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  1. Saw that same thing. Proves nothing, as this is merely conjecture on the writer's part - no quotes, no info, no nothing other than the same info you and I are privy to.
  2. We will see. I think Tuchel has a huge issue with trying to keep five players happy who play the same position. A lot easier to choose players when one can be kept out of the equation because of the excuse of lack of match fitness or not ready yet. Again, a ten day injury forecast is now moving toward day 21. Will be anxious to see if Berhalter has Pulisic included in his roster for the USMNT Wednesday. Me thinks he will;)
  3. Haven't been able to find anything on the Pulisic injury since Tuchel saying he was not ready this past weekend. Where did you find your latest info on him? Love to read it.
  4. Perhaps an update on the injury. Perhaps clarification on why a sprained ankle, initially diagnosed as a ten day injury, is now going on its 21st day. I would think, as Chelsea fans, you guys would be a little more concerned about your offensive players, or lack thereof, when your team generated zero shots on goal yesterday. Would be nice to know exactly what's up with one of the key talents who can generate a spark of offense when your attack is coming off a toothless display.
  5. Tuchel will come out, right before game time, and declare Pulisic not ready. There won't be much else said, just a vague one line comment revealing nothing about why a Chelsea- reported 10 day injury timeline for return is now turning into 21 days... or more.
  6. When you have five players at the same position, things like this give the coach an easy out. But pathetic offensive displays can be the result. Just sayin'.
  7. Being told one is injured and one actually being injured are two different things.
  8. Let's see how much longer Tuchel will keep Pulisic inactive with his ankle "injury." Should be interesting, especially after today's pathetic offensive display.
  9. Coaching loss. Mindset too defensive. Lads didn't start playing until they were down. Quit playing soft at home - if you are going to get beat, go down swinging. First half was like watching Mike Tyson box a kindergartner.
  10. I have followed Chelsea religiously for the past five years. I have followed every step that Pulisic has made at Chelsea. He is not a favorite of Tuchel's at all. You can think Pulisic is going to be given a fair chance to play. I say he languishes in a sub role for most of the season. We will see who is correct.
  11. You really don't get why Americans would follow Chelsea because of Pulisic? Uhhhh...ok.
  12. True. But three weeks on a sprained ankle is highly suspicious - kind of frees up Tuchel from having to explain why he isn't playing, now doesn't it? With Chelsea winning and playing well, don't see this changing anytime soon. Again, really hope Chelsea sells him soon as he will be buried three to four deep when he is "finally healthy."
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