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  1. Mod Stark

    Eden Hazard

    Hazard has flirted with teams on a lot of transfer windows, and he is still here. People have been saying the same thing every season for years.
  2. Mod Stark

    Chelsea Together

    I still think it's deeper than that Dave. Big press push without many followers at all at the time, or even one Tweet. Making it clear its separate from the club, etc. We were not contacted (most popular UK Chelsea forum) and quite often quoted in the media. It's all a bit dodgy. Better not question it too much though, or will be seen as one of those far-right thugs that think we should be living in a free country with freedom of speech.
  3. Mod Stark


    Well, I'd say at the moment, we are showing the same consistency as both Arsenal and Tottenham. You never know what Chelsea will turn up.
  4. Mod Stark

    Chelsea Together

    I can't be sure but I think the Twitter count was only double figures when Zeta posted that link, now look at it! Which means its had maximum media exposure on the back of nothing and before even building a social presence. A mate that's not even active on The Shed End or Twitter told me about it after seeing all over news feeds today. Something is a bit fishy? I wonder if somethings being geared up for the Arsenal game or something after and there is a ready-made group to condemn it and give media interviews. If it's not anything official from the club, it all sounds a bit odd. Edit: The first retweet/tweet on the page was 5 hours ago.... after it went to press.
  5. Mod Stark


    The problem is, so are we.
  6. Mod Stark

    Chelsea Together

    Do we not think it might be a little bit of propaganda? Why is it only our club that are doing it after recent events sprawled around the media. Would be interested to see who is behind it, they must be a member here.
  7. Mod Stark

    Alvaro Morata

    Which is why we should give him another spin at a cut price.
  8. Mod Stark

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Well, at least he's talking about us again, without having a face like a bulldog eating a wasp!
  9. Mod Stark

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    @Slojo I try to wrap it up to get the topic back on track and you give us an essay totally disregarding my post. I think that’s a bit rude. Also, your post is very wrong.
  10. Mod Stark

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Another thing to show that @Valerie is an amazing woman (probably my favourite Dutch person, and that does include Guus, Ruud and 4 hookers, so that's quite something) I can't say anything that she hasn't. If posts are not reported, chances are things are going to be missed with the volume of posts per day and more so on match days. I take it that it's gone off because somebody got banned? Who, I'm not sure but if @Dixon and @Ernie_blue want to PM me with examples of why that shouldn't have been the case, go for it. I might be missing the point here, but 'mods are to blame for people getting banned'? I guess that would be implying that ban's are unjust? As I say, PM me, no need to fill topics up with drama. If this involves another mod, PM them, you'll get an answer.
  11. Mod Stark

    Please check your email address

    Well it was more of a moody day really!
  12. I've been getting around 50 emails a day back to the forum email address, where people have chosen to subscribe to topics etc and their email addresses are no longer valid. I'm baffled to why people click follow topics to get notified via email when the email isn't even in use, but anyway.... There are a few members that I've had to turn off notifications for to quiet down the inbox and don't want to start having to delete members. So go to your settings here and check to see if it's still your current email address. If not, just update it.
  13. Mod Stark

    Cesc Fabregas

    Might not even be going?
  14. Mod Stark

    Yea.... Sorry

    Database crashed, all sorted now.
  15. Mod Stark

    Mateo Kovačić

    Are you really going that low these days!