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  1. Ah just finding out if it’s easy enough to go back and pick up trophies missed for platinum.
  2. Times are hard, bring back Commodore!
  3. Is it easy enough to go back and select chapters @Munkworth once you've done the story?
  4. What a stepback - Samsung, Yokohama.... 3? I can only assume it's because we don't have key names like Drogba, Hazard, Fabregas, etc these days. It's not creating as much attraction for sponsors.
  5. Stop it! I like it! (No doubt, there will be a 'slim version' within a few years once they've worked it out! Though Loz is still working on that himself)
  6. Yep, whack on the subtitles. They don't intrude and I stuck them on right at the start as thought I'd miss something.
  7. Thank god we've got a game again this weekend!
  8. Ah that should be off now. Took the slidey one off the bottom too. It’s a fine line I’m going for, with still being able to read Chelsea stuff without getting forced a Russian bride.
  9. Yep and with news of a slight remaster coming for ps5 etc in late summer next year, it will mean GTA 6 won’t be rushed in coming out now.
  10. Thats true, have we printed the shirts to order yet?
  11. There has been loads in online buddy, the difference is Rockstar adds them free in-game and expects the return via shark cards bought.

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