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  1. Now we've migrated servers, I think we'll try and keep rolling for 2019. Although it's only been around 24 hours and not gone through a match day yet, it looks like the server is holding up to the traffic okay. There is a member on standby in case we get in trouble on this one and need to shift to a bigger one again. On top of ad revenue, Donations pay the hosting costs, licenses to run the site and theme we've got running; so it's all pretty much a community-ran forum. If you want it to stay, it will. I've set a pretty high target, which doesn't have to be met fully I don't think, so whatever is left goes into next years kitty or in case we have to pay out for something on the site (I added a SSL certificate yesterday for instance) If you can't or don't want to donate, all good, if you can, nice one! Huge kudos to the moderators that put in their own time to make sure its all going good in topics. The Donate part of the site is listed at the top in the navigation.
  2. I think slowly getting there now.
  3. Mobile and Tablet should be good now.
  4. hmm, yea noticed on my phone it just shows the header, will have a look.
  5. Just added SSL to the site to secure peoples details etc. We're on a roll here!
  6. Count yourself lucky it was just that Val, I feel for those that have posted over the last 12 hours to see it gone, good job Dorset didn't swing by in that time. It should be okay now.
  7. Okay, another little issue just now which means some recent posts may have disappeared. Apologies, wasn't my fault that time. Should be good from now. Any issues post here.
  8. oh sh*te, try and remember them and post again!
  9. I think that might be normal as it migrated today, should be good to post from now though.
  10. Is everyone seeing it okay? Like it was before?
  11. They scare me too Val, but we'll get through this
  12. haha exactly what I'm doing right now chief! I've been trying to sort out an archived database that is throwing an error. It's just one setting I think, but it's taking ages to work out. I had to change the DNS so half of us are still posting on the old server. They will be a few pissed off people when they realise recent posts have suddenly disappeared.
  13. If you are seeing this post, it means it's migrated to a test server, so will see how this runs. There might have been a few recent posts lost during migration, so apologies for that, but can't be helped.
  14. zeta, since the other topic, I was always meaning to get all the figures and server stats and have a chat. I'll PM you when I get them. You'd be surprised at the strain on database on match days so need a pretty big set up. Concurrent connections is where we get caught.