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  1. I think it may possibly be the theme, I'll update it over the weekend then can find out.
  2. Moved to a newer database today and while I think the post delay problem was sorted anyway, this should hopefully make it even better. If you could see how it runs now @Strider6003 and anyone else, it would be appreciated. We’re not going to know too much until during matchdays.
  3. We now all know who will be one of the first ones!
  4. Ahhhh see look I just had that posting delay, I know what we're dealing with now. If I actually posted on this website, I would've realised.
  5. There is a database change that should make it better, we shall see.
  6. I'm up for some of that, anyone can add me on PSN Tophon If your username is different on there, put your forum name in the request.
  7. I don’t seem to have any issues on loading. Is it only when posting?
  8. Welcome on! The match threads can get a bit dramatic during games but they are not a patch on Twitter Some next level crazy tweets on there.
  9. Has this only been over the last couple of weeks?
  10. Having a look, will keep checking this topic.
  11. Hmm a minor one a few days ago. When did it start doing that?
  12. .... and what if Jose comes back to us
  13. To top that, he was probably 10 years old too!
  14. Went and had a go at Keane, go on Frank!
  15. I thought it was a tactical sub, cramp or not, Sarri was still probably going to do it! Not wanting to make excuses but as soon as the drama occurred, it had City’s name on the cup!
  16. Big Willy deserves a game between the sticks! Kepa can go tidy his bedroom or do some chores at home!
  17. Nothing against Azpi (or Gary Cahill, remember him?) but I always thought Luiz should be captain. I think Conte hating him might of put a spanner in the works last season with that! Today showed that he would make a good one. The spirit and organisation he put in was brilliant (the post even felt it) Dave is a great player but a bit too soft and fuzzy for a captain.

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