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  1. We seem so tired after playing games close together which we hadn’t really seen much before, no depth in the squad like we used to have. The same happened last week against West Ham after the champions league, during that week.
  2. Can we at least take him back on loan? We'll let him eat some burgers without judgement!
  3. Yep this should be sorted now, it’s fixed.
  4. It looks to be connected to our SSL certificate, have you tried on Firefox since @Amputechture
  5. Did you two share a little hot dog?
  6. It's in the pipeline munky, the kitty got a bit light so was trying to beef it a bit with revenue for a while.
  7. I'm actually impressed how you remembered all that Loz.
  8. @bluehaze Could you update your email address in profile settings, all your mail is getting returned, cheers.
  9. yep and Poyet hated every minute of being there!
  10. He's like a cheap prositute that guy now, anyones who will take him. He is probably only linked to the job so he can face Frank as a manager and gain attention for it, while Sky milk all they can out of the fixture. I saw a video recommendation on Youtube earlier "What does Jose think of Chelsea's young players" - who gives a flying f*%k what he thinks. There is a reason he isn't our manager anymore and that reason applies to whether he should pass any judgement on our players.
  11. yea I think the server just blinked down a few times briefly. Its monitored so it would've let them know. It seems okay today I think?
  12. My stream is buffering so much, I'll still be watching this next week!
  13. I think the saving grace is that we’re at the Bridge, we could have a slim chance! We’d be bent over if it was there.

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