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  1. It’s strange you mention that. After TT arrived, there was a German lad that kept trying to join that kept coining Frank as a ‘PE Teacher’ He went on under his many guises to post a picture of Frank in a Man City shirt and wishing cancer on people’s families here. That won’t be tolerated. He isn’t Chelsea and let alone having an account here, he deserves a good kick-in.
  2. Very short and sweet.... just like Munky's manhood!
  3. Missed the interview, can you sum up what he said.
  4. Yep, AVB sprung straight to my mind.
  5. Thats insane, show who they are? Will wait while you do.
  6. Chelsea - 4 Newcastle - 2 Abraham 23’ Ive gone a bit out there for a prediction this week cause think it’s fair someone wins the Chelsea thong at the end! Come on @erskblue I have faith in you buddy!
  7. Just bumping this again as a reminder!
  8. I've just read about that, if true, he sounds pretty pissed off. Can we trade him for Hazard? Sure, many Spanish burgers must have been consumed a lot since, but we can bring him back to his best again.
  9. Joseph came from Twitter so match chat will be a walk in the park, unless of course Yorks has had a few sherberts during the game!
  10. Hey Joseph, welcome on buddy!
  11. I think Frank was right which is starting to show more with his game time. He reminds me a little of David Luiz on a bad day minus the flashes of brilliance.
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