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  1. Chelsea 4 Norwich 1 Havertz 27’ Edit - Just seen I’m close to Mo in prediction, pure coincidence!
  2. Cheers for the heads up on that @JM7 It is a timed play so you can’t play it all over the beta period, but it’s not too bad. I think I still prefer steep out of the 2, as I think the graphics let that one down. The character customisation looks like PS2.
  3. Says the After-Christmas West Ham there slipping down the table!
  4. Welcome on! Thats some username!
  5. That’s the problem though, the changes they have made are for the worse.
  6. It does get better as you get in more @ForeverCarefree but yea can see where you’re coming from 100% and a few of those things do stay like the harder stealth. Plus the soldiers get tougher as you rank up, so then it makes things even more tricky. It feels like a point-and-shoot cod game and the skill doing things stealth with a sniper or similar have gone, or at least more work to do properly. The story on the last FC’s seemed to draw you in and you knew what was going on. On this one, I find myself getting up for a drink or a piss on story scenes. A major thing I noticed is there doesn’t seem to be much organisation within the game. All that camp thing is confusing for a start. Its a good game, but a bit disappointing for something that took so long to eventually release and I don’t think it’s half as good as the other ones.
  7. Not sexist, it could be a male from the kitchen if you were that way inclined.
  8. No, this thread isn't going to make it to the archive yet. Looking at the last post date, it's just in time! Some belters on here!
  9. The suspense of waiting to see if I've made the elite in the table yet....
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