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  1. Is there much difference between seeing a white space or a deal on Chelsea Hospitality tickets, an Asian single or a nice pair of Nike trainers, thats the real question!
  2. I've always told everyone you're a nice fella, Liam!
  3. We've always (since the start) been against any sort of subscription based thing where people pay to use the forum. I have seen its an option at other forums in the past but they mostly have been heavily overloaded with ads. Have always tried to keep it as less intrusive as possible. Any sort of pop up or pop under or vignette, etc etc is never added. The pop ups the other week were actually an issue with an advertiser creeping around the way Google displays on their platform. I dropped a media company earlier in the year because the ad's started to show pop-ups.
  4. I’m sure @mad_mac would appreciate that post.
  5. Welcome, probably the newest fan ever to join!
  6. I don't know why Frank's being so picky, it's not as if he's Costa or Drogba to choose from has he! The Bat will get us goals! ....which always help!
  7. A little bit of downtime this afternoon, but that was me trying something. I'll leave it alone now
  8. We look amazing for the first 15 minutes, its just the other 75 we need to work on!
  9. Yep speeding along, hope it keeps up because I'm done staying up till 5am moving it every week!
  10. Yes, welcome to supporting the forum! They’ve been there years!
  11. I think you’ll find at least from the Chelsea side dan, it is tongue in cheek sarcasm! I’d love him back even with his burger belly!
  12. Sundays game is the real test, but either way I have a plan.
  13. It will if he tucks into the last of the Summer Burgers again during that time!
  14. This is the new server! So if you are seeing this, you're on it!

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