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  1. Ah I thought it being the great Sky Sports, it was done. I’ll leave it in the hope Spurs swoop in! Hopefully we’ve got the shirts printed already too. (We take the piss but he could end up being a 5-pen saver in a champs league final)
  2. Mikel was an avid reader and struck up a friendship away from the forum with @PloKoon13
  3. Only with The Shed End name, prior to that, the CSR was 1996 or thereabouts.
  4. Just a heads up @Jay11 The above discussion is referring to someone else, not you. Despite the word out of Malta, it is very welcoming here.
  5. If it's Twitter, it's just for the follows and hype. Mostly fake news.
  6. Remember when Loz came back and we hauled in a convoy of all the oldies to welcome him back, for every single one to f**k off again
  7. Sign up as Automonous Fish, Munks
  8. Nobody can blame him though really, Burgers are quite nice.
  9. You’re leaving us for a man that doesn’t want you now @Munkworth it must be love Why would someone called the ‘cfcnewspage’ be told of it? I haven’t seen the full tweet so not sure if they are referencing somebody else, but I would take anything written on Twitter, other than the Chelsea page, with a pinch of salt. Not saying it wouldn’t happen but surely we are going to hear something more concrete in at least 48 hours.
  10. I had totally missed the date, July 16th 2006, 15 years of this forum. A few other guise before that, but yea, 15 years of The Shed End Forum. Nice one everyone old and new 👍
  11. It’s the forum under the International Football one 👍
  12. He was a great member, good laugh and fitted in, even had his own little clique of followers. He decided to take things to heart when a few members complained about his thread derailment in certain places. He threw his toys out of the pram in random chat thread (which I, and others believed was a joke). It wasn’t, he self exiled and went and spoke down about people here to any Chelsea group online that would listen. His main account here was never banned and people hoped he would come back once he saw he was being a bit of a dick. The problem is he came back trying to disguise himself as a new member and went round playing the victim and even turned on his so called ‘forum friends’. He’s now gone off again to any Chelsea group online that will listen to him and again speaking down about people here claiming that he was a new member. It is probably one of the weirdest situations we’ve ever seen here from what seemed to be, a really decent and generally funny person. The intro thread from his alt account is in the Shed End Lounge and probably says it better. Due to those games, it was only right to restrict the main account now, he has easy means to contact the forum if he wants to talk.
  13. Just give it another 48 hours at least.
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