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  1. You wouldn't be hating on those from Essex would you?
  2. @Zeta I'll PM you the PSD
  3. No way, start an 'Eden at Madrid' topic on there if need be. He was Chelsea for hundreds of pages, so it will stay for hundreds of years. Don't do this to us rob! What might have to change though, is the banner up top for next season
  4. I hope they don't drag his out now its official Sarri has gone. If we've got someone lined up, it needs to be announced.
  5. From what I’ve seen of it, it seems way over the top and should’ve stuck more like the original. I’ll still get it, but it seems to be so much hype connected to this due to the first one.
  6. That was undertow's doing, is he still around or got wiped out at Kings Landing?
  7. Yea too right, those Hokey Cokey lot are suddenly quiet now too!
  8. They're all coming back ain't they! We'll be able to field the 2005 team next season at this rate!
  9. Rank 1118 and around 75mil in the bank, all legit. Have played it since day of release and imported character from PS4 when it came out for that. Rockstar are hammering the double RP and cash recently on different modes, so that alone is enough to say that this DLC will end up being pricey.
  10. haha @moi have been called worse. Good ideas with the plugins @cRyptic but I think it is sorted. When they upgraded to a later database and after importing the dump, they added the new database to the config, without taking off the old one this confused everything and looked at two databases when submitting or viewing posts. If there is double posts to the extent as before, then it will need looking at again, but, I think it's sorted for now. I'm still going through the server taking off old stuff, just to clear it up a bit.
  11. Well we never stopped singing Super Frank....
  12. Well we need to hit that big 1.5 million mark quick!

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