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  1. It seems at Palace he plays the role similar to what Mount does with us.
  2. James and Kante are back in full training, but Pulisic is still out. So if that's true, by now it's 338 days and around 40 matches Pulisic's missed due to various injuries. He's just started his third season with the club and has been unavailable for close to a calendar year during that period. I'm a big fan of Christian's talent and really feel for him but unless things change dramatically in terms of his durability the club will probably look to move him.
  3. For a while I honestly thought RLC was done at Chelsea. Hopefully this time he'll manage to stay fit and have the kind of a career his natural ability deserves.
  4. Actually City defenders could have taken a bit of a nap when they had the ball in their own half, that's how much time and space they had because Lukaku never bothered to press. And City were always going to have the majority of possession, they're much better at ball retention than us, so we would have to chase them around no matter who plays. I can actually remember off the top of my head two episodes from the first half when his bad first touch turned into a pass back to a City player and another soon after when he made a poor pass to Werner on a break. In a game where we were playing without a ball for long periods of time and had to work extremely hard defensively, it's criminal to waste rare opportunities for counter attack like that. The whole point of having a powerful centre forward who doesn't track back or press and just hangs around the center of the pitch waiting for a pass is that he could at least hold up the ball and get the attack going when we do get the ball back. He was utter crap yesterday, awkward, poor on the ball and struggling to have any impact. Lukaku wasn't the only reason why we were poor yesterday but it was a harsh reminder why despite impressive career goal record he's not considered a world class player. Unless Tuchel finds a way to bench him in certain big games where it suits us to go without him and manages not to bruise his fragile ego, I don't see us winning anything serious with him on the team.
  5. We knew he wasn't a big game player and we knew his limitations when we signed him. As long as he bullies small teams and gives us 20-25 goals a season, he'll be worth the money we spent on him. The funny thing is, we did much better in the past against City when playing without a striker.
  6. The only positive from today is realization that RLC is still alive and still a baller.
  7. Honourable mentions to Kova and Lukaku, but it was Mendy who kept us in the game. Brilliant performance from our goalkeeper.
  8. Thanks for everything and best of luck, Tammy. Hope one day he comes back a world class striker.
  9. Wasn't my choice for a new striker and I still have my doubts but he's here now so he's got my full support. Welcome back, Rom.
  10. Unless he can score goals while mowing down opponents with his batmobile, I don't think it's a good idea.
  11. With Giroud gone, Abraham being sold and Broja leaving on loan, we're left with only Lukaku as a lone centre forward. What happens when he's injured/tired/suspended? Do we go back to Werner as a CF, the role he didn't look comfortable with ordo we sign a back-up? Or do we keep going with a false nine system? Seems odd not to have a back-up for a long season ahead.
  12. I think other clubs didn't bother because they couldn't afford him. It all depends on what your priorities are. Picking PSG is the safest choice. Huge paycheck and and an easy domestic competition. The only real challenge is winning the CL, but what if they keep failing? He could have had his pick of top clubs but he chose money over ambition.
  13. On paper it seems quite simple. Sign him to 350,000 a week two-year contract and give him the rest of in a form of a massive sign-in bonus or something like that. In reality though, it's never that simple. A player of that caliber will demand stipulations and clauses that would make the whole operation cost prohibitive to pretty much every club out there, apart from maybe City and PSG, for obvious reasons. So, as tempting as it may sound, signing Messi is likely a non-starter for Chelsea.
