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  1. Such a sore loser Munky I bet you're a barrel of laughs on Call of Duty! You're getting whipped son, @bisright1 will take that second place come the weekend!
  2. @Zeta I think there should be a 'Bad Sport' deduction of 10 points. Munky's being the Donald Trump of the Predication League.
  3. Don't be a sore loser @Munkworth I actually thought they'd score, so went with a clean sheet to give you a chance. In fact, I think you are going to lose your second place soon, pressures on!
  4. Oi munky it is on allocated edit time and still half hour before Kick off. I didn’t notice others had similar forecasts at first. I thought I should at least give you chance to catch up.
  5. I read about those cancelled orders @Blueblur it sounds more of a sh*t-show than the first batch of pre-orders were. I paid for mine today, but like Munky's brother, it'll probably be a while before they are even sent out. There will probably be a few more rush web-crashing batches until then again.
  6. Fingers crossed, 'Very' seems to be mentioned a lot so might be worth sitting on there for the re-stock (which I think is 4am)
  7. Just had an email cause I registered for pre-order (got knocked back originally on first batch) and now am in line to have one. Trouble is, I don't know when they'll start sending them out. If I get it from somewhere else tonight, it might be quicker. Be lucky @Blueblur I reckon you'll get one.
  8. Right there with you @Zeta Having one of those times at the moment.
  9. You press the outer box around the quote until it lights up, then press delete on keyboard 👍
  10. Skills brah! I bought a book from Marty Mcfly out of a silver car last year!
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