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  1. Pop-up? How very dare you young man! It's a mere sticky that can be closed. But no, whatever shows; shows.
  2. Oi, get your own first scorer, I've got a prediction to win here!
  3. Dear Frank, please put Willy in today! I don't know about todays game but apparently that was an early text message from Christine.
  4. Seems okay buddy, might have to close that Ad if it gets in the way of it.
  5. Yea that barnet of his must be worth a few quid now.
  6. Cheers! I think I've fixed it now. Will need to test it.
  7. @sonic90 Looking into that, its safe though so just close it, only happened a few times this end.
  8. Yep wouldn’t use anything else now. We briefly used phpBB to continue from the old CSR forum, but switched to Invision where it’s been pretty much from the start.
  9. @WhiteWall Blimey yea, IE11 is way old now and believe this version is the first to stop support for it. I know on one of the last versions, I had to add some code so IE11 would still work on here. The spell checker would’ve been something within your browser and Chrome will definitely have it, but you might have to switch it on/select language in the settings.
  10. Enlightening in non-techy terms @moi Imagine part exchanging your car for a slightly newer model. It costs a bit more than it used to, so @Scott and generous other folk club together to help out. The new car is the same as the other, but you have more functions on the dashboard, the steering wheel feels a bit more comfortable, the gear stick is smoother. The colour is slightly brighter so it feels fresh. You don't know the performance of it until you take it for a fast test drive (normally on a match day). Dark mode is having the same car but totally black. This one you keep in the g
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