input. I also think he is way overplayed, already was at Chelsea in the final weeks, and ran out of steam. No idea really why Foden or Grealish didn‘t get some of his minutes.
  17. Then it makes sense since Favre played very deep and extremely waiting/cautious. Just the eye-test but imho I can clearly remember Haaland trying to initiate a pressing situation but since the rest of the team didn't follow he stopped doing - visibly angry about it 😉 Sure, I too would think that because of his body he's not as good as Werner (prolly one of the best, no idea about stats though) and Havertz since he's likely a good deal less mobile but imho the will / workrate and cleverness combined with an orchestrated approach (whole team does it) is the most important part to be successful with it - just my uninformed idea though - and I'd be very confident about his will and cleverness!
  18. I agree with the rest of your post but what makes you say that? He was playing at RB Salzburg who indoctrinate their players with the aggressive pressing game. Dortmund under Favre didn't play as aggressive as before but with Terzic they started to do that again and I'm pretty sure he's actually very good at it. Curious.
  19. We won't let go Giroud and Tammy and not buy any other striker; that I'm sure of. One of the great qualties of the Chelsea squad is it's depth combined with a lot of versatility/flexibility. We tried a 433 last season as well against Leeds I think (possibly 442, not sure). It failed kinda at that time but we now have a pre-season + TT already knows his squad in/out and most importantly the squad ain't changing much or at least not against our will/unplanned. He played very flexible with Mainz, with Dortmund (forced by selling three core players after his first season there) and also implemented the 523 next to the regular 433 (or better 424 ;)) at Paris. Would be strange if he now insists on his 343 day in day out. We all know he's a clever dude.
  20. Sure, there will certainly be tough competition next season about him. There are many variables. But there are a lot of questionmarks left with Madrid. How does Ancelotti work? What about Varane? Modric? Kroos gets older as does Benzema and Carvajal . Hazard is a shadow of his former self. What about Bale? Ramos is gone. Is Vinicius jr actually good enough? Rodrygo or however he's spelled? Does Alaba actually fit in that well? If I'd be Haaland and could basically chose my next club those two Spanish giants would likely not be the first choice - no matter if they could afford it or not. Their projects aren't as developed as I'd say ManU, City, Pool or Chelsea's are; wouldn't surprise me if Atleti wins the LaLiga this season as well. But yea, Barca is in much bigger trouble than RM I'd say - but imo have some clearly better youth products with Pedri and Fati (hope he comes back for good from his injury) - but not a good enough coach as well. Anyway, I'm very relaxed about the whole Haaland saga. Would be awesome if he actually comes but we'll manage either way.
  21. It's been tongue in cheek of course. But while I totally agree: Barcelona is an extremely chaotic club atm and for some time, so at the same time I wouldn't rule out anything with them.
  22. Their both in shambles right now though - for their standards at least - so best to wait 3-4 years till they both got their rebuilds mostly done and running. Also I suppose Haaland is clearly the über-ambitious competitive guy. There is just no comparison to the EPL right now - there is money, competitiveness and enough prestige as well. That said, I can totally see Haaland wanting to move on to Real say in 4-5 years depending on their rebuild and how Chelsea developed in the meantime. That would still mean he'd helped tremendously in those years if nothing extraordinary happens. Growing more confident by the hour...unfortunately! 😉 Get him and Griezman on loan and evaluate about Werner/Ziyech come winter..
  23. That I totally agree on! Basically played a completely flawless tourney with 18y. Even that (own)goal he shot from afar was of a fascinating weird beauty.. 😉
  24. What, you want to chip in a few bucks? 🙂 If the 75m € clause is indeed correct I doubt we start bidding at 175m€..at least I would hope so.
  25. Hmm, what I saw excluded most likely everything pre CL-reform. You missed Emerson 2021 though. Even more impressive having 4/6 players (excluding psv/Inter players for whatever reason). I‘m extremely content with Italy winning the euro but if England would have won it‘d be even more onesided with James/Mount/Chilwell.
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