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  1. Fantastic days following Chelsea through the 70’s and 80’s, I was 11 years old at Wembley in 72, I was on the train from Luton that caught fire, Eddie Macs promotion season I wouldn’t have missed for the world, running the length of the pitch at Bolton after Chelsea took their end, places like Forest, Cardiff and Millwall away weren’t for the faint hearted. Spurs away in 78, for those who were at Seven Sisters Station after the game, was a day to remember. My stag weekend in Brighton in 83, around 10,000 at Man City on a Friday night, the wall collapsing at Orient, countless trips to West Ham
  2. Good player on his day when he put his mind to it, never a legend in my book, nowhere near as good as Hollins or Cooke
  3. I’ve been a Chelsea fan since 1970, I saw my first game at Stamford Bridge on 27th March 1971, I stood in the Shed aged 10 and saw us beat Leeds 3-1, I was hooked, I was at Wembley for the league cup final V Stoke in 1972, I followed Chelsea home and away throughout the 70’s and 80’s. I miss the old days in the old second division. I was a season ticket holder up until around 2000, I don’t go as much now as I used to, I probably only go to a handful of games a season now.
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