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  1. Hmm, that is very strange because it sounds like Paypal end. I'll check the account.
  2. It's PS Plus, so you can play online and get the free monthly games and discounts. If you cancel it, you won't be able to play the games you downloaded with it while being an active member. It isn't much a year and definitely worth doing. Apologies if it's already been answered.
  3. Mods or not, that game is one of the best ever made, it never feels old.
  4. I've just updated the plugin for the Donations, so anyone that had trouble donating, it should all be good from now and work fine.
  5. What a guy he is! Still wanting to have the Blue on him elsewhere. I hope he comes back at sometime once he's done his aim there.
  6. There was a period of that last year and I took off anything that could cause it, weird it’s started again.
  7. Hmm, are you on Android? Anyone else having that?
  8. I’m never one to grass anybody up, snitches are lowlifes! ..but please send all complaints to to our good friend @RMCM
  9. I'm not sure but it vapes much better than some E-liquids out there!
  10. Ah cheers I missed that. Was too busy buying gamer girl bath water on there.
  11. Am still a little surprised JT has been very quiet with Frank coming in, haven’t heard him mention anything anywhere.
  12. Ah yea, it needs a good connection. The only other option is just to take the laptop?
  13. Whats the reason not using a cloud? Simplest method by far.
  14. Any new gossip about Drogs coming back? It would be a cherry on top!
  15. Is it working elsewhere on the other forums, it might just be disabled for this one, I'll have a look.

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