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  1. Welcome on! Thats some username!
  2. That’s the problem though, the changes they have made are for the worse.
  3. It does get better as you get in more @ForeverCarefree but yea can see where you’re coming from 100% and a few of those things do stay like the harder stealth. Plus the soldiers get tougher as you rank up, so then it makes things even more tricky. It feels like a point-and-shoot cod game and the skill doing things stealth with a sniper or similar have gone, or at least more work to do properly. The story on the last FC’s seemed to draw you in and you knew what was going on. On this one, I find myself getting up for a drink or a piss on story scenes. A major thing I noticed is there doesn’t seem to be much organisation within the game. All that camp thing is confusing for a start. Its a good game, but a bit disappointing for something that took so long to eventually release and I don’t think it’s half as good as the other ones.
  4. Not sexist, it could be a male from the kitchen if you were that way inclined.
  5. No, this thread isn't going to make it to the archive yet. Looking at the last post date, it's just in time! Some belters on here!
  6. The suspense of waiting to see if I've made the elite in the table yet....
  7. Welcome on! I'll trade you a good English Fry-up for a decent pair of Clogs!
  8. My one came in the post yesterday and put a good few hours in already. I completely agree with you about not re-inventing the wheel too much, it’s good to keep its original feel I think. I am not drawn to games like COD now cause it’s so different than it used to be. From what you say about the FC5 comparison, I actually prefer that to this one. I preferred that red neck theme, and even the theme of New Dawn. The no character customisation in FC6 is also a bit disappointing. Saying that, I’m not that far in yet. It’s decent, just not quite FC5 for me. Things like going into camps stealth doesn’t seem as highlighted. A bit disappointed in that it’s taken so long to actually release, I expected a bit more.
  9. I've ordered from them for years @Blueblur Even pre-ordered a PS5 and got one from them a week or so after release. Their website might look a bit janky compared to others, but so far I can't fault them. Got an email a little while ago saying Far Cry 6 is already in the post.
  10. I got mine from Shopto, and it’s awaiting despatch in the warehouse. I think these days it’s mostly timed and won’t get it earlier which used to happen a bit. I think Shopto seemed one of the best for getting it on time (or before) along with Game.
  11. I wonder if my correct scoreline will take me close to 14 points? Nope, I'm not keeping a look on @Munkworth's points!
  12. I'd be game for that, but Zeta would probably then change the prize to Chelsea's Home, Away and Third kits, with a copy of Fifa 22 thrown in.
  13. I am a bit more concerned after seeing how well City played against us yesterday, we were under the cosh for big parts of the game. It is one game, many factors and I don't think we are near our best yet, its still a fresh season. It definitely won't be a walk competing at the level we are at now and will be a tough season. The next six games look easier than the last, but these are the ones you need to win comfortably.
  14. Blimey, he’s made Robben look like Ivan Drago!
  15. Their defence was so hard to break down, I haven’t seen them as strong as that at the back for a while. Was a brilliant game for them, made it hard for us.
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