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  1. yep and Poyet hated every minute of being there!
  2. He's like a cheap prositute that guy now, anyones who will take him. He is probably only linked to the job so he can face Frank as a manager and gain attention for it, while Sky milk all they can out of the fixture. I saw a video recommendation on Youtube earlier "What does Jose think of Chelsea's young players" - who gives a flying f*%k what he thinks. There is a reason he isn't our manager anymore and that reason applies to whether he should pass any judgement on our players.
  3. yea I think the server just blinked down a few times briefly. Its monitored so it would've let them know. It seems okay today I think?
  4. My stream is buffering so much, I'll still be watching this next week!
  5. I think the saving grace is that we’re at the Bridge, we could have a slim chance! We’d be bent over if it was there.
  6. The next on that list would be MGS Phantom Pain, get through the first hour or so and it really turns into a great game, and remember not to kill Quiet. Until Dawn is good too, but more of a film like game.
  7. Alright Craigy lad, You can post or reply topics but can only get access to the ticket forum once you've been around and posted a bit. It is purely to stop touts or people with fakes. Welcome on!
  8. So glad to see Rudiger back, we've missed him!
  9. I’m saying nothing! It looks like EA will get my money this year mainly for FUT. Played the demo and the Fifa Street is just exactly the same as the Basketball court thing from Fifa 19, so a lazy add on for them to do on this one. Seeing Frank strutting around the sidelines in a suit looks pretty good after controlling him on the pitch for years.
  10. Ah I didn’t know yo could import, nice one, I might give it a go. Will still get Fifa though, will miss The Journey but Fifa Street on it sounds like it’s going to be good.
  11. The only problem I find with that is the unofficial’ness of it, which is why I think Fifa has always been the leader out the two. I think Fifa is much more in-depth.
  12. ouch, if you can get the url I can block it. My guess its just a general ticket place cause of a lot of ticket talk in the forum. I remember having to block the Everton Club Shop some years ago.

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