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  1. I think the Scots can claim they took over London yesterday, what nutters Who knows why they choose the day before, as I bet they are feeling it today!
  2. Good sum up. I think the season was a weird one and although champions of Europe, I’m still not exactly sure where we stand in level of consistency. We pissed away some games and still looked up and down throughout that last stint. We were at a top level in 2012 in comparison that I think could easily beat the current team, if going up against. Not taking anything away from this years win, but I just think we wanted it badly and played like we did. I don’t think our general form was really that good, we just up’d it in some games. Going forward, I think we need to find more cons
  3. Let him go munky, it’s what he wanted.
  4. No worries buddy, will get that done.
  5. That's weird, but I think its part of their push to get people using it. Simply write the web address in the top of your browser, then it should load the mobile version (which is far better than Tapatalk) If it still wants to open Tapatalk, I have no idea as that'll be something on their or your phone settings end.
  6. Ah we got rid of Tapatalk ages ago. It had a banner at the top of mobile version which led people to believe they had to use Tapatalk to view the forum.
  7. What problem is it @Eski168 What are you seeing when trying to log in?
  8. There’s been some tinkering and the jumps should be a lot more settled now.
  9. Welcome on @thebluekid As you’ve probably seen in the past during the lurk, it’s pretty quiet close season. It’s mostly transfer talk, but then there’s Euros so who knows.
  10. Yea keep it to random chat or the lounge if you can fellas. I’d rather gifs than squabbles during close season, but this topic will probably be pinned for 10 years.
  11. That goes without saying @Valerie I can even cut it back to a fiver. When you go through to checkout, look down the paypal page, is there not the option. I think Spiller managed to do it that way. It should be set up for cards.
  12. There really shouldn't be surveys which you have to answer at all. That sounds more like you have a virus. The adverts here are simply banner ads. It's strange that they've been on for ages but its only the last few weeks that its raised complaints. I guess its because of more visits with the FA/Champions league. @chelseablueboy if you click Store at the top, there is a subscription for ad-free. I would run a scan on your computer though, there shouldn't be surveys at all.
  13. Full credit to @Remy10 Show him your appreciation by pm’ing him nudes. (I’m only joking before you actually do @Malta Blue)
  14. The blues on the background didn’t match the forum background. I believe he is going to change it if poss.
  15. Yea that’s a work in progress that one, should be up soon.
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