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  1. Yep let's hope we can do your neighbours a favour
  2. Do you think it's because he never passed to Torres that frequently?
  3. Why are you in the topic then, d**khead
  4. Apparently, he said people that don't go to games are not real fans. The fella isn't doing himself any favours.
  5. Ivanovic is such a forgotten great in my opinion! Dropped off right at the end but absolutely storming and consistent prior.
  6. Under-statement of the year buddy!
  7. It's good to see that over 3% just want to do the Hokey Cokey!
  8. You know, you can always PM me and let me know what happens @Zola
  9. Why did I just read that in the voice of Littlefinger!
  10. Don't even start about bounced emails. Amazing how some people want notifications on new posts in topics but can't even have a valid email address.
  11. I used to like you robdog
  12. how can i open a topic in tickets forum, because it wont let me do it

    1. Mod Stark

      Mod Stark

      You have to have made a number of posts around the forum and it automatically opens.

  13. Real man? This is The Shed End, good luck with that!

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