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  1. Was just coming in here to write pretty much the same @The Don Antonio so to change it up and truly had the title to ersk I’m going Chelsea - 2 Arsenal - 0 Werner 24’
  2. Just to confirm this is God of War we’re taking about? On mine, there is a PlayStation Collection tab where the store is. In that part there is a lot of free to download games, it’s one of those in there.
  3. Have you got the PS5 @Blueblur because it’s free on there?
  4. I feel like I've just handed @erskblue the title today! There is no coming back now, I f**ked up proper Gerrard style. Had I won, I would of handed the Chelsea thong to second place, so it suits me. The most important thing is to finish above you Munky, you are like the Tottenham of this league.
  5. Are we not going to offer Courtois just a tad of credit for the save though and cut Timo a little slack for that one? No…. Okay carry on
  6. Nicely summed up @Spiller86
  7. I liked him a lot, I don’t think many fans didn’t. He scored a few stunning goals. The amount of times he was called offside when he wasn’t, cause he was so sharp on the line. But, he wasn’t a Costa and maybe cause the time in his career when he came and the personal battles he fought while in London. As for Timo, we keep hearing how the Prem is the hardest league to play in etc, and I think that probably applies here. I think some just can’t cut it in this league. Kezman, Morata, all good goal ratio, then can’t hit a barn door. I think some may become accustomed and thrive in it (Dr
  8. Costa yes, but with Crespo, we don’t have too far off so far in Timo.
  9. Am with dan, think he’d get back to good form being home again.
  10. Cannot get off Fallout 76, a lot of the early bugs have been ironed out and runs much better than it did. Big update later today again. Finished all the main missions the other day. It’s addictive once you get into it and level up. Played Zero Dawn a few years ago and didn’t go back to it, so downloaded again. Waiting on Far Cry 6 as far as new games coming. Have been missing a few things on PS5 and still prefer the UI on PS4. No themes is a kicker and trying to leave a voice party is confusing sometimes. Other than a bit of faster loading here and there, it’s not really been th
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