  14. My take on the game. Until the substitutions we bossed the game and should have scored more. Ziyech seemed hungry and determined, which is a welcome change from his usual 'lazy, indifferent, couldn't be bothered" body language. Hopefully this is going to be his break out season at the club, he's looking sharp. Chalobah was pleasantly competent at the back. CHO was struggling on he right, so much time and space and yet wrong decisions almost every time. Werner was back to his usual self, did everything very well except finishing, and what's worse, when he did finish, the footballing Gods laughed at the miserable German and denied him a perfectly legit goal. Havertz, Kovacic, Rudiger, Zouma and Alonso were fairly good given the amount of training they've had so far. Kante was MOTM, the man is superhuman. I thought Mendy could have done better for the second goal, but it was from close range, so it's easier said than done. The drop off in quality after the subs was understandable. Spurs kept their first teamers, while Tuchel gave loanees and youngsters a chance to impress. Bakayoko was once again a subject of envy and a beacon of hope to all the dreamers out there that you don't have to be any good at what you do for a living to become a millionaire. Young Sarr took the hint and immediatel;y followed the lead. Those two gave their absolute best to help Spurs equalize and were well on their way to gifting Tottenham another goal scoring opportunity to finish the job but alas, the final whistle put an end to that. Well, until the next preseason then, boys, keep the dream alive.
  15. When you say Lukaku "was pivotal in their Europa League final appearance" what do you mean, exactly? In that final he scored an early penalty and then scored an own goal that ended up being a winner for Sevilla. I also have reservations about Lukaku's possible reaction to rotation. His impressive goal scoring record is mostly due to being prolific against fodder, against top sides he regularly struggles. Yet he's got a huge ego and I wonder how he'll take being left out of the first eleven when we decide to go with the false nine in certain important games. Now, he does help us massively when it comes to goal scoring, which was our biggest problem last season. As much as I dislike his limitations, Lukaku certainly is a prolific scorer and is clearly better at it than anyone in our current squad. If he can buy into Tuchel's system and score his usual seasonal amount , it's difficult to see the downside to his arrival. I just hope that he stays fit and keeps his ego in check because it looks like it's actually happening.
  16. That's a silly comparison. KDB was nowhere near the player he became at City years later when we sold him and at the time at Chelsea he had more experienced players with much bigger names ahead of him and that's why he wanted out. Lukaku was an established player when he joined United and unlike De Bruyne at CFC, he was a regular starter for MU those two seasons.
  17. If he's so great in the PL why did United sell him to Inter?
  18. I did watch Lukaku on several occasions for Inter. I wouldn't say he has improved much. From what I could tell, his usual problems were still there. The difference is, he's playing in a weaker competition now and there's much less pressure to deliver. I'm afraid if he comes back to EPL, his struggles will return with him. As any striker who relies on physicality and pace, he's going to decline rapidly once he starts slowing down, not to mention picks up an injury or two, and he is not blessed with great technique, so once his speed and athleticism have gone, his shortcomings will be even more exposed. His touch got a bit better, but it's still erratic, and so is his passing. His heading is decent but he's no Drogba, and you have to be a whole lot better to dominate the air in the EPL where you face formidable CBs on a regular basis. He can hold up the ball fairly well and you can't argue with his goalscoring record but I just feel signing him to a long tem contract as our first choce centre forward is a mistake we're destined to regret.
  19. Just because we were looking to sign Lukaku four years ago, doesn't necessarily make him our long term target. We were looking to sign Alex Sandro around the same time, I don't think we still do. Of course, should we buy Romelu now, the party line would immediately change to him being our long term target all along. But we all know, if we could land the likes of Haaland or Kane, Lukaku's name wouldn't have even come up as an alternative.
  20. Unless it's a calculated move to pressure Dortmund into being more reasonable with what they demand for Haaland in which case I'm all for that.
  21. That's why that move made sense for United at the time. I wouldn't be against signing Lukaku on a free or on loan or even for a small fee if it would mean having him as just one of the attacking options, no problem. It's signing him for an absolute fortune on a long term contract and high wages is what I have a problem with. Let's be honest here, if it happens, it only means we couldn't get better players (Kane, Haaland, Lewandowski), so he's our consolation prize. This is the kind of money you only spend on a genuine world class talent at the right age. Lukaku is not that, and never was. What we're doing right now is the very definition of being desperate and painicky.
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