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  1. Steady quoting people Loz, you'll get reported!
  2. Welcome SemaJ, count yourself lucky you wasn't at School as a fan in the 80s!
  3. I think it might have been an error as one or two other things were playing up, but should be sorted now @Amputechture
  4. @Amputechture I think you might need to change the drop down boxes, maybe you hit one by mistake when last on a desktop. I know when not logged in, it shows differently which is possibly condensed.
  5. This Jose talk has me wondering what would've happened if say Carlo or Conte took the reins back then (with the same level they were when with us) Would they have achieved the same?
  6. Come on you miserable git, it's proper camp, right up your street!
  7. As per original post, today am starting to delete accounts that haven't updated email addresses as am still getting returned mail to people that have subscribed to topics, etc.
  8. We seem so tired after playing games close together which we hadn’t really seen much before, no depth in the squad like we used to have. The same happened last week against West Ham after the champions league, during that week.
  9. Can we at least take him back on loan? We'll let him eat some burgers without judgement!
  10. Yep this should be sorted now, it’s fixed.
  11. It looks to be connected to our SSL certificate, have you tried on Firefox since @Amputechture
  12. Did you two share a little hot dog?
  13. It's in the pipeline munky, the kitty got a bit light so was trying to beef it a bit with revenue for a while.
  14. I'm actually impressed how you remembered all that Loz.
  15. @bluehaze Could you update your email address in profile settings, all your mail is getting returned, cheers.

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