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  1. With lack of funds, no football and continuing spats like a close season, I'm seriously thinking of putting the forum into isolation until August.
  2. Very surprised to see this topic quiet. It seems by his comments, that what is going on has got to him a lot. He probably wouldn't have been here next season anyway? and without this season continuing, he probably just wants to break now. Understandable. Its a shame cause he's found a lot of form again and been a great player for the club. Experience like this is hard to find too with the youngsters coming through. I'll miss him.
  3. Had he been to any crowded places lately MK? Interesting to know where people are picking it from. Wishing a quick recovery.
  4. The squad in isolation now after CHO tested positive, so no game for sure. The FA now pushed into a corner that they'll have to stop all games for a while and possibly the remaining season.
  5. Can someone go find Raul Meireles and Fernando Torres for the next leg. Many thanks.
  6. Eden won't mind another bit of rest.
  7. Welcome on! (Somebody will be getting catfished)
  8. Ah no not tried that, I only made sure I platinumed the main game. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl. Thankfully, didn’t have to do every single horde either, some of them take some work.
  9. Platinumed Days Gone a few weeks ago, few bugs here and there but what an amazing game!
  10. Been okay for me, but I admit have hardly been here at all. Is it just matchdays @Munkworth or anytime?
  11. Steady quoting people Loz, you'll get reported!
  12. Welcome SemaJ, count yourself lucky you wasn't at School as a fan in the 80s!

